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Mission Statement

Trusted Estate Planning Attorneys will be known as a firm of integrity. We will keep commitments, stick to our quoted price and exceed the needs of our clients. Money or profits will not be our motivating force. We will help the client accomplish their goals and maximize protection while being conscious of the cost. Communication will be open and frequent, and we will never have a complaint to the State Bar about lack of communication.

Firm History:

Trusted has been about 20 years in the making. Our firm started as the Law Office of Kurt A. Johnson, Esq. back in 1998 when Kurt first started on his own. As we continue to grow it became necessary to expand the name of the firm beyond just our founder to an idea and play on words that symbolizes everything we want the firm to represent. Hence the name TRUSTED. We will continue to provide the same great service, commitment, and communication our clients have come to know and expect of our attorneys. We believe everyone should have access to an estate plan at an affordable price and get that plan completed correctly within 2 weeks of our first meeting.