Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | When Are You Getting Proper Legal Services?

Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | When Are You Getting Proper Legal Services?

Hello, and welcome to the trusted podcast. My name is Blake Johnson. I’m your host. And today we are going to be talking about oral hygiene about dentistry and you know, all that, those fun trips to the dentist. And I’ve got my good friend, Matt, on the call today. So Matt, thanks for joining us. Yeah. Glad to be here. Awesome. So I have known Matt for a very long time. Uh, we were good buddies, uh, I think even all the way back in middle school, right?No. Yeah. I didn’t get started way back when you hire the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Yeah.

So a long time. Um, anyway, so, but Matt is a dentist and, uh, he’s going to talk to us today about, um, you know, his area of expertise. So Matt, just start by giving us a little bit of your background, uh, personally, and then also about, um, your dental practice and what makes you guys the experts in your field?

Sure. So, uh, like my mat and St. George Utah, that’s where I was born and raised. Um, my dad’s been a dentist and has been for the last 35 years. So I’ve been around the dental field for probably longer than I care to admit. Um, but anyway, uh, for me, I didn’t know if I was going to follow that shoes or not, and decided to go up to SEU Southern Utah university for school, ended up falling in love with this, the healthcare field, and then visited my dad’s office and kind of fell in love with dentistry that uses Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. So from there went to dental school, went to dental school in Portland, Oregon at Oregon health and science university, and graduated therefrom 2013 and then came home and practiced with my dad ever since. So for the last seven years, been practicing with him.

Nice. And, uh, yeah, if I remember right, you’re, you’re in the process of buying him out or he’s stepping down, right? Yeah. So he’s finally, uh, 35 years was too much, so he’s getting ready to step down where, uh, or transitioning actually building a new office, which will be pretty nice. Um, so here’s started September will be me kind of taking over, running the show and, uh, be kind of a cool transition for us in the practice. Get us a little bit updated and, and ready for, you know, the next, you know, 10, 15, 20 years. We’ll see Trusts Attorney Las Vegas if is right for you.

Okay. Sounds good. Well, I think a number one question people have with dentists is, you know, why, you know, I have a fear I’m worried about getting drilled on or, you know, what are the biggest pushbacks and fears that you see? Um, and how can you, how do you help people overcome those fears?

Sure. So, I mean, I know everybody loves to come to get a from now, right? That’s about the best. Uh, no, I think a lot of it honestly comes down to trust. Like, um, I think that there’s, you know, number one, if you have somebody trust and go to them, that’s to alleviate some fear right off the bat. And I think a lot of times it’s just the fear of the unknown. Um, I have that conversation cause uh, root canals tend to be something that, uh, patients have a fear of and they, they think pain and they think horrible experience. And a lot of my patients when I get them in the chair and we started the process for Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, I sit them down and said, Hey, you, you know, don’t believe the horror stories. Um, we’re, we’re here to get you numb, so you don’t feel anything so you’re comfortable.

And I honestly tell them it’s like a longer filling appointment. So, and, and patients, you know, nine times out of 10 or even, even more, to get out of the chair, I’m like, Oh, that wasn’t even bad at all. I had it built up in my head. So I think a lot of combating the fear is just, you know, I guess number one, going into somebody, you trust number two, kind of going through the process and setting the right expectations and just kind of, uh, educating yourself a lot of time. Even just sitting in the chair, I’ll try to really explain to the patient, Hey, this is exactly what’s going to happen. And am I trying to make the patient feel like they’re in control because they are of the situation? I think sometimes I think the thought is, Oh, he’s going to get in there and start doing something. And, you know, once he starts, I can’t say stop. And you know, that’s, that’s not the the thing at all with Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. I mean, maybe back in the thirties, forties, fifties, when dentists were maybe a little bit more, uh, aggressive, so to speak that might’ve been the experience, but I think anymore with a modern setting, you know, it’s, everything’s there to make you comfortable to make you kind of overcome those fears. And, um, honestly just approaching that of step-by-step really goes a long way.

Yeah, I think, I mean, that’s, that’s one of the reasons we were having you on the show. The whole point of this is to educate people, um, you know, about different experiences or people are going to have to interact with, especially with professionals. So you know, that you hit the nail on the coffin. That’s, that’s what we need to do as professionals educate people because education definitely combats a lot of things now, you know, if there are some fears and, and you know, other concerns for the Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, that’s obviously where you can step in and provide the advice to those people.

So yeah, I mean, typically there’s for people that have a legitimate fear of the dentist and the there’s completely out there, I’ve seen that firsthand it’s number one, identifying what their trigger is. Right. Um, we’ve gotta be able to identify what, what about the dentist offices is eliciting that fear. And if you can figure out what that trigger is, you can really easily come up with a plan to kind of help alleviate it essentially, right? I mean, if it’s the sound of the drill, you can provide earplugs. If it’s, you know, the fear of the shot, you, you know, maybe we give some laughing gas, you know, whatever it is you can, there’s definitely a lot of ways out there anymore where we can help address that direct fear before, you know, the patient gets in the chair, which kind of alleviates things too. So that’s great. Um, what are the biggest mistakes that you see on a day-to-day basis that people make with their own, uh, oral hygiene?

So lack of oral hygiene is probably number one. So in terms of, I mean, I think we all know it, right? It’s just like, I can equate it to go into the gym. Right. You know, we know that if we have a physical exercise that our body, our body craze that, and if we do that, then you know, we’re going to be better off overall health, right. And the mouse no different in terms of, we all kind of know, Hey, you should brush your teeth for two minutes or, you know, each time that you do it, it should be doing that twice a day. Um, it should be sneaking in that floss. Um, we always recommend use fluoridated toothpaste to help kind of combat the cavity. So, I mean, I think there’s a lot of common sense, you know, answers out there, um, to what you should be doing.

And just, it’s a matter of just following through and doing that. I mean, those, those right there take care of, I think, you know, 90% of the problem, honestly, and then I think sometimes you get on the other end of things, you get somebody that’s maybe brushing too much that they’re brushing too hard. They’re maybe they’re using a hard bristle toothbrush, which actually can cause damage to the teeth. You know you can actually scrub away some of your tooth structure if you’re if you’re having those practices. So I think number one is, is falling through the guidelines. That’s twice a day, the floss, that kind of thing. You’re going to stop bristle toothbrush, um, using the correct technique when you’re flossing, we kind of promote what you call that shoeshine kind of technique where you’re not in there just kind of hurting those gums. It’s actually trying to actually get those teeth cleaned in between. And I think that those right things eliminate, uh, or help address a lot of what patients are doing at home, maybe wrong or not wrong. And that’s, I honestly, it’s just good at-home care takes care of a lot, honestly.

Okay. Um, what’s your opinion on mouthwash for your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas experience?

I think mouthwash is not a mandatory thing by any means. I think it’s something that can be used as a good adjunct. Um, for example, if I have a patient that has a really high caries or cavity index, um, there are four dated Malphurs out there that patients that I’ll, you know, that I’ll ask them to use and that can have an added effect, but for your standard patient, um, honestly, other than maybe feeling like it’s giving you a little better breath, it’s, it’s not as a necessity. And the other big misconception is that now it’s rented is replacing floss and that is just no, no, even, even I’ll have patients ask me, Hey, is my Waterpik, you know, I use a Waterpik, is that replacing my floss? Because it’s advertised as that, right? It’s like, Oh, this is a better way to floss.

And it’s no, it does help clean, especially if somebody has a bridge or, or different hard spots to get you, it can help as it’s a different adjunct. Um, but it, you know, honestly that brushing and flossing is, is number one. And anything else is kind of nice but not necessary. Um, I think too with mouthwash, you have to be a little bit careful too, because, um, if you have high alcohol content in that mouthwash, you will actually dry your mouth out, and drying your mouth out will actually promote the K um, rather than help them combat it. So, you know, it’s, it’s nice, maybe a quick freshen up, but by no means replaces brushing flossing, that kind of stuff.

Okay. I like it. Um, what is the difference? I know you, and I’ve had this conversation multiple times, so I know your opinion on it, but I don’t think the average person knows, um, knows the difference. So there, there are dental offices popping up all over the place. They, they go by corporate names. Um, I think there are some benefits to that and, you know, some recognition, um, hopefully, some uniformity, if they’re at one in, uh, someplace and they move across the country, there’s another, you know, corporate office, um, you know, they liked that aspect of it. But talk to me about the difference between a corporate-owned dental office versus somebody who’s local.

Yeah. So just clearly defining what they are first, right? So a corporate dental office and the demo world, we call them VSLs or dental service organizations. And there’s something that are becoming more and more popular. You know, I think back when I was a kid that really didn’t exist, to be honest with you. And it’s something that’s popped up within the last, probably say 15 years, I’d say, um, a lot of what happened and the kind of how that was geared. I think that what became more successful is number one, the cost of dental school went up. So you have dentists coming out of school with these high debt loads and were kind of panicking for work. Um, businessmen kind of took that opportunity like, Hey, these dentists are at school. They need to find a job. They just want to be dentists with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. They don’t want to worry about the business aspect of things.

And that’s kind of where that ESL was born. Um, I mean, I think as of right now, I think they cover about 15% of the market and just, uh, all the projections say that that’s going to become more and more common. So, I mean, they think they’re supposed to get up to 20 or 25% of the market. So, uh, there’s a couple of things that stand out, huge reaching that and just privately on practice. Um, number one, depending on your state and it’s different for every state is that dental service organization doesn’t necessarily have to be owned by a dentist. So it can be any businessman owning, you know, looking at as a small business. And the reality is is if you’re a businessman you’re, you’re in it to make money essentially. Right. And because of that, they take a very business approach to the dental practice or dental healthcare setting.

And so sometimes I think it gets misguided because they get focused on numbers and production and different things that maybe don’t equate always to quality of care, I guess, more than anything else it’s, everything’s supposed to be run like an efficient business. And I think sometimes, you know, patient care can get lost in that a little bit. Um, but then, I guess the other biggest difference too, is because of that, you know, they’re you hear them called, you know, dental patient machines, essentially, you know, there’s, they’re getting in, they’re out, they’re very efficient with the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. It’s honestly, sometimes if that’s all you want is a cleaning and in and out, you know, maybe that’s not a bad thing. And it’s, you know, the dentists that are in there, it’s not like they’re not board-certified or anything like that. There’s still, there’s still a lot of really good dentists within these organizations. But the reality is sometimes there’s somebody behind that dentist that is kind of playing the puppet a little bit, you know, they’re trying to guide their attempt as to certain things. Um, I think the other thing

They’ll incentivize people to say, Hey, if we get this many things done, you get this bonus. If you get these things down or this many new patients or, you know, that kind of stuff it’s yeah. That, that is what business owners do. They incentivize people to get the results they want.

Yeah. And there’s honestly, there’s some of them out there that are great, but you know, they’re, they’re, Ramwell and like, I believe the state of Utah, you have to be a dentist in order on that. So, I mean, when that happens, I feel a little bit better about it because it’s a dentist as, you know, help them direct them. And so I think the patient care doesn’t get lost as much there, um, compared to, you know, just a private practice like myself and my dad have, you know, we’re the one-stop-shop, right? Where the business owner, we don’t need to go to corporate to ask for certain things, you know, we’re, we’re the ones dealing. So I think, and you’re, there’s an investment there right too. So, I mean, we talked earlier about alleviating the fear of the dentist and a lot of it is establishing a relationship with a specific dentist to get a great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, you want to have that relationship with trust. You don’t want to have to go into the dental office and Oh yeah. Mrs. Jones, you have a cavity on this too. And you know, you don’t want a question or do I really have a cavity or not, or, you know, cause there’s a lot of misconception out there. Right. Um, so if you establish that relationship, you probably are going to get that more. So with a private practice, just because they’re going to be there, you know, they’re, they’re putting in the roots. So to speak into the community, a lot of these DOC, they have some of the higher turnovers, um, because they’ll get that new, grab that new dentist coming out and they’ll practice under them four or five years and maybe get really good, fine-tuned and ready to roll. And then from there they want to venture out and do their own thing.

So sometimes with those, those DSLs you’ll, you know, you’ll go to the same location, both sense, a new dentist. And you’re like, Oh, I, you know what happened to Dr. Smith? Do you know? And there’s not, maybe not as a time to, you know, every five, six years center that span. We’ll kind of run into that a little bit, I guess, more anything else, but yeah, that’s, I mean, that’s the big thing, just like you said. Yeah. So it’s maybe more business run more efficiently that way. And I think, you know, dentists are notoriously not good, good businessman, but I think because of that though, I think sometimes they’re not going to be digging into your boxes into much of their own because they, I, you know, any good dentist cares about their patients and want what’s best for them ultimately. And, and, you know, I’ve seen it with my dad that he’ll sacrifice maybe a profit on his end just to make sure the patient’s happy with us for the Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Gotcha. Yeah. It’s a, it’s definitely an interesting dynamic, cause I mean, even as a private practitioner, you have to make money. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in business, you wouldn’t be able to survive and provide for your family. Um, so yeah, it’s always an interesting dynamic and question even, you know, amongst, you know, for me as a practitioner with the law, um, you can’t conjure up needs,

You can try and point people and say, Oh yeah, you need this and oversell there’s that in every industry. So, um, I like what you said, you know, and that’s why I like having people like you on the podcast is how do I find someone who I can trust? You know, it’s why it’s called a trusted podcast to show over and over again, that makes that relationship makes a big difference. Um, because you can have that in a corporate office, you can have that in it, in an individual one. Um, but it’s really finding that right person. So with that, um, what do you recommend to do, to find a trusted dentist like yourself? So if somebody is not in St. George, you know, often in St. George, obviously they’re going to come to you, but if they’re not in St George, how they find someone they can really trust and rely on our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Sure, sure. I mean the number one, still thing in our industry that you’ll see anywhere across the board is going to be word of mouth. Right. You know, if, if you have a friend that you trust that has the values of the same ideal you, and they find a dentist that they like, you know, or just asking your friends, Hey, you know, this is Ms. Right. I see that on Facebook groups all the time anymore. Hey, I’m new to the area just to get dentists. And I think there’s a lot of value in that, you know, honestly, Trusts Attorney Las Vegas is here for you, if you’re able to hear directly from somebody, you know, and trust that, Hey, I go to, you know, Dr. Smith, he’s, he’s really good. Um, there’s, there’s a lot of value in that. Number one, um, on top of that, which is becoming more of, uh, you know, the word of mouth is, is online reviews.

Um, I think that plays a role completely. And, you know, obviously, look at the big picture number. Don’t focus on one negative review because the reality is things happen in any dental office to where somebody can write a nasty review, but you’re looking at the overwhelming majority, you know, it’s like 4.9 stars, then you can probably feel pretty good about that. Um, and a lot of it is this sounds kind of funny, but a lot of it goes with that first appointment. You know, if you go in, you go in for that cleaning, you get a pretty good feel for that office. As soon as you walk in, Hey, is there a walk-in, where are they courteous? Are they friendly? Um, you know, do you get that good vibe right off the get-go? Did, um, did they listen to you? I mean, that’s, that’s a huge thing, right?

Uh, I have a patient that said, do you know, I went in for one thing and they said, I had a bunch of other things and never even addressed the one thing that I really even came to the dentist for. So I think that plays a big role, you know, get in the chair and have them just simply listen, like, Hey yeah, you know, I sound so I have this tooth right here, that father’s new little bit nuts with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. And we take a look at that, see what’s going on. I think there’s a lot instead of that. And, um, as I said, I, I think all of us are pretty good judges of character, honestly. So, and when you get in that office there, that’s going to play a role. And I think the other thing you can do even homework before is, you know, visit their website, visit, go onto their profile, their bio.

I realize you’re not going to get a whole big picture, you know, from that, but you’ll at least get an idea of like, Oh, Hey, this is from so-and-so. He went to this school, you know, this was what he did extracurricular to where it gives you a little idea of who’s the person behind the mask. And I think a little bit too. So I think all those components play, play a large role. And I think many times in terms of, you know, like red flags, you’ve done all your homework. You go in the office, you’re starting to get, you know, all of the front offices. Wasn’t that nice? They didn’t really listen to me. Kind of treat me like a number. You know, those are all red flags. And I think the other big things say, for example, you’ve gone to the dentist for five years, moved to a new area and you haven’t had very many cabbies, maybe one or two or something like that, or that period and falls, then they sit you in the chair and say, Oh yeah, you have, you know, you have eight cavities and you need two crowns.

Now that’s a little bit of a red flag. Right. I think that’s kind of common sense. It’s kind of like, Oh, well shoot. Nothing, nothing much has changed in my life. So, so there’s because that’s the reality too, when we’re, when we’re picking a practitioner, there are different approaches. Every dentist is different. Same as, you know, every lawyer’s a little bit different to where some of the dentists are going to have a more conservative approach, you know, maybe they’ll watch certain areas for you with the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Like, ah, I don’t know if that’s quite a problem yet. Mrs. Jones. Let’s go ahead and, and wash that area. We’ll make a note of it. Take a picture. And then maybe six months when you’re back, well, we’ll take, we’ll fall through again, see where you’re at. Um, compared to the nonother dentists may choose, Hey, no, let’s just fix it right now. And depending on your values and what you want to do, you know, maybe that’s, it’s not that it’s a bad option. It’s just how you approach it. And maybe you like that approach and of, and I don’t want to, you know, let the, let something sit there. That could be a problem later. You could address it now. So it’s, it’s about matching the values of view and the dentist, I guess.

Yep. Yeah. It’s a, it’s interesting. There’s every guest they’ve had on here, they always mentioned something about, um, you know, how the office feels or, you know, what they thought of the interaction, you know, that gut feeling. Um, as you said, we’re all judges of character. We know what’s going to sit with us. What’s not. So I find that interesting that just everybody I’ve had on the show, they always say, that’s a part of it. You got to know, um, you know, how that, how that’s gonna work. So, um, I, yeah. And I’ll give you an example. Um, so my wife had to go, she went to go get a consult for a procedure to a doctor’s office and went to one and it was a factory. And you could tell right off the bat, I mean, the doctor was in there less than five minutes in and out, did great, you know?

Yeah. Here’s, this is what we’re gonna do. And dah, dah, dah, dah, dah went through all the steps, but he was in and out and onto the next one versus, and she went, you know, a week later to somebody else, they sat down with her said, all right, here’s what we’re going to do. Here’s why this will work or why we shouldn’t do this. Oh, wait. Yeah. He actually looked at the chart and said, Oh, we can’t do this at the same time because of these specific reasons based on your health and whatever it is. Um, and so, of course, she’s like, yeah, I’m going with that guy, even though he charged more because she’s like, I know he’s going to take the time to make sure things are right. And he has that, that kid, that patient care. So, yeah. And I think that’s the same in any industry, but especially in medical, I think you see it more medical and dental than anything else. They can, they can turn it into a factory just cause I have to go see that many people in a day.

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s, it’s, it’s about like, it’s a lion valley on some patient, honestly, some people like they like the in and out the quick and tight and the, and that’s, you know, that’s great, honestly, but yeah, it’s, it’s all about matching. He knows he did it. I mean, it’s, we’re not going to go as far as to say it’s a marriage, but you know, it’s an invested relationship for sure. It’s um, you know, I don’t necessarily like the comparison, you know, to find him a good mechanic, but at the same time the right Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, it’s very similar in some ways, you know, if, if you go to the mechanic and you have that trust and you, you can’t see what’s under the hood. Right. And all of them and you feel okay about it and they’re going to put the time and there’s and you feel okay about that relationship and that if there, you know, right off the get-go, you’re like, I don’t know, are they, are they hosing me well, okay.

Maybe that’s, that’s not a good basis for your relationship. So similar kind of thing of how we approach with our healthcare providers and dentists, it’s just, Hey, do I trust this guy? And if I do, you know, he’ll listen to me and we’ll have a good conversation and he’ll still educate me about the choices and the pros and cons of each. And ultimately I think the biggest thing is letting patients dictate their care a little bit. I mean, we try to give them all the information, all the findings that we have. And we do that. We tried to relay those findings via, you know, x-rays that are in the world pictures or whatever it is we can, but ultimately it’s, you know, you making the decision and going forward with care, you know, if I kind of worry, you know, anytime somebody Dennis, Oh yeah, I have to get this done right now. It’s like, well, why not? What’s up lesson, tell me, educate me. And then, then, you know, hopefully, I can come up to that same, um, same solution that you are too, I guess Trusts Attorney Las Vegas is here to help you now.

Gotcha. It’s funny. You should mention mechanic because that’s who we’re having on the show next time. Yep.

So you beat him to the punch. All right, Matt. Um, I think we covered a lot of stuff today. Um, is there anything else, um, really important that we need to talk about as far as, um, you know, dentistry or oral hygiene that we missed?

I think the one biggest thing that I run into on a daily is dental insurance. Um, there’s a lot of talks out there about, Oh, Hey, I can’t go see my dentist because I don’t have dental insurance. It’s going to be really expensive and I need to wait till I get dental insurance, go to go see my dentist and dental insurance, uh, for lack of a better word. I, I am not a believer in dental insurance and, and I, I see value in it if, if the patient’s ability to get that through an employer at very low cost or no cost, Hey, take advantage of, but that’s a great thing, but, but I worry that sometimes the lack of, Oh, I don’t have insurance as FEMA deterrent to go see the dentist. Like, you know, it’s like anything, Oh, nothing hurts. You know, maybe I can squeak by save a little bit of money, that kind of thing.

But the reality is too that even when you get dental insurance or, you know, you finally, Oh yeah, I got enough. My name may get this dental insurance and I can go to the dentist. Dental insurance has changed very little since the late 1960s. Um, what I mean by that, the maximum out of pocket is very similar to what it was in the 1960s. Um, there is, you can imagine a million different insurance plans out there that really can be confusing to the consumer, honestly. And so what I’d say is really talk to your dental provider about insurance. If you’re thinking about getting it or even just going over, Hey, what does my insurance really cover? Because I find some relationships can become tarnished. If you know, so-and-so comes in for a filling, they think they have a good grasp on their insurance. The dentist fills that out when it comes to the top Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

And then, you know, you get that, that statement in the mail, Hey, this is how much you owe and it’s higher than you think it should be. Like, there’s kind of a little bit like, Whoa, what happened? How come you didn’t warn me, that kind of thing. And so I think there’s a lot to be said about figuring out insurance and the dental industry. And I think your, your dentist is a great, great person to talk to that about. Um, and even like for me example, I’ll have patients in the chair that, um, have great teeth. They haven’t had cavities in five, six years, seven years, and they’re asking me about dental insurance and I can sit down there and do the math with them. I’ll say, how much would your insurance be? This is what your insurance would cover. Okay. If you didn’t have insurance and you came in twice a year for those exams and cleaning and x-rays that kind of stuff, then, you know, what were the cost difference fees right there?

And right there, it’s, it can be a very easily readily apparent answer to essentially maybe say your patient some money on the spot. Um, so I think it’s, even though I hate insurance, I think it plays a large role and can, and can make the dental experience better if you understand what it is, how it works and, you know, is, is it really worth it to me, I guess, is a big thing. Um, I don’t want to harp too much on that one, but I think the other, the biggest thing in dentistry, because, you know, I understand where a dentist, isn’t the most fun place to visit sometimes. Um, I think is, is very similar to forcing yourself to go to the gym kind of thing, to stay in shape. I think it’s very much worth it to force yourself to go to that dentist twice a year.

And the reason why I say that I think every dentist would honestly prefer to practice what we call preventative care. You know, seeing patients every six months catching things when they’re small, because ultimately if you catch the cavity, when it’s small, you’re avoiding those big, like trigger words, you’re avoiding root canals, you’re avoiding crowns, you’re avoiding implants, you know, those kinds of things. And if you’re really following up with your preventative measures, you’re taking care of your teeth at home, and then you are going to that dentist twice a year. Honestly, you’re really setting yourself up for success. And I, I, you know, the reality is even if you’re able to just sneak in there once a year, it’s such a big difference because there’s a lot of times I’ll see patients in the chair and they go, no, I haven’t been for 15, 20 years milestone to get the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

I’m looking at a list of very complex and hard problems that I know if we caught that early on would have been very simple and honestly, very, a lot cheaper to fix. So it’s, it’s, I know it’s, it’s hard to do that. You know, if you can practice that preventative care and let your dentist practice more preventative measures that demonstrate, honestly, I think you’re going to be a lot happier with your dental experience. I think you’re going to be like, wow, this isn’t expensive. This is okay. I can handle that. And we’ll really kind of set you up for success. You know, that way, when you’re 70 plus years old that, Hey, you still got your original chompers and you’re, you’re feeling pretty good about life from there.

Okay. Uh, those are some great points. Glad you brought those up. If someone is in St. George and wants to see you, how can they get in touch with you?

So the easiest thing is just calling our office right now. Um, our, our number there’s four three five six two eight three two eight. Date order, we have a website MacArthur, dental, um, which will be exciting. Or like I said, this next two months, I think they’re just spraying them out the new office today. So, uh, it should be kind of nice come early September. I’ll have a new office to greet us and kind of hopefully a warm, fuzzy, fuzzy feeling with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Great. Well, that’s awesome. Yeah. And I’ll make sure I put the phone number and website in the show notes, so our listeners can find it, um, for, uh, listeners please like, and subscribe. Um, so that way you get the latest content, let us know how we’re doing, leave us a review. And then, um, also if you have suggestions who we should have on your next, uh, please let me know. We’re always looking for ideas of trusted professionals to have on here. So with that, Matt, thank you for joining us today. Really appreciate your insight. Perfect. Thanks. Hey, and we will catch you guys next time.