Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a wide umbrella that covers multiple aspects of how to plan for your future and your eventual death. Most people think of estate planning as only death planning when related to the legal realm but that simply isn’t the case. Estate planning does include many of those aspects such as a trust, will, health care directives, power of attorney, and avoiding probate court but it also includes things like business succession planning, asset protection, gifting, incapacity and so on. Because each client we meet with has different circumstances with their money, time of life, health issues, etc. each estate plan needs to be carefully crafted to the individual and not just the same exact word for word document that some firms or companies give to each client.

When we meet for estate planning we want to know about your goals and wishes, how your family relationships are, what concerns you have and what things are most important to you. If you are a business owner your estate plan needs to include the business succession plan, who is going to run it and who is going to profit from it or is it to be sold? Not every decision needs to be made or finalized in that first meeting, but it is a chance for us to start the conversation and get things moving in the right direction. The consultation is also a time for you to ask questions so that we can determine if it is a right fit for both of us to move forward.


While our Estate Planning Headquarters are in Las Vegas, we serve clients all over Nevada, St. George, and Salt Lake and can do meetings, in person, over the phone or through video.
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