Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Who Are You Turning To For Help?

Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Who Are You Turning To For Help?

Hello, and welcome to the trusted podcast. I’m your host Blake Johnson. I’m excited today to share with you, um, a couple of things that I’ve learned, um, and from some of the best books that I’ve read, uh, over the last couple of years. So I’m going to share with you, uh, my favorite books, um, that have helped me in the different areas of my life, uh, so that you can have those to help you with the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, um, with whatever you’re going through. So let’s jump right in. So I want to start with, uh, your help. Uh, this one, I actually just started reading them now you’ve actually done yet, but I love it so much. I’m going to put it out there. It’s called breathe or breath, sorry, uh, by James nester. And, uh, it’s all about how breathing affects your health and how you can improve your health, uh, through breathing.

I’ve only been doing some of the exercises for two days, um, and it’s, I’ve definitely seen an improvement. So definitely recommend that for, uh, your health, uh, to go read, breathe by James nester. And that’s about as much as I’m going to say with about it. Cause, uh, it’s one of those ones you really got to read to, to understand everything. Otherwise I’ll do a disservice to the book if I try to give you a synopsis of it. Um, so, um, next one, memory and brain function. Uh, this one was also when I read this year and I said red, most of the time I do audible books with great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Um, cause you know, as I don’t have a long commute, uh, thankfully I live very close to my, uh, state planning firm, but, um, uh, I still do a lot of, um, audibles and while I’m working out or while I’m, um, you know, out doing or cleaning or doing other things, uh, definitely helps me get through anyways doc to memory and brain function, James quick, uh he’s well-known um, for his memory and speed reading trainings and he breaks down basically all of his information and put them into this book format.

And then there’s a lot of resources within the book. That book is called the limitless and James or Jim quick. And that’s K w I K. And, uh, Jim has a lot of resources as well. So it definitely recommend picking that up. If you have trouble with your memory or you want to improve your reading speed, uh, that definitely helped me with my estate planning practice, um, because I do a lot of reading of documents of trust, wills, probate documents, that kind of stuff. So it’s helped me to, uh, do my, my work better and I actually have more retention as I employ the techniques that he shared there. Uh, next book is about hitting your goals. This one I’ve been doing for about, uh, three years now, maybe four, three and a half, four years now. And it’s called the 12 week year.

It’s a whole system on how to set goals and how to work toward them. The basic idea is a year, a physical year is too long to focus on something and you know, in January figure you’re motivated, but then, you know, March, April comes, Oh, well I still have a whole year. I’m going to put it off. And so you don’t have that urgency when it comes to your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. And um, you know, if you look at it, most organizations, it was the same with my, my state planning practice. Um, you know, I would put off, uh, our, my, my best quarters. We always be the last quarter of the year, the last two months of the year when I trying to work towards those goals, that’s when I would really focus in and work towards those. And that’s where I see the best results. So I switched to the 12 week year, and basically I have 12 weeks to accomplish my goals.

I set one to three goals that I’m really working towards and that’s all I focused on on those 12 weeks. It creates that sense of urgency because every week is an entire year or I mean entire month. So I have to really produce and, um, you know, work towards those goals every single week. And it helps me produce a lot more than I had been before. Uh, the other thing is that tell you teaches you to measure your success, not only in what the accomplished in the sense of, uh, results of things that you’ve done, but you have your execution, um, uh, metrics that you have to track as well with our great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas services. So that’s, you know, things that you can control, how many phone calls did I make today? Um, you know, how much time was actually there, how many, um, you know, those types of things, it’s not the results of, um, you know, I, I had this much net income this month.

It’s what are the things I control? Did I actually do all those things? And that leads to other things you want to track both metrics there. So I really highly recommend the 12 week year that transformed, um, you know, my, my law firm, um, exponentially when I did that, I doubled my revenue. He was the first 12 week year. I doubled it again the next 12 week year from that when you consider Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Um, and I’ve been steadily improving since then. So I highly recommend the 12 week year. It’s one of the best books. That’s definitely, I’ll be all right. Um, motivation. Um, a couple of, you know, there’s a lot of great books out there about motivation. Uh, two of my favorite authors, um, that I, I feel really helped me when you need some kick in the pants to get going. Uh, one is grant Cardone. Um, he’s very, um, especially if you listen to it on audible, he is in your face, he reads it himself, which I really appreciate.

Um, so you get, uh, his Southern Louisiana accent, uh, which is a favor for me cause I went to law school at LSU. And so he sounds like a couple of my good friends down there and, uh, he just he’ll get you pumped up and feel like, okay, I can accomplish anything. So I’m going to go for it and do it. The next one, um, within the motivation category, um, I would say is David Goggins. Now, if you don’t know who he is, he’s an ultra athlete. He was also the first and as far as I know the only person to complete a Navy seal training, uh, the air force pararescue training and the army army ranger, your training and, um, you know, fantastic. I had the car craziest life that I’ve ever heard about. And so it makes you feel like, you know, what, what am I doing?

Like, I, I can get, I can do this and you know, I didn’t have to deal with all his garbage and he’s successful, so why can’t I do it? Uh, and then just, you know, all this stuff that he’s accomplished, you feel like, okay, yeah, I can go, I can push myself. Um, the only thing I’d say is, uh, it is very explicit with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. There is a lot of bad language in there. So if that bothers you don’t read David Goggins, but that does not bother you. Uh, it’s a great book, um, about, um, how to, how to stay motivated and Ivan, he hates the word motivation cause it’s crap, but how to push through those times when you’re down and really keep yourself going leadership. Uh, this one’s actually another Navy seal, a Navy seal, I should say, Jocko, Willink and Leif Babin. Uh, there’s a couple of books out there.

Um, IX or extreme ownership is their first one. And then the next one was the dichotomy of leadership. And I would read them in order cause they, they build off of each other. But if you’re looking at how to improve as a leader, uh, they’re great leaders because they had to be leaders of the seal teams in that in Afghanistan. Um, it was all the craziness that was going on there. And so they are some of the best as far as leadership and how to delegate and how to learn, how to lead correctly. So, um, I would definitely recommend those or in any of their other books, but like I said, read them in order because they do build off of each

Other and, finances, the last category I want to talk about, uh, there’s a lot of good ones on finance out there. I will say I am not a Dave Ramsey fan. Um, just because I think if you are starting out and you were struggling, you’re deep in debt, he’s a great fit for you. That that is fine. But if you’re trying to build wealth, you’ll never get there on the structure that he’s done. I deal in my state planning practice with very wealthy individuals and I can tell you, none of them have saved their way to wealth. They have built businesses, they’ve produced cashflow. And so there’s a lot there. Um, that goes beyond that. You need to get yourself out of this, you, that you can grow and do all those other things. Um, so grant Cardone, um, he doesn’t really talk about, you know, he’s not necessarily finance author, but he does, um, talk about cashflow a lot with our great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

He does have some real estate investing stuff, so there’s a little bit in there in any of his books. Um, so his, the, the two main ones are 10 X and be obsessed or be average, uh, there, the motivation and talk about the finance ones. Uh, but I really like anything by Robert Kiyosaki. He’s the one who, um, wrote rich dad, poor dad. That was his first book. And he’s built on that as a cashflow quadrant. Um, he’s got a new, a number of other books. He’s had some of his advisors write books. Um, you know, he’s got a CPA, uh, his investment advisor, his attorney that uses Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, they all talked about. So any of those books will help you, uh, and your financial quest to the latest one, I believe it’s fake, uh, talking about fake currency and, um, our money system. So really interesting read, not necessarily going to help you with building your wealth, but anything by Robert Kiyosaki is going to help you understand cashflow and how to grow and be able to build and accumulate wealth, like all those clients that I’ve had, I’ve seen over the years.

So I, uh, I recommend those. Another one that’s very different is, um, killing sacred cows by Garrett Gunderson. Um, he talks about, uh, very different ways of approaching women because, uh, you retirement account is not going to get you there. And he talks about why, uh, that’s not necessarily the best way if you’re really trying to, to build wealth, um, to do it all through a 401k. So I’ll leave it with that. Um, like to expand my range and do different things. So those are kind of different ones, um, that I feel like really expand your mind. And that’s what, what reading’s supposed to do is be open to different opinions, look at things at the world a different way. And, um, you know, that’s, what’s helped me with my, for myself personally, um, you know, with my, with my family, with my, uh, law firm, uh, all those things really you need Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, um, helped me reach the success that I’ve had. So hopefully you enjoy those books. Um, please leave recommendations for books. I’m always looking for great new books to read or listen to because it, um, like I said, expand your mind. That’s how you grow and you learn. So yeah, with that, I will end it for now. Thank you for listening to the trusted podcast today and always as always, please like, and subscribe and we’ll talk to you next time.