Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | When Are You Ready To Start Our Program?

Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | When Are You Ready To Start Our Program?

Hello and Welcome to the trusted podcast. I’m Blake Johnson, your host, and today, uh, I’ve got Kim Snyder on the call and she is going to be talking about marketing and strategy. And so, Kim, thank you for joining us today. Thanks like some weapon to be here. All right, Kim, let’s just jump right into it. Give me a little bit about your background. Um, you know, how you got into this, and what makes you an expert in your field with the best?

Yeah, you know, I spent, um, gosh, 20 plus years in corporate America doing, um, you know, business growth and strategy. I walked the path. I did the technical path. I did training transformation, strategy, project development. You did, it rolled out large enterprise projects for customers all over the world. I worked from analyst to CEO and everything in between. And so, um, about that time I started my career. I also started down the kind of entrepreneur trucks, uh, entrepreneurial journey. And I started my first business in college with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. It was an accounting attack business, uh, with one of my best friends. And so, um, I always had that entrepreneurial blood. I started my company 10 years ago, even when I was still working for somebody else. And I knew there was a point when I was going to leave and I was really lucky. I didn’t hate my corporate job.

I just didn’t want to travel every week. So, you know, I think, I think I counted. It was like 2 million miles later and like 50,000 hotel rooms days. I just didn’t want to do that anymore. So, um, you know, after working for small companies, you know, small companies and big companies, I just thought, well, let me just combine those two loves. And those two skillsets and, you know, I was really good at it. I got results. And so now that’s kind of where morale with online marketing boxes, we do business growth and strategy with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. We focus on revenue streams, um, marketing and, um, time, uh, because what happens is most owners struggle with, um, they figured out that their business isn’t working, cause it hits them in their P and L right. And their profit loss statement or they’re working too hard. So it hits them on the time or they’re not spending the right dollars on marketing, which hits in their P and L. So that’s kinda my path to get there than in Vegas for 20 years. And, um, I’ve been in Taiwan for almost two years straight, which again was a nice, um, mix when I didn’t do that for the prior 18 years,

A lot of travel, I know it can wear on you. I only have to travel twice a month and that’s more than enough for me. Yeah. I, yeah. I used to have to travel to two or three cities, um, in a week and it wasn’t always like, Oh, just hit the West, the East Coast and come back. It could have been crazy East coast, West coast, Midwest So yeah, I don’t miss that.

Okay. So let’s start with marketing. Um, where are you? Do people get the best return on their investment for marketing? Is it something that’s across the board or is it specific to industries? You know, kind of talk to that with a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Yeah, actually, that’s a great question. It’s a little bit of both. So first of all, I would say the most powerful medium right now would be video, right? So we’re doing video, audio, everything, and audio is the next one. And then written is the, is the third, um, video is the most important because you really get that know like, and trust factor. You can see people on the camera, you can understand that what they’re saying is congruent and consistent messaging and you get to like them, it’s the next best thing to being a person. I did an internship at the IRS in college and my mantra there was like, okay, Kim, you have to go out to every place that we want to do an audit for. And I said, why? Because he said a picture’s worth a thousand words and it is right. So somebody tells you they’re making $10,000 and you drive up and they have 20 Mercedes sitting there on flat screens.

So you want to make sure it’s consistent and congruent. So that was, I would say videos probably is the biggest, um, factor right now. And I have been like that for a couple of years. And I think now, you know, we’re in COVID, but it doesn’t matter if there’s a natural disaster or something else that’s happening either internal on your company and you can’t travel. Video is still the most powerful. So people think about it from marketing outside perspective that could be marketing within the company. So you can use the videos within your company to communicate with your team, um, instead of email, which is text. So that’s one thing that’s video was the most powerful it’s got 300% more return. Um, I think people, I can’t remember the exact stats. It’s 80 to 90% of people will retain more information if there’s video, which is great from a sales perspective, it’s great from an internal communication perspective.

Um, so there are many benefits to videos, um, as far as industries, those vary so greatly and widely, um, the industries that are using video, I would say, which is ironic, is like realtors are using, um, videos. They’re using some platforms that allow you to do these personalized videos, which is really, really powerful. And we use those for our customers to help build those relationships. And our prospects, I say ironic is because, from an industry perspective, their backend and how they run things haven’t been updated. So, you know, it still takes 30 days to do stuff. And, you know, I think, I think we’ll see some of those things change, um, financial services, again, very old school entrenched industry, um, with the regulations. So I think we’re going to see some changes in there that will, lively, you know, the micro, the marketing that some of these companies have when it comes to your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, let’s see. The other thing I would say is, um, a lesser-known that a lot of people don’t know about as far as marketing is, you know, speaking, um, books, right? You’ve got a book mine should be out here in the next few weeks. Um, so speaking about that, getting in front of audiences to speak as a great way to market. So if you can’t do it in personnel than doing it over the web and making those presentations interesting, if you can’t be a talking head and let’s see what else, books, and then the other thing for marketing, and it’s also a revenue stream, but I’ve seen a lot of people now because I’ve got some downtime is go in and use some more paths on her hand, hands-off education. So if they wanted to create like an education series and put it out there, so, um, it’s a great way to market because sometimes you can make that free. And so that’s free marketing. So those are kind of the two or three areas that I see that, um, are really the best return on investment for marketing.

Okay. Yeah. The law industry is no different. We’re very entrenched in our ways, even, um, you know, the rules of ethical conduct or professional conduct are very strict. Uh, luckily I don’t know if you know this about the top Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, but Utah, um, did a study about, um, their rules of professional conduct and they’re there now have a task force, um, you know, tasked with improving those, the three main areas being, um, you know, legal marketing, uh, being able to share fees or pay for referrals. And, um, what’s the other one, uh, Oh, having non-attorneys, uh, own a law firm. So it’s pretty cool. It’s called the Utah sandbox. And so they’re experimenting with that. I know a couple of companies who are in there with the whole idea is to increase access to justice, um, because tech allows us to scale and re you know, reduce costs significantly so we can reduce the price. And so I think that’s a very interesting thing. And I’m hoping that that does open up more opportunities for us with marketing and other areas, um, within the legal community.

Yeah. I hope so too. I think there’s some very, I mean, accounting is the same thing, right? So I’m a former accountant and the same thing, it’s like, you know, the standards haven’t changed with the times they’re still 20 years ago and you can see business owners are struggling with it, but you could also see the consumers because the consumers don’t get that more. I’ll call it intimate marketing. Right. So it’s very standard. We do those and that’s boring and people don’t want that anymore. So, um, I, you know, I guess the other thing too, is marketing’s more personalized now. So, um, some of those industries will catch up, but, um, you’re going to see a lot more personalization and marketing, so you’ll have contextual marketing, right. Which means that now, if you go to a website like, and now, it’s a site that you visit all the time, but now, you know, you’re visiting it on a Sunday or a weekend, as opposed to during the week, you’re going to see ads and stuff that are a little bit more, um, in flavor with that.

So let’s just say at the restaurant, so maybe during the week restaurant ads to, you might be shown up as, Hey, wait, come in and get a quick lunch. Right. We know you’re busy, you’re talking, wait for the weekend. It might be like, Hey, why don’t you come with your buddies and hang out for a football game, we’re bringing your spouse in for my dinner. So it’s, that’s contextual. So it’s way more personalized. So that’s definitely coming. So with AI or artificial intelligence, um, that’s going to happen. And so those industries that are still way far behind are just going to catch up to where we’re at today. All the other industries are already moving forward. Right. So we’re seeing that with even restaurants right now, they’re really thinking out of the box because they have to, they’re forced to, or, you know, in a corner. And so with, with, you know, restraints become great innovation and creativity. So I’m, I’m excited to see what comes out of this.

Yeah. I think it’s a, I think it’s great. I mean, you’re right. You know, the few people who are within those industries that are archaic, that are willing to push the box and get up to the front, I think they’re going to see significant results. That’s what I’m hoping to do, um, with taking advantage of, you know, doing the podcast and the videos and those kinds of things. And, um, yeah, we’ll see. All right. So let’s switch to the other side. What are the biggest mistakes that you see people make when they try to market themselves or their businesses with a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

Yeah. Um, yeah, fortunately, I see a lot more of these. Um, so I see, uh, well, first of it just kind of start at the top. So we see the business, but the, see the owner, not doing anything as well to stand out, right? So you’re a perfect example of what to do, which is you’ve got your business and you do marketing for that, but then you also do it for kind of yourself, which helps both. And that really is not happening very much at all. So the owners are not doing that. Um, even at the highest level I would say is that people aren’t tying their marketing to their overall business strategy. They are still thinking in silos. And so, um, everything has to tie together. And I don’t see that. I, you know, people think, Oh, I have to do marketing. And they automatically associate that with social media and social media is one of the many ways to do it for your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

But if you don’t tie your, your marketing strategy into your overall business strategy, you’re going to miss the Mark. You’re going to waste marketing dollars. One of the other biggest areas I see is that people don’t track and measure their marketing results. So not only, they’re not clear about what they’re doing, but then they don’t track it. And so really if you’re going to waste dollars, just throw them at me because I’ll take them because if you’re not going to measure them and get results, it’s just, it’s like throwing money out. Right? So that’s one, two, three, I would say another one is they’re showing no authority. So right now Google is one of the major players between, you know, Google search and YouTube is the second largest search engine, but I think there’s going to be some of the other players coming up here soon.

You know, don’t rule out, don’t rule out some of those other search engines and ways to find you. But, um, regardless of who’s up there, I think that all of the activities are gonna are going to link back to what Google calls, meat-eaters, and it’s an acronym for expertise, authority, and trust. And, um, you know, this what we’re doing podcast and video and everything else about the medium with a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, it is a way to show the expert expertise, authority, and trust. And so that does have to happen because I think it gets to the personalization. So if you think about how marketing has really transformed over the years and you know, people got websites and then they, they got it up and that was good enough. And then they’ve got to make a more interesting and more mobile-friendly. And now not only the websites but the content.

So, you know, you can’t just do the same boring content and blogs anymore. You have to make them more interesting. And so showing your expertise, and if people aren’t doing that, then that’s a shame. And what I see typically is they’ve all they’re reusing these really same boring blog, like stuff that you and I honestly could probably go create or anybody off the street could, could create. There’s no expertise showing in there. So there’s no way to know, like, and trust them. Um, probably the other way that I see people failing in marketing or making mistakes is that they only rely in one area of the marketing mix. So I kind of think of marketing mixes a pie. And if you divide it into four pieces, the four pieces are owned. So your website, your podcast, the things that you actually own and control, and then there are paid so stuff that you have to pay for.

So that could be any type of ads, Facebook, Google, YouTube, um, any other platforms for ads and then there’s leveraged or borrow. And that’s where word of mouth would fall in. So you’re leveraging other people’s network Goodwill. Um, I classify it also as free, but there’s a little bit of a barrier to entry. So maybe some criteria or relationship or a little bit of a dollar to set up. And then the last one is free, which is more social media marketing. So if you don’t have at least, um, at least one in each of those four areas, you’re at risk. And most people, you know, if you’ve been in business for a while, you’re only relying on one. And the reason that fails you is that you don’t understand how to market. And you know, you can’t just create marketing all at once and go, Oh my God, I need to get on Facebook because you don’t understand how to get it set up. It’s not an overnight thing. So, you know, not having the right marketing mix and you can’t just start marketing right away. It’s, it’s a path. Um, and I would say those are probably the four of my biggest areas that I’ve seen. I don’t know your business. I don’t, I don’t know if you’ve heard of any of those from other business owners, but I hear about those all the time and I see them.

Yeah. I don’t talk too much about marketing with other business owners, but, um, I would say another one that I’ve seen is, um, people giving up on something too quickly as well. So, you know, you do one month of paid advertising and then you stop because nothing came in, well, it takes a little bit of time for that to get going. Um, especially, you know, with Google, the longer you have that ad running, the more efficient and better results and better placement it’s going to get. Um, so it’s not necessarily going to be an immediate return, but you do want to track it and make sure it actually is producing something I would say. But yeah, it’s, not just a, you know, one month and we’re done cause it didn’t do anything

Or one week. Yeah. I mean, absolutely. I mean, you’ve got to do all this stuff for at least 90 days just to work out the kinks. And again, it’s, it’s part of a whole big process, right? So, I mean, it’s, you know, you got to get the ad up and you’ve got to get it approved and then you need to make sure the ad converts and then you need to make sure that whatever action you’re having come through and then you have to tweak that process along the way. So it’s a minimum of 90 days. Um, so you’re right. Absolutely the amount of time. Um, but I think that it’s if you’ve done advertising and marketing, then you sort of get that continuum and that duration. And if you haven’t, then you don’t, again, it’s like, you can’t just start marketing going, Oh my God, I need to start marketing and start.

I mean, it’s, you have to keep your hands in the game. And so, um, you know, I see that with companies that are typically at least 12 to 15 years, you know, in business three to five years, no, they’re still rocking and rolling, but you know, I would make sure that people always do it because again, if you pull your hand out of that pole, so it’s really hard to stop and yes, I know word of mouth, but there are other ways, right? So, you know, right now, if you’ve got word of mouth, you’re probably struggling because you don’t even have a website. I’m not met him. I’ve met an owner a couple of months ago. They didn’t even have a website. Like how are you going to refer people? Like they think that’s all about them, but it’s not. I mean, it’s also ways that people can refer you and you’re not making it easy. Not everybody wants to pick up the phone. So you need to make sure that you have multiple ways that your customers can get to you. Not just the web or not just the phone or not just text, however, you want to communicate.

Yeah. And I’d say, you know, where I was the part of that process, my dad was the owner of the firm for years. And he was anti any advertising other than word of mouth, or I think we had one picture in the phone book, which, you know when he started 20 plus years ago. Yeah, that was fine, but there have been so many other avenues. And so when I took over in, uh, and bottom out in June, that’s when I started the marketing and it was, it took six months before things really started coming together with a new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Um, because yeah, it is a very long process to get it all going and get it consistent, figure out the systems and everything else. So, um, once that hit, it was great. Then it started rocking and rolling. It was good, but that’s because I put in a lot of time over those six months to get things going. So I, I agree with that wholeheartedly.

Yeah. And if you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and Oh, by the way, and still run your business. So I mean, now you have to still deliver and then you still have to, you know, you have to work in it and on it, then you’re going to have to hire somebody. And the thing is when you hire somebody, they’re going to ask you the questions that you don’t know and you know, like, who are you going to target? What, what’s the problem? Like you kinda know, but again, right. It takes you a minimum, like to just start that process, and still, I mean, you’re still gonna tweaking it for the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Right. Cause that’s, that’s one, that’s one client avatar. Like you’ve got to meet them where they’re at. So, um, definitely make sure you focus on one first, get that nailed down. Just bring this to any, but yeah.

I mean, it’s, it’s, you know, I always said that, uh, what are the few things that you can’t just start overnight? Like you can’t, you can’t start networking like that has to always happen so that when things you need something or resource, then you can reach out to them. Right? You can’t just, Oh my God, I need to call somebody and ask for a favor. Same thing with marketing. You can’t just all of a sudden start, the same thing with credit, right? You just can’t say, Oh my God, okay. I got crushed. There are a few things that have to always keep going and have to build up that Goodwill. You have to build up that knowledge, that expertise, that everything, um, there’s what is it? You can’t create a baby and you can’t bring nine people together to make a baby in one month, it’s still taking

Nine months. Right. Um, so we’ve talked about this a little bit already with stuff that you’re seeing with the AI being part of marketing, but any other new trends that you’re seeing or, um, you know, different avenues that are dying off that we’re not using anymore.

Well, some, well, so male, so sometimes male may or may not work depending on your industry and who you’re targeting. If you’re a B2B, right. A business to business, um, the person right now, it’s probably not working cause nobody’s in our office or not many people are in their office. Um, if you’re consuming it could, it could work. It depends. Right? So people aren’t used to getting something in the mail and there’s not a lot of mail, especially right now that you would really stand out if you know somebody, um, I would say a trend. So right now we’re kind of in a crisis of pandemic. But again, this could be any type of crisis is don’t stop marketing. And so it’s not really what’s dying. I would just say, don’t stop because this is the time that you still want to be in front of your customers.

And so, you know, right now we’re finding Facebook is getting approved within minutes, which never happened before. And the rates are cheaper because nobody’s sacrificing. And so this was a great time to do that. So whatever, I guess everything’s cyclical, right? So whatever you did before, maybe go back and revisit it. So mail, you know, may or may not fit your industry. So that might be a place that he’s her is dying or could, could be, you know, going up. I would say, I touched on this earlier, those boring blogs that almost anybody that lists them education could go, you know, do themselves, you can’t have that learn stuff anymore when it comes to your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. You actually have to really create something that shows you, you know, eat expertise, authority, and trust. And then I would say, I still see this, um, it’s not a new trend. It’s just a trend.

That’s consistent much is people aren’t updating their, their websites and, or their social media. And so that again, when you get shared or somebody says, Oh my gosh, you’ve got to go try it. Like, well, you don’t have this, your stuff that’s active, but we try somebody else. They go check you out and do a web search. And then they find your website and it still has, you know, the 1980s look or you haven’t posted a blog. And then they go look at you on Facebook and you haven’t posted them 2016. Like that is very, um, off-putting to people. In fact, a lot of people won’t, they’ll just, you know, they might call their friends, say, Hey, this person doesn’t look like their business. Are you sure? So, um, I would say that it’s not really a new trend. It’s just a trend that I still see consistently that people don’t update that stuff where people can find them.

Okay. Yeah. I’d say, yeah. When the recession or any downturn or crisis, when everybody else is pulling out their marketing dollars, that’s when you want to spend them. Cause you’ll get way more bang for your buck. That’s been my experience. So we just kept advertising and actually increased some advertising costs. And it’s been, you know, I’m the only one in front of people cause no one else is spending money. So it’s a great time to do it.

Yeah. And so your message will change, right? So it’s not always bought me, buy me, buy me now your message may change. It could be, Hey, here’s time. Think about this. Or, you know, one of that passive revenue, drivers or funnels could be, Hey, we’re offering free education, get them in now and offer to them for free. So you could be giving and you could be messaging in a totally different way, but you’re still in their eyes in front of them and you’re still in front of mind. And so that’s really what it’s about. And I’m glad to hear somebody else’s doing it with a great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Yeah. I got that from a grant Cardone booking, 10 X, um, talked about that during the Oh eight recession, he spent, he cut his own salary and to spend all that money on advertising cause everybody else cut back and that’s what propelled him to go forward. So, uh, I liked that idea. All right. Um, let’s talk about how people can find a good marketing expert. Somebody who’s trusted, what are things they should look for questions they should ask? What are the red flags they should avoid? They’ll all those things.

So because I’m a process person, um, and you don’t typically find this in marketing. Um, I like, I like a process or a framework. So because we do management consulting, you say we’re modern management consulting we’re framework without the fluff. We still use frameworks because it does guide you in a process. It gets you results, but we’re really, really nimble, and smart about how we use the framework. I don’t see that in a lot of industries and marketing, I love, but there’s a lot of creative people that don’t follow a framework. And so I would actually make sure they have some sort of documented process or framework. Um, and they’re not, they’re a super, super creative person because that also means that they’re also not going to track your results and you really need those metrics to make sure that your marketing campaigns are doing what you want them to do, which again, links back to not only your marketing strategy but your overall business strategy.

And I’m in the marketing world. I see a lot of creative people. Like I’ve been to the American marketing association meetings here. I remember, you know, some of the folks were talking to my Oh, Oh, so how’s the like return. And they’re like, Oh, you’ve got to figure out the return on those. So if you know, if you’re getting the deer in the headlights, look about return or metrics or something like that, I would say you probably need to dig a little bit deeper because again, it comes down to the money marketing dollars and you want to make sure that you’re really spending them wisely. Um, if somebody only talks about social media, yeah. Social media is one of like, you know, an infinite number of ways to market and you still have to do it smartly, you know, posting, uh, you know, for you as an attorney posting, uh, you know that the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas is here for you, a picture sure about a cat doesn’t really relate to your business unless you were, you know, you have a really focused on, you know, maybe veterinarians or something I think.

But, um, social media is not marketing. It’s a way to, get it out and you have to be really smart about it. But if they only talk about social media, um, it’s a bunch of things you can say. The other thing I’ve seen too, um, in general, we talked about industries is that while some industry experts are good, they also could be a hindrance because they aren’t looking at new ideas. So, you know, you’ll see this in a lot of niches, you see it, an attorney and you see them in, um, a lot of the professional, actually, any type of services, you see it in-home repairs and HVAC and anything. And you’ve got these specialists in there, it’s a double-edged sword. Um, they might have the marketing dollars that, or they might have marketing dialed in, but sometimes they think that they’re too common.

I think that there’s no creativity. And I think that there’s no way for you to stand out. And I mean, I can see that, for example, kind of doing research has been a few years ago on some accountants, just even in Las Vegas. And I went to, I don’t know, just say 20 of them. And I could tell six of them are using the same service because our website looks the same and guess what? They have the exact same blog posts. And so you don’t want that because when somebody is shopping around for you, they’re going to see that. And it would have been so easy for them, the owner and the principals or the partners or anybody else that had that responsibility in the company to literally just do a video on those posts. And it would have been thousand times more interesting.

Um, and so there are many factors about looking at it, but I would say, yeah, I mean, w be really clear what you want to solve. Um, and they should also guide you. Um, and they should be able to guide you through helping tie that in. Um, and not only the, you know, this is they, they can’t be an expert, Justin Mark, and they really do need to understand not only, you know, the industry, but they need to understand the business and how it fits in. And so we talk about experts. The definition of experts to me is changing. It did use to be somebody that was purely into marketing, but you can’t do that anymore. You truly need to understand business and sales and tech back and HR, like you need to have a good breadth of understanding of all of that. And, and even as an attorney, right? I mean, you’ve got to have a breadth knowledge of not only, you know, certain areas, but kinda, I call it, you know, flowing down slow. So anything in that whole process you need to be familiar with so that you understand the impact and, and some of it relates back to strategy, but, um, there are so many factors out there. So there’s a few that I can provide for guidelines. How’s that?

Yeah, I would say, um, I, I have always looked for people who are outside of my industry when I’m looking to hire someone for, you know, marketing or coaching or whatever it is because, um, yeah, well, they, they might be good in that, that niche, but they’re there, they’re not bringing things from different industries. I like having someone who’s seeing all across the board, cause they’re saying, Hey, this works over here. Why don’t we try this in your industry? Um, and that might, you know, bring some great results. Cause you’re the only one doing that. Cause you’re only one bringing it into your industry. So I think that’s great advice. Um, my experience with hiring migrant marketers is yeah, if they’re just a creative type, don’t track the numbers and, and I think it’s with any, uh, any professional, we repeat this with almost every guest is somebody who’s actually going to call you back with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

You know, it’s unfortunate. Um, that’s always an issue, but yeah, somebody who’s going to communicate and actually, you know, keep you up to date what’s going on. And then there’s always a gut check, you know, does it feel right? Can you get along with this person? Um, not that you have to, but is it, is it going to be in a relationship where you can be honest and open and actually communicate? And I think that’s a big thing. So, uh, we covered a lot today, any key things that we jumped over that you think, you know, our listeners really need to hear, um, about marketing or strategy that we didn’t get to?

No, I think we hit a lot of topics. I would just say it really goes back to that strategy. So, um, so your strategy should be done annually at a minimum. Um, it should be done anytime. There is a major change within your company or outside of your company. So for example, uh, within your company, if you have a change of ownership if you have a key player leading and so, right, so you changed ownership a few years ago. Um, you know, I’ve got a company in town, they changed ownership. We did a strategy for them because now you’ve got new players that have a financial responsibility to the company. So, you know, do that, um, key players leave somebody retires, uh, you hire somebody brand new comes in and they’re in that leadership, you know, ownership role. You need to bring them in and you really need to refocus and go, okay, what is ours, what’s our new approach?

Uh, if there are any events that happen internally or externally. So maybe you do, maybe you buy another company, maybe you’re thinking about starting another project, uh, you know, do we do a website? Do we, you know, roll out a CRM program again, not the best time to start, uh, to do a strategy. Uh, I was called into a company after they had implemented a system and we said, Hey, next time you do this, make sure you call us. And so when they went ready, they said, okay, we’re ready to do a financial system. Can you come in and do a, you know, a strategy for us? And we went through that system and we said, um, based on the feedback from all your leaders, you guys need to do an HR system and not financial. So bring in somebody before you do that, to make sure it’s the right thing to do at the right time.

Because again, you know, you guys might have other needs, and maybe doing a website project is going to be more beneficial right now than hopping into a new trade show. We’re hiring a big high-level executive or, you know, team members. So really tying it back to that strategy. So, you know, there’s internal events, external events, and players. So, um, and make sure it’s documented, make sure it’s written down. So even if you’re a solo-preneur or like, it can’t be just in the head because there’s a process to take it from the head to the paper to make sure it’s written down and also put it in kind of a roadmap format. So if you just think about maybe in the columns, you would have like a timeline and put some high-level tasks, make sure that you have it. Cause you can start to visually see if you’re going to run into any issues.

So I did this with one of my clients. I’m like, Oh yeah, that’s not going to work. Okay. You know, Oh, I forgot to tell you this. Okay. So there’s that visual, that visual part of the strategy. And so people think it’s fluffy and it’s not because that amount that you invest will actually tell you the project that you’re going to do or initiatives or software. It’s also going to tell the people, you know, the type of people that you’re going to hire, or do you make that hire, or do you put those dollars towards something else because based on your strategy when you call us now for great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. To communicate that out to the people that need to know at a certain level. So everybody’s on the same page, but now, you know, as business owners and leaders within your company, people always say, what should I concentrate on? I’m like, well, you have your strategy and your goals and objectives, everything that you should do every day should be wrapped around that. And so that, you know, if you map it down to your daily, that’s really what you need to do. And then if you tie back to your marketing, all of your efforts need to be tying back to that overall strategy in some way or another.

Yeah. I personally like the timeline thing and what I do. I just read it again. Cause I’ve had some things changed as far as when I want to get stuff done. So once I had the timeline, I realized, okay, this has to be done by this date, this one, by this date, if we’re going to stay on track to hit that. And before I would not, you know, I’d be like, okay, I would still get two years to get to this goal. And it’s like, Oh no, no, this, this has to happen now. I actually have to be a lot more urgent about it. So I like that as well. Um, all right. How can people get in contact with you, uh, about marketing or strategy?

Yeah, so we’re at online marketing in a and um, yeah, I would love to give away, you know, the top mistakes people made for, you know, videos. I’ll put a couple of resources on that page. So if we want to send them to online marketing and a EPA, we’ll put some goodies on there that people might be interested in. Um, um, some of them are tactical, but at least you can see our website. You can see the strategy, um, and anything else. And, uh, yeah, just happy to have anybody call with some questions, schedule some time with me. Um, however, we can help them out. We’re glad to provide the best  Trusts Attorney Las Vegas and I’ll make sure to put the website in the show notes. Um, and if you’re all right, I’ll put your email down there as well. So people can reach out and get in touch with you, Kim. I appreciate you being on the show. Lots of great information there. So thank you for being with us.

Thanks. I like, appreciate it, and happy to help out. And to all our listeners as always, please like subscribe, follow us so that you get the latest content, give us a review, let us know how we’re doing. And if you have any suggestions on what we should cover next time, uh, please reach out to me and we’ll see if we can’t make that happen. So with that, we’ll sign it off until next time with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas services.