Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | When Are You Looking To Get A New  Legal Device?

Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | When Are You Looking To Get A New Legal Device?

Hello, and welcome to the trusted podcast. I’m Blake Johnson, your host. And today we are going to be talking about pest control, pest maintenance, and all things, bugs, and critters. So I’m excited to welcome Joey tossed to the show. So Joey, thank you for joining us today. Oh, you’re very welcome. Thank you for having me. I’ve known Joey for, uh, probably six years now since I first moved to Vegas, and, uh, he’s been my pest guy, um, from the very beginning. So I can definitely say, um, you know, he knows what he’s doing. So Joey, why don’t you start with giving us a little bit of background about yourself and then also about your company and what makes you an expert in your field with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

Oh, sure. Okay. Um, let’s see. I guess, uh, my transition into pest control started on a roundabout way, not something, uh, every kid who doesn’t, I wasn’t born into the pest management industry, uh, aspires to do, to be someone that goes around killing things. But I had, um, I had been working at a local bank here in Las Vegas and, uh, uh, through a roundabout way was found myself unemployed and was looking for a job. Um, and a friend of mine had suggested, um, a large national company and they’re hiring. And I said, Oh, I’ll try something after a couple of months with our great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. And, and, uh, walked in there with a sales job, walked out with a sales job and found out how, uh, relatively the largest, best management company in the world operates. And I was with them for quite some time. And I moved over to a small mom and pop agency where I felt more, um, you know, more like family and found out how not to run a small business.

Um, that was a good learning experience and, uh, was with them for a couple of years, uh, where I really learned the business of pest management, um, or the actual operations of pest management and how to, how to do it. And then a nine 11 happened. And I had decided with my wife that I was going to join the Marine Corps and, uh, um, you know, serve and, and do all of that. Um, I had also decided right before all of that, that I was going to start my own pest management company and kind of hold onto it, um, uh, and see if I could make some money for a great level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. And then when nine 11 happened, I decided to enlist in the Marine Corps. And I said, man, I can do both. And so, um, it turns out that I was able to do both, uh, in 2003, we, uh, uh, I enlisted in the Marine Corps and was able to run the, you know, set the company up, such that it kind of ran on its own.

My wife ran the books and answered the phones and our first employee right off the bat. Um, about six months after we started the company did all of the work. My wife is not a pest control operator, so, uh, she can answer phones and she knows how to count money. Uh, but she does not know how to handle an ant or a Roach problem. So I was gone for a while. Um, and then I came back, uh, the Marine Corps reserve is the one I joined was a machine gunner and I was able to come back and, uh, and run both companies at the same time with a better level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Uh, so we started, really went full bore in, uh, 2004 and have been growing ever since in 2008. Um, our unit was tapped to go to Iraq. So I left for about two years. And, uh, during that time we had, you know, slowly and surely built, built a company to operate function without me, because I knew at some point I would be leaving.

And, uh, we were at that point in 2007, uh, mainly a, uh, commercial mess pest management company. And when I say commercial, I mean, multiunit housing is a lot of apartment complex service. And, uh, and well, Las Vegas turned into a ghost town in 2006, 2007, and we had to pivot, uh, and we transitioned to mainly a residential pest management company. Um, and then I was gone for two years. So during that time we, uh, my wife was getting her master’s degree. Um, our additional staff, uh, continued the plan, and I, I took reports from literally the other side of the world. Um, we would get, uh, I’d get about a, um, an hour or two on a, on a computer, on a SAS connection from Iraq. And my, uh, office manager would tell you if the reports and send them to me on a weekly basis, whether or not I could do a Skype call or not.

And if we couldn’t, then I would hop on a Skype call and then review those reports and go over them with her. Um, and then obviously talk to my family whenever I could. And then, uh, after being gone total for, for about two years, returned back to our company and then finished out the remainder of my contract with the Marine Corps and decided I was, uh, I was done getting shot at, and I was going to focus mainly on the pest management company. So separated completely from the Marine Corps in 2011, and then, uh, really focused on, on a pit bull. And, uh, and we have grown rapidly since then we, during that period of time where we were mainly a residential pest management company, uh, 2011, we transitioned back to, um, I wouldn’t say mainly, I would say a heavy presence in the commercial pest management industry, uh, here in Nevada, we, uh, 2012, we became a, a partner in a national pest management company called COPPA sand is a national pest management firm that manages, runs, acquires the new business.

And then it’s, uh, it’s owned by about 90 partners, 95 partners around the country where regional and local pest management firms that are experts in there, the ecology of their area. So I’m very versed in the bugs and the ecology of, Nevada, right. But maybe, I don’t know, a whole lot in Oregon. So the guys that are up there in Oregon or in Portland though, they’re, they’re the, um, uh, the experts in their area. And so say a large national coffee chain has service. Um, they, they want to buy it nationally. They want to buy it from one company, but they need people that are experts in their area. And that’s what happens. Copa San would sell that service. And we would service, uh, in my area, in the company up in Northern the North, the great Northwest food service, that area we were growing and transitioned into heavy commercial.

So we do a lot of commercial work. Um, during that transition time, we also became the only fumigation company in Nevada. So fumigation is the attending of a stretcher. If you’ve ever watched breaking bad, that’s what everybody says when they stop at our tents. Oh, are you guys cooking? No, we’re killing bedbugs. We tend to structures. We tent for cars. We, uh, you can fumigate for a lot of different pests, rats, and mice and things like that. But we were the only pest management company in Nevada. Um, and we’ve been growing that division and, uh, carrying on as, as hard and as fast as we can. And, uh, so we transitioned to mainly commercial pest management. So that’s lots of, um, uh, restaurants and bars and, and, uh, food manufacturing, processing, distribution. And, uh, and then of course we have a large residential client base as well. And that’s us. Uh, my job is to, uh, create products and services at our company when we work with a better Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. I do acquisitions. So I buy other, um, smaller or moderate, you know, moderately compared, uh, companies to our size and try to fold them into our business. And, um, and then I assist with sales family, but, uh, that’s us, we’re, uh, we’re going as hard and as fast as we can to scale as quickly as we can while continuing the, uh, the level of service that we currently provide and, uh, and going from there. All right, John, let’s start with, um, you know, biggest pet problem that you see day in and day out here in Nevada.

All right. So that is going to, that’s going to vary wildly based on, on, uh, weather seasons, right? Uh, you will get mammals, um, year round. So we have rats all the time. Um, we have, I can confidently say tens of thousands of rodent stations out at about, um, all of Nevada, uh, checking and monitoring for rodent activity. Um, and we’ve, we’ve really spent a lot of time and money investing in remote monitoring. So, um, when you have a pest management company, they usually have some sort of trap, right. Uh, whether it’s a rat trap, a physical, you know, snap trap or a, um, a spinny catch trap or a pneumatic, um, kill box or something like that. Uh, but what’s new on the market is this, uh, remote monitoring system. So it’s similar to what, everything, I just said, your standard trap of some sort of a box of some sort.

And then it’s got the ability to communicate to a, uh, a web-based or cloud-based server give our technicians or our office staff or our, our, uh, supervisory staff notifications that say, you know, there’s activity at a, at a location. So, um, we see that year-round, um, on our commercial side, we see a lot of what are called stored pests year-round. Um, they do fluctuate, I guess, a little bit, but they’re, they’re pretty consistent things that would infest say flowers and greens and rice, and like Indian meal MOS or, um, other stored product pests that are, that are involved heavily in our, in our food chain. So we’ll see those, um, of course, obviously, you have your, your roaches are, which are pretty consistent, uh, throughout the year, but the surge in the spring. And, uh, really it’s here in Southern amount of wheat. We get almost everything, almost everything. So it’s anything you can imagine. We don’t have the murder Hornets yet, so we don’t expect to see them here with your great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Yeah. Um, we’ve had plenty of paths. I’ve heard you talk about, um, bedbugs. So, um, I mean, obviously Nevada, especially lots of Vegas is a very transient town. Uh, what’s your advice on bedbugs, um, for people traveling here and traveling home, or, you know, leaving Nevada and going somewhere else to, to stay in and how can they best protect themselves for a better level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

Sure, sure. So I like to start off a bedbug conversation saying that, um, bedbugs ha are not an indicator that someone is, is dirty, right. It doesn’t keep that they keep a dirty house. Uh, and that’s, that’s not true. Um, it doesn’t mean they, uh, they’re filthy or the things that are associated generally with the German Roach, um, uh, lots of trash or, or fats or lipids that are left in a, in a structure that they can feed on, um, with bedbugs, the only food source for a bedbug or you and I human beings. So it has nothing to do with whether your home is speaking spam or whether you live in a big sack with a proper Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Right. So when you hear someone say that they are experiencing a bedbug problem, um, do your best to tamper down that, that, that wig out that you might get, because it really has nothing to do with, um, the sanitation conditions at their home.

It has everything to do with where they have been, or with who has come to their house, right? So you have bedbugs or hitchhikers. They, if you’ve never seen a bedbug, uh, they’re like the size of an Apple seed. You can imagine what an Apple seed and it’s a fully grown adult. Um, they feed only exclusively on blood. Um, they will feed mainly in, primarily on a human being’s blood. But if you were, um, dogs and cats are available, there’s a possibility that they could, uh, feed on them. Um, they are a cryptic, uh, pest in that they want to hide in cracks and crevices. Um, but they are exceptionally good pitch hikers, right? So they don’t move from home to home. Right. So if your neighbor has a really bad, uh, bedbug issue, you don’t have to worry about them walking over and coming to your place, say like an American Roach or, um, uh, or rats or something like that.

Uh, now if you went over there, you could possibly them up on the tread of your shoes, the fold of your pants in your purse. If you’d set your personality, holler on your shirt, you’ll pick up the actual adults. So the males and the females, um, one of the first instars, you can pick those up, or you could in fact pick up the eggs. The eggs are like little white, sticky grains of rice, smaller than rink grains of rice. And they then clump and you’ll pick them up in the tread of your shoes. You’ll pick them up, uh, any place that you touch them and you bring them over, or the, your, your kid’s friends who come and stay over at your house, they have a bed bug problem at their house. I’m sure they’re not putting that information out there with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Hey, I’m going to send my kids over to your place, but by the way, we’ve been battling bedbugs for two years.

Um, so that could happen. You could have visitors or what happens a lot of the time is that you go say someplace, the, a bedbug introductions in the homes happen a lot of the time, because you go stay at a, you go stay at the Bellagio, right? You go say at a red roof Inn, you go say to quality, and it doesn’t matter how much you pay per night for that hotel that has everything to do with who was in that room beforehand. And whether or not they brought them in there, or if they or they have a resident population that’s just functioning inside the hotel and moving from room to room, and a professed management company is really controlling it or not. Um, you go there and you stay there and you may pick them up. My recommendation to help prevent you from doing it is for help.

You prevent from bringing them in would be, to carry a flashlight. But not everybody carries a bright flashlight, but everybody carries a cell phone with a, with an led on it. So when you go to a hotel room and I say this again, it doesn’t matter how much you pay for that hotel room. It could be the four seasons. It could be anything. Just look, just look. So go to the head of that bed, pull back those sheets, and get down to the, uh, uh, the waterproof mattress cover, which is usually just a slip-on cover. Um, or they’ll, you may even notice they have a full encasement on that mattress with a better level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. And if that’s the case, then that’s better, right? It doesn’t mean they have them. That means they’re being proactive or possibly they have them, but you want to look at the bed. Um, you’re looking for the bed bug itself.

You can see the adults they’re not invisible, or you’re looking for the evidence of it, their fecal matter, or a squishy bug. All kind of looks the same. I imagine if you took a pen and you blotted, uh, like on your shirt or something like that, they, uh, that inkblot will spread. And that’s kind of what it looks like, their fecal, nothing. They desiccate in like clumps groups. And if you were to sit on the bed and squish them, then you know, they’re full of blood and blood will get on the, uh, the seam of the mattress. You’re looking for things like that. And you want to go all the way around the address and then go down to the box spring or to the bottom part of the mattress, where that seam is and go all the way back around, and then went down to the box spring and go all the way around with a great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas solution.

You want to look at a mattress, do both beds. If you have two beds, and then only at the nightstands on either side of the bed, anything there it’s, you’re, you can safely assume that it’s very unlikely that you have a problem that doesn’t mean they’re not hiding behind the baseboards and will come out and feed on you at night. But that’s about as a level of inspection that I would like you to do to prevent you from getting them when you’re out and about when a pest control operator goes in there, it doesn’t inspection is significantly more thorough. We’re lifting up the mattress. We’re looking at the box spring, we’re just assembling the nightstands and the dresser. Um, there’s, there’s a lot more of a detailed inspection that we’re going to be doing, but for you, that’s what you want to do.

And you can still say, okay, I’m going to take my luggage and we’re good here. Um, Oh, by the way, don’t put your mattress, your, your, your luggage on your bed, and don’t unpack and put your stuff into the dressers that that’s where everybody else puts their stuff. And if they have bed bugs in there, you’re just going to end up picking them up and bringing them home. So keep you, keep your luggage or your, your, uh, your clothing and things like that in your luggage. And when you’re not actively, uh, changing and roll them into the bathroom and leave them in that tiled area where it’s less, much less likely for a bedbug problem to be a resident in the bathroom. So leave him in the bathroom. If you can’t or the top, if you don’t plan on using the tub, there’s a very low chance of Edmunds there. So that’s a lot of information on bedrooms.

Yes, it is. And, and I will say you’ve changed the way that I approach going into a hotel room. Like I roll it in, put it in the, you know, put the suitcase in the bathroom until I can do that inspection. And I remember the first time I did it, my wife was like, what are you doing? Well, I I’ve learned, I don’t, I did not want bedbugs. Um, my experience with it is I had a friend in college. Um, their apartment got them and, uh, I mean, he just came and he was covered in bites, you know, had the allergic reaction to it and just, it was awful. So, um, yeah, definitely, definitely did not want to do that.

My kids know not to go on the beds this last week. We were, uh, we ended our vacation in Baltimore and, uh, when going into the hotel, I left with my brother-in-law to go to a store. And my family went up to the room with your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. When I came into the room after, uh, stopping at CVS, I went up into the room and they’re on the balcony. And, but nobody’s really moved in. All the luggage is in them, in the bathroom. Uh, they haven’t done anything. And I’m like, what are you guys doing? And they’re like, Oh, you got to wait for your bedbug inspection. So they I’ve got them trained. That is how your family, you, and your family should be. Nobody sits on the beds. Nobody, uh, unpack. Somebody gets comfortable on inspection, just a cursory once so that we can limit the chance of you picking them up. Now, if you get them, there are treatment options. We can talk about those, but it’s not the end of the world. We can, uh, we can get rid of them, but it, it really is a pain in the butt.

Yeah, I think, uh, well, we’ll leave that for another day. Um, what are some actions, some other actions people can take to prevent pests in their own homes? We’ve talked about traveling, what about for their own? Okay. So first and foremost, I would recommend that you have a pest management company. Um, most people that don’t hire a professional pest management company, they’ll say I’ll do it themselves. Um, and that’s fine. I don’t have a recommendation for you of what products you could purchase it, any home improvement store, because we don’t buy any professional pest management company. Doesn’t buy those products. We all buy from, um, manufacturers that manufacture, uh, materials for the professional, uh, to operate with. And they, they are not the same right there. You’re not going to buy, um, uh, the products that we can buy. They’re not available for you to purchase. You have to be a licensed operator, use them. Uh, so, uh, but when it comes to your home, I would say first and foremost, hire a pest management company. If you’re not going to do it, and you’re going to go to a big box store, you have to be consistent.

And that’s, that’s the problem is people aren’t consistent in the application of those materials, and they’re not safe with them. The majority of, uh, poisonings by pesticides, um, in the homes across the United States are not by a professional pest management company. How many of your home and doing service and then you, or your family or your pets getting sick it’s because Mr. Mrs. Smith left out something for your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, uh, accessible to a small child, or, uh, the adage, they use the phrase, both a little is good, then a lot is better. And that is not the way it works. Right. You know, a little aspirin is going to take care of a headache. A lot of ibuprofen is going to make you sick or whatever it is, there’s a dosage. Um, and you need to follow, those instructions. So people will poison themselves, uh, by, by using that term.

Well, if one ounce per gallon is good, I’m gonna put in five ounces because I’m gonna get these little crawlers and that is not safe for you to do, and you should definitely not ever do that. So, um, hire a professor professional pest management company, or dealing with dangerous, uh, chemicals that, uh, we wanna, we wanna use and apply as it should be done. So I hire a pest management company. I would prefer that you hire us, but really any company that, um, that’s licensed here in the state of Nevada, um, you know, you’re going to get your good ones and your bad ones, but it’s going to be safe for you to be using those. I was the, uh, president of the Nevada pest management association, uh, for almost four years and dealt and met with the owners of our companies. Um, and you know, I’m, I’m really impressed with the level of service.

Um, that’s here in, in Nevada, in Nevada, and you’re going to be able to find a good high-quality service technician by hiring a company and, and doing your due diligence. You got to check on them and see what they’re going to do, but really hiring a company, uh, the best thing for you beyond that exclusion. Um, I Roach can’t get in if they can’t get in, right, we want to limit their access when it comes to Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, a wrap can’t get into your house if it can’t get in, right. So they can’t walk through walls. So having good fitting sleeps and weatherstripping on the windows and a nice tight-fitting screen, um, having a sliding glass door, uh, on your back door, that shuts, and it’s got the weather stripping and having all that kind of stuff, uh, is something one that your pest management company should be looking at to tell you, Hey, I know you’re seeing a ton of dead crickets, but if you just get a new door sweet on your 80-year-old door, then you would, you wouldn’t see dead bugs on the inside of your house.

You would see dead bugs are only on the outside of your house. So sealing up your home is another big thing that you can do. Obviously, it helps with efficiency on the inside of the home when it comes to air conditioning, heating, and cooling. So you’re gonna get an added benefit on that too, but really preventing them physically preventing them from coming in your house is one of the best things that you do on a, on the commercial side. That’s one of the things we are constantly looking at is retraining their staff because in a kitchen to work with a better Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, those dishwashers are back there and it’s hot and sweaty, and there’s a lot of movement and obviously the ovens are on and they want to pop that back door open and just let in as much cool fresh air, uh, along with that is going to come flies and rats and all the other things that you’re trying to keep out. So, uh, that’s one of the things we do is constantly retraining them to, to not, not do that, not do something that’s gonna cause a problem, but on the residential side, you guys can do that by having those nice fitting doors and windows. So what are some things you mentioned, you finding a good pest management company. What are some things people should do when they’re bedding? I’m a pest management company to make sure they’re actually qualified that they’re, you know, we call them a trusted, um, advisor, um, and you know, what red flags should they be on the lookout for?

Okay, well, um, licensed pest management companies, uh, are regulated and licensed by the Nevada department of agriculture and we have on our trucks, um, we’re required to display the license number. If you had a question about, uh, whether or not a company is licensed, uh, you could call the Nevada department of agriculture and say, Hey, um, ABC pest control company, uh, was knocking doors. Are they an actual licensed investment? If you’re outside cutting your grass. And a guy is spraying, um, in shorts and flip-flops and says, Hey, I do your neighbor’s house. Um, I can take care of your place and you look at his truck and it’s not labeled at all. It has to be labeled. It has to be a licensed number. That’s a big red flag. Um, you know, he, he’s probably not licensed. He’s probably not, uh, insured. Um, and he would get a very large fine from the state of Nevada for doing that. It’s, not like a landscaping company where just anybody can buy some materials, start a quick company. It takes, uh, several years, uh, working with a company to be able to be allowed to even pass for the ownership of a company. Um, so, well, the minimum is two years. It takes, you have to work for a company for two years with the top Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. So, but you know, maybe it comes from, uh, an alternative state,

This operator and he wants to just pick up and go, or maybe they didn’t have as much regulation here in a matter of their habit, we’re heavily regulated. So they have to have those minimum things. Um, but when you’re calling around, um, I’m not going to say it’s not a good idea to hire this type, but this is what you’re going to get. If you see two numbers that say East and West side by side, if you’re here in Las Vegas, um, what that is is that’s a, you know, a two-man operation, right? That doesn’t mean they’re bad. It’s, you’re, you’re buying a really small company at that point. That’s me and my friend, Bob. And, you know, he’s going to work on the Eastside and I’m gonna work on the Westside and our kind of pool our money and buy some advertisement for the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas around.

And when you call the one number, you’re going to get that guy’s cell number, when you call them the other one, you’re gonna get that other guy’s cell number, really, you know, I was a small operator, one man operator at one time. And very quickly we transitioned from an operating company. And then obviously it grew quite quickly, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. It just means they’re small. Um, when, when asking, you know what they’re going to do, um, when you call them, I guess you want, you want to know, you know, do they do residential pest management, or are they only a commercial company? If you are calling for your restaurant, your bar, your, uh, your food processing facility, um, you’re going to want to stay away from a smaller company like that. They’re probably not certified in third-party auditing standards or the health department.

Um, and you can ask them that, you know, are you guys certified with third-party auditing standards for your, for your type of business, but on the residential side, you want to just ask them, Hey, what is your, what is your management owl? Um, I guess that would really depend on what problem you’re seeing, right? So if you’re seeing ants in the backyard, um, how are you guys going to control those? Um, I’m seeing maybe German roaches on the inside of my house. How would you guys control that? Um, what days do you work? Um, you know, do you guys have an online portal for accessing your account? Do you do online payments? There’s a lot of different things that will show you that it’s a, a really, uh, uh, a small company and whether or not someone has gone through the process of really developing, um, processes and procedures to, to be able to handle a large amount of business that uses Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

So when you hire that company, however, you decide you’re going to do that. Uh, what you don’t want is inconsistency. Uh, you want to know when they’re coming and you want to know if you’re going to get a notification beforehand with our services. If, uh, on the residential side, you’re going to get an assigned day of service and you’re going to get a reminder call. Um, it may or may not be an automated service. It may be just an email. It may be a sticker on your refrigerator, and the guy says, I’m coming next Thursday, you know, or in a month from now, every third Thursday. You just want to know when it is the majority of the residential accounts that we pick up from smaller mom and pop companies. It’s, it’s the same question every single time with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas services. So I had this guy and, uh, it’s just a one man, one truck he’s been great and I love it, but he’s not, he’s gone and I can’t get ahold of him anymore, but that could be a couple of reasons.

Obviously, you know, people get older, they pass away, they get busy, they don’t answer the phone anymore. Um, they’re on vacation and it’s just him. Who else is going to answer the phone for a better level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas? And he’s just put you on the, on, on voicemail. So that’s, we get a lot of, I just, I can’t get ahold of the guy anymore. He hasn’t been here in three months. Um, know our, our, we always have people that can, uh, answer the phone. We have online accounts. You can see when your next day of services coming. Um, so we’re, we’ve been here for a while and been in business almost 20 years now, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Um, and, uh, with a new up and coming startup business like that, just like anything else, they, they may be here today and they may not be here tomorrow. So you’ll take that chance. Okay. I think that’s a lot of great advice. Um, last bit of information. Anything else you think we missed is vitally important for our listeners as far as pest control?

Well, I think that, uh, it’s important to understand what that person’s, um, philosophy has pest management is when it comes to the commercial side. Uh, so if you were, uh, if you’ve got a bar or a restaurant or a food processing facility or distribution hub or warehouse or whatever it is, um, you want to know if their philosophy of pest management, uh, fits with what your, your business model is. Um, if you are manufacturing food and they’re going to come in and just hose down the inside of that facility with, uh, with pesticides, that’s probably not what you want. You need to your need to make sure that you’re keeping that supply chain, that, that material, that crop, that product with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, whatever it is, um, safe from contamination with the product. And, uh, if you have said a third-party auditing a company that comes in and audits your facility, you want to make sure that that company is certified with say AIB or FSQ or, um, QA or any of those, those agencies.

So they know the standards that they have to meet. Um, we have, you know, our operations department goes through those national testing standards and, um, or goes through the certification process to make sure that we know what the standards are, so that when, um, you know, quarterly or on a drop inspection, the guy shows up that your program is set up to meet those standards, um, at a minimum and, and exceed them. So you don’t have to worry about failing that audit health department, but to make sure that, you know, they have a working relationship with the health department. We want to make sure we know what they’re looking for, where you’re a pest management company really should be your, for all intents and purposes, uh, your health inspector all the time, every week, or every month that they show up, they’re looking at it and saying, Hey, I know you guys are busy, but you gotta do this.

Otherwise, you’re gonna get in trouble and they have to be confident in what they’re saying. We have, to know, uh, what the standards are and have a good working relationship with you. The technician does so that they can point out what you’re doing, maybe indirectly or inadvertently, uh, so that you can keep your customers safe and keep you out of hot water with the health department on the residential side, just hire a company, be safe. Um, and don’t worry too much about, uh, uh, the products they really should be applied sparingly. This is not the seventies where we come out with a big truck, mountain liquid tank of pesticide and just blast everything the molecules and the chemistry behind the products that we use, or have, I mean, just like any other technology that the microscopic molecule of that pesticide is, is dramatically different, uh, in, in the way it functions compared to it was even 20 years ago before Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

And they’re really targeted applications. Uh, we have materials that are designed for specific pests, and, uh, they, our philosophy is to use targeted application so that we control what needs to be controlled. We’re not trying to nuke, you know, your property, um, dead bugs are good bugs, no bugs are better. Uh, and the only way you’re going to do that really is, is through understanding the insects and applying targeted materials, uh, to keep you and your family safe. We try to limit your exposure, um, to the materials as much as possible. You know, interior service right now is actually restricted by the Nevada department of agriculture. So we’re coming, uh, you know, at the time of this recording here, uh, we’re not even allowed to come in the inside of your home unless you had a, a past that was endangered, that would danger someone’s life like German roaches.

Um, there’s a lot of health effects or say something that was structural like a dry wood or subterranean termites. But if you had seen some crickets on the inside of your house, you’re, you shouldn’t be getting interior service, right? The operator should be wearing all the proper PPE to protect you and him from a poet, but he should be really doing targeted applications on the exterior of your property. And in fact, it is, uh, it’s not allowed by the Nevada department of agriculture right now. So, um, please don’t ask the operator just to come in because you want the inside sprayed. There’s no reason to be doing that. You’re just exposing yourself and your family to materials that really have no reason to be exposing yourself to. So we’re still safe. Thank you, Joey. A lot of good information there. Um, you know, I think, uh, everybody can see you’re very knowledgeable on this, so I’m glad you could take the time to help educate our listeners here. Um, how can they get in contact with you if, um, they have questions or want to take, uh, you know, have you guys come to service their homes?

Great. Uh, well, our phone number is (702) 400-1946. Uh, you can call or text that number. Uh, if you navigate to our website, a pit bull pest and that’s spelled pit B U L L custom Um, obviously, uh, you can bruise of the information that we’ve got on there. There’s a contact us button. Feel free to send us an email. There’s a text to chat on the home screen. So you text us and we’ll respond right away. Um, and then, uh, you can find us on Google. We’re a Google guaranteed, uh, local service provider hit that button, uh, feel free to call us, we’ll answer any of your questions that we got. Um, we have entomologists on staff, uh, but doing this for a long time, if I don’t know it, um, my head bug guy will know it, and that will get you an answer and a solution to any problem that you’ve got with Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Okay. I’ll make sure I put that information on the show notes, so our listeners can find that very easily. Thank you again for joining us today. I really appreciate you, Joey. Thank you very much. Okay. With that, um, to our listeners, please like, and subscribe. So you get the latest content from the podcast, leave us a review, let us know how we’re doing. And if you have any ideas or things that you want to be answered from the show, please reach out so we can get those on the podcast. And with that, we’ll sign it off for now.