Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Vehicle Maintenance with Bob

Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Vehicle Maintenance with Bob

Hello, and welcome to the trusted podcast. I’m Blake Johnson, your host. And today we’re going to be talking about all things automobiles. And I’ve got my good friend Bob here with us today. So Bob, thanks for joining us. Oh, you’re welcome. I’m pleased to pleasure to be here and thanks for inviting me. Yeah, definitely glad to have you on, um, last show. Uh, we had the dentist on and he was saying, comparing, you know, choosing a dentist, like choosing a car repairman. Cause you want to make sure you really trust what they’re saying. And so I thought it was appropriate that we had you on the next show with a great level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

There you go. And both of them involve a small amount of pain. Yeah. Well, Bob, why don’t you start off by giving us a little bit of background about yourself and your company and what makes you guys the trusted experts in your field? Okay, sounds good. So, um, I pretty much grew up in Las Vegas since 1965. I was like six years old when I moved here. So I’m definitely a desert rat. Um, I’ve been in the auto industry ever since I graduated, graduated high school in 1976. Well, that’s a little bit of background. Um, naturally big family, 15 grandkids, three great-grandkids, and they’re all over the country. So definitely need a good car to be able to drive around and visit all those people. Um, what makes us experts is number one, I’m an ASE certified master technician and have been for 35 years. That is certification. I have to renew every five years. And boy, I can tell you those tests have changed over the 35 years with computers and cars and everything else. Um, what makes our shop stay on top of it is, um, we buy the latest equipment, software, et cetera. And the guys in me are constantly in training throughout the year, um, through various training facilities. So very important to stay on top of training, have the right equipment. You’ll do a good job for people with us and get a great level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Awesome. Well, let’s talk about the biggest mistake you see people make with regards to, um, their vehicles care and uh, what makes their vehicles break down quicker? Well, definitely the biggest thing is his lack of maintenance and, and the most important one is just getting that oil changed on a regular basis. Um, you know, we’re, our lives are busy and next thing you know, you look down and you’ve gone past that service interval because miles just add up really quick. So that’s one of the most important things. Um, I see a lot of people that find me to get their car repaired. They haven’t been using me for service and they’re usually of break down because they’ve been jumping from one loop shop to the next, um, not having just like the consistent doctor or dentist. It’s really important to do that with your car too. So they’ve got all kinds of little kids working on their cars, servicing them at all the various places. It’s really good to just get a shop with us here for the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

They’ll get to know your car, um, which, you know, it’s all about the relationship with the shop. You want to have a good, solid relationship. They get to know you, your car, your driving habits, and that helps them maintain your car. Um, another huge thing is don’t ignore the signals. Your car is trying to tell you if it has a funny smell, maybe should get it checked out. If there’s a weird noise, all of a sudden probably should have that looked at, you know, your car better than anybody. If something just doesn’t feel right when you’re driving it, that needs to be looked at. And then of course the warning lights, the infamous check engine, light tire pressure light, don’t ignore those. Usually the sooner you get after fixing them the cheaper it’s going to be the less money you’re going to spend.

Okay. Some good advice. Um, what about, uh, you know, specifically here in the desert, what, what type of things can people do to, you know, the heat definitely in the dryness. I think, you know, where’s, uh, has an impact on vehicles. I’ve heard you say that before. Is there anything people can do to kind of help prevent, um, you know, the damage that, that heat and dryness do when it comes to the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, well, the first thing that really watches your tires, cause that’s a safety issue and that’s why they actually put tire pressure, little lights in the car because the worst thing you can do is run low on air, too. Things are gonna happen, tires going to wear out. Um, it may have a chance of blowing and that is also one of the biggest factors for your gas mileage. If we’re running around on low tires, your mileage goes down. So it really pays, you know, like there are tire stores in town that have the free air check. You don’t pop in there once a month or if the tire light comes on, pop there right away, but you don’t just have them fill up the tires that will really help. Another thing is fluids. Um, the three main ones would be coolant in the radiator or antifreeze, whichever you’d like to call it your engine, oil level, and transmission fluids, and get a new level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Those are all important, especially during the summer. Um, it’s important to have those possibly serviced after the summer because the hot heat just really breaks it down. Um, believe it or not, it really helps to just keep your car clean. Um, it just, it helps a car, a clean car runs better. Believe me, it’s just, it’s in your mind, clean car runs better. Um, and then a big factor would be don’t race around, you know, if you’re punching it and breaking hard or going over speed bumps or dips in the road, way too fast, that’s terrible for the car. Um, you know, I love people that race around and stop in the last second that just equals a lot of brake jobs for us, but, or if they’re going down rough roads and just bombing over bumps and stuff, that’s when you’re usually going to have suspension problems, you’re going to be by in shocks and stuff way prematurely compared to, if you just take a little easy on the car.

Okay. Um, what, what was I going to ask you about? Um, so let’s, let’s say you mentioned having our car service, how often should somebody be having their vehicle service Well, the main service is getting the oil and filter changed and the fluids checked, um, cars different back in the old days, it was religious every three months, 3000 miles, um, newer cars, most of them, they average they’ll trigger a light or a maintenance reminder at about 5,000. Um, I had a Volkswagen in there the other day. Its maintenance reminder was every 10,000 miles. Um, I’m kind of old-school um, to me that was way too long, especially in our hot summer heat. Um, so I got with the customer and asked them because we’re able to change that in most cars. So we downgraded that from 10,000 to a 5,000 mile interval for his reminder.

I think the idea is nice to only have to do it 10,000 miles, but then I think, you know, you miss the chance for you to inspect the car and see on a more regular basis, if there’s anything going on and catch step early. So I agree with you. It may, you know, that might be too long in-between visits though. Cause you know, the oil might be fine, but what about anything else that’s going on in the vehicle when it comes to the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

Right. And it’s, you know, that we do because we’re a big full service shop. So if you’re in for an oil change, we’re doing a complete inspection on the car and you’re right. Even at the 5,000 mile introvert, a lot can change in 5,000 miles. Um, you know, a shock that looked perfectly good before, um, 5,000 miles later it’s leaking oil out of it. Um, so if you went 10,000, that could be a safety issue for two, five, 10,000 miles. You just don’t know. So it’s very important just to have the regular maintenance, um, as far as doing your regular maintenance, um, your other things are gonna need to be done. Um, filters, air filter, 20, 30,000 miles. It needs it. The more often you stay on top of that, the better gas mileage you’re going to get the better your engine is going to just last longer because it’s got good clean air coming in.

The air conditioning filter is probably the one that needs changing more than anything. When we pull them out at 15,000 miles, it is amazing that gunk and dust and the bugs that are in those things, it’s crazy. And especially with COVID, we’ve been just doing those like crazy and sanitizing, the vent system for the customer to get any bacteria out of all that ducking that’s in your dashboard. Um, that’s really important. Most cars don’t really need any like big transmission fluids or coolants until they hit the 60,000 mile Mark. That’s when we’re really looking to what other things need to be serviced on the car. Um, you know, brake jobs, tires, and stuff like that you’re going to do as they’re needed. Um, some people that drive easy, you know, we’re not doing brake jobs on their car till 60, 70,000 other people were doing them at 25,000 because that’s usually a 16 year old kid that just got his first car, right we are here to help you and get a better Trusts Attorney Las Vegas service for you.

Um, alignments, which is very important for the car that also helps your mileage. Um, and alignment is getting your, your all four wheels pointing straight down the road. Uh, most of the time when we do in alignment, we’ll find the front tires, just pigeon-toed in a little bit, just like a pigeon-toed person walking to where they’re, the toes are pointing towards each other that will start scraping the trend off the outside of the tire. I check mine yearly. It’s not off drastically, but I fine-tune it every year. Um, people that, um, do it less often, it’s way the heck out. And a lot of times we’re doing it because they’ve worn out tires and we’re suggesting new tires and wheel. And so that’s very important, but the main thing is exactly what you said, which was just, uh, be in there on a regular basis. So you can have a good mechanic, just looking it over to make sure your car is safe and ready to get you across town or on a trip. I always recommend getting it checked before a trip.

Yep. And we’ve started doing that now because of them ever since I met Bob it’s all right, let’s go get the car and make sure it’s good. Cause I don’t want to be changing a tire when it’s 115 outside on the side of the freeway or broke down or something where, so it, yeah, I definitely, I’m glad that I’ve started doing that. It’s made my life a lot easier cause I haven’t had any breakdowns thankfully and I, you know, I feel a lot better going on the road. Um, I remember my other question, you said cleaning the vehicles. What does that mean? Just getting a regular car wash on the exterior. Do you need to blow out the engine area at all? What’s what does that mean to keep the vehicle clean? Uh, just keeping it clean waxed, um, interior clean, et cetera. The cart’s going to hold its value. They’re a huge investment. So I, you know, I just, I get mine washed once a month at the longest with the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Okay. Yeah. Keep your paint job nice and all that. It probably helps keep the air filters good too. The cleaner it is. Yep. Absolutely. You know, our son kills paint, so, you know, having it washed and waxed on a regular basis definitely helps. Okay. All right. So let’s talk about, um, uh, mechanics and themselves, other mechanics that you’ve seen, you know, jobs that come into your shop after the fact, what, what are the biggest things they’re, they’re telling people that need to get done and they’re kind of, you know, hosing them on it. Um, or did they just overlook and don’t do because they don’t want to have that conversation with the customer.

Well, you know, a lot of shops, there’s, there’s ones out there that you got to watch out for. If they’re offering a $9 oil change on your car, they’re losing money to do that. And they’re going to have to make money to stay in business. So they have to sell you other things, whether you need them or not. Um, and they will just say, Oh, your car’s at 30,000, it needs all fluids, et cetera, et cetera. And your car may have synthetic fluids. And like I said before, it doesn’t need any big service tells 60,000. So they are going to try to hose you on this, that or the other, you know, for sure. Otherwise, they’re not going to remain a business. So just watch out, you know, if the deal sounds too good to be true, the old adage, it probably is. And you know, some of the mistakes I see when I do get a car from another shop is just poor quality workmanship or a part on the car that I couldn’t even recognize the brand name of it with a  better level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

It’s like, where did you buy that thing? Because on the internet you can buy all kinds of, um, fake parts. You may think you’re buying a genuine GM AC Delco spark plug. And it’s actually, um, the counterfeit part that made it into the country. So you really gotta be careful. We use trusted vendors. I’ve used for 35 years at the shops, so I know where I’m getting my stuff. Um, other stuff I see is just probably lack of training from that shop. Um, you know, it just didn’t look like whoever did that job knew what they were doing, a loose bolt here, a missing bolt there, um, just not poor quality workmanship, poor quality parts is what I see from places that just don’t have it together. They’re they’re not dedicated to the car industry.

Yeah. It’s just, you know, they’re, they’re hiring whoever they can to fill a spot and not necessarily an actually trained person. So how can someone go ahead? Uh, they may also at that shop just, um, have a lack of information. You know, I spend a fortune every year to be connected to various websites, um, that give us reliable information on repairing cars. So it’ll give us pattern failures on cars, um, really helped guide us through what to watch out on your particular car, you know, and just having the correct information to repair it correctly is essential for your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Okay. So with that, how can someone go find a trusted mechanic like yourself if they’re not in the Las Vegas area, um, you know, what, what kind of signs should they be looking for to make sure they’ve got somebody who’s, um, you know, qualified and then what are some red flags they should stay away from?

Um, the first thing I look for is an ASE certified shop. We’re an ASC certified blue seal shop. You can go to their website and ASC is automotive service excellence. That’s what I’ve been a master tech app for 35 years. Um, they will vet a shop pretty hardcore before they will let you hang their side. So that is the number one thing to look for. If they’re ASC, they’re dedicated to their profession, you want to look for a clean and organized shop. Um, if you just moved to a new town, the best thing to do is ask, um, your new neighbors and friends. Um, do they have a good shop and maybe just go in and get an oil change and see what you think about the shop. And even if they tell you you need stuff, maybe don’t do it that trip in. Um, but you can kind of vet the shop yourself with a better level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

And then, you know, these days with Google, absolutely look for a shop that has good reviews. I tend to get a little leery when I’m looking for other products on the internet. And I see a business that has all five star reviews, period, not a bad one in the bunch. And that’s impossible. You know, Bob’s has a couple of bad reviews here and there over the years. And but 98% of ours are five-star reviews and they’re done by a third-party company. They don’t, you know, send them to us. Everything’s vetted. So, you know, use the internet, do your research, who has good reviews in that town and definitely word of mouth, talk to your neighbors and friends, people at church, whatever you want to do.

Yeah. And that’s enrolling thing when you have over and over again is, you know, referrals, you know, ask, ask people who they trust and then the reviews. So, you know, it’s interesting how every industry is like that. And then yeah, the certifications are a big deal. Cause I think they, they should know whether you’re qualified or not. So, um, what’s that website that, is it just or what should somebody search to, to go, Yeah. I believe it’s a mobilization. So And when you do find your shop, you know, what are their warranties on, on their repairs and service and um, are they going to give you a written estimate before you proceed? I always recommend a written estimate. Simple as that You have something to compare it to, they can’t just say, Oh no, we told you this or whatever. Okay. What about red flags? Anything that’s kind of that first trigger of, you know, for sure do not go to this place with the top Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, if I pulled into a shop and it just looked completely disorganized, dirty, filthy parts, laying everywhere, guys tripping over stuff, you know, the mechanics and technicians are just well dressed in uniforms, you know, clean, et cetera. I would be a little bit worried. Um, and like I said before, any leaders to try and get you in, you know, these super discounted prices to just get you in the door. I mean, they’re just looking for the sucker to come walking through their front door. So all of that and, or bad reviews you get in there, a bunch of bad reviews. Why the heck are you going to go to that place? You’re not going to go to a restaurant with a bunch of bad reviews. That’s for sure. Okay. Um, I think it’s a lot of good information about, uh, about vehicles and, uh, maintenance. What are, is there anything else that we need to cover? You think that’s vitally important for our listeners to hear about, um, you know, their, their vehicle maintenance or choosing the repair shop?

Well, just keep in mind that, uh, aside from your home, your car is usually your second largest investment, unless you’re sending a kid to college. I’m sorry. So let’s just look for transparency, something up in new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, in the industry and we jumped right on it. Um, and you know, because you’ve used that service is all of our technicians use iPads to inspect your car. Um, when you come into our shop, you get a text on your phone, we’re checking in your car. You know, your car is headed into the shop. Um, few hours later, you’ll get a report sent to your car that will have pictures of any problems. And we give you both the good and the bad and the in-between, um, on what the car needs. So we’re going to show you everything. That’s good on your car with pictures and explanations. We’re going to show you what may need service in the future.

So you could plan for it. And if there’s any big issues, um, you know, breaks, ready to go or a tire that’s way low on tread, you’re going to get pictures of it. You’re going to get, um, the recommendation for it. And most categories we’ll have a little educational video. You can watch. Um, it’ll talk about the importance of breaks, how they work, et cetera. So you can go through your phone, basically review the report we send, that’s very transparent. That’s like bringing you back to the shop to your car and showing you what’s going on. Um, you can watch the videos and then you’re going to decide, you’re the boss. What do you want us to do naturally, we’re going to help guide you through that. Um, we’ll know when you’re done reviewing your report and bammo, you’re going to get a call on the phone and we’re going to have our service advisors go over it with you and then discuss pricing with you for a great new level of Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

And we’ll help guide you through, you know, if money’s a little tight, what is the most important thing to do today and what can wait a few months down the road? Um, you jump on it and I love it. It’s, you know, people look at the reports and I had a guy yesterday, he’s just fix everything. And I’m like, well, should we discuss the pricing? He’s like, no, just take care of it. I trust you. And I’m like, no, we’re going to discuss the pricing. I don’t like surprises any more than you do. Um, so that’s just, you know, really important total transparency with the shop.

Yeah. That’s my favorite thing. You know, when I first started working with Bob is, uh, you know, you’d always be telling me, Hey, just FYI in the next three to six months, this is going to be an issue. So start budgeting for it. So we could plan ahead to make sure that that was something we could take care of. Um, and so that, that was my first indicator that, you know, Bob was someone who could, um, you know, who I could really trust because I knew he wasn’t trying to make the sell right then and say, no, this has to be done. It’s no, Hey, this is going to come up. You know, here’s, here’s where it’s at now. Um, and then, then I could see the visual pictures of tracks. Oh yeah. There’s the break. See how much it’s gone down. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. The tread here’s, you know, where it’s gone down, whatever the case is. Um, so I really appreciate that. And I think that is definitely something that sets you guys apart. So, um, yeah. Is there any way to, what should they be asking for, uh, our listeners, if they want to make sure a shop has that kind of capability, is it, is it a certain program that they have, or,

Um, there’s a couple of different companies. We use auto vitals. Um, it just, do you have video and picture inspections on the car you can send to my phone or email to my computer, either one, they either have it, or they don’t, if they don’t, it’s basically a phone call with someone just explaining what’s wrong with your car. And that’s the way we did it for years and years and years when you find a better level of care for your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Cause this technology wasn’t around. Um, but I really like having the transparency of bringing them, bringing them in. So the shop either hazard or they don’t and if they do, they’re probably going to be boasting about it, like I am right now.

Gotcha. Yeah. And I think, uh, I mean, from, from your perspective as a shop owner, if there’s probably a great liability tool for you too, cause you can track and say, no, here’s where it is. See we told you about this thing. And so that if anybody comes back and says, Hey, you didn’t warn me or Hey, was this really necessary? You can say, yeah, here, we’ve got all the documentation. So, you know, it’s great on your end too. I’m sure.

Yeah, absolutely. And those reports are saved on our end. I mean, I can go back a year ago and look at, you know, what did we do to Blake’s card that day? I can look at the report I sent to you, et cetera. So you’re right. That’s an excellent feature. And that’s another thing is when you’re, once you join our system, you can go back and look at, um, past repairs on your car. I think for about a two year period, you can go back and say, Oh, I’ve done, you know, my six oil changes and you know, I’ve been doing good. I’m on top of it. Or you didn’t remember something that maybe we recommended you go right back in there and boom, there it is.

Perfect. Hey, Bob will, if people are in Vegas, how can they get ahold of you to come by the shop? Um, you can go to Bob’s auto our website, and request an appointment. Then you’ll get a callback and we’ll finalize that appointment. Um, we are a Monday through Friday shop and we do work by appointment only. Or you can call us, um, (702) 367-0944. And you have multiple people on the phone that can help when it comes to the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Perfect. And I’ll make sure I put that information in the show notes. So it’s easy to find for our listeners. Um, so with that, um, just want to wrap up by saying thank you, Bob, for being on the show and to our listeners, please like subscribe and make sure you follow along. So you get the latest content from, uh, the trusted podcast. And uh, if you have any suggestions on what we need to cover next time, please, uh, reach out and message or email me and we’ll get you, uh, see if we can’t get that on the show. So Bob, thank you again for joining us. Oh, thank you very much for having me. It was a pleasure and I had a great time. Awesome. All right. Well, we will catch you guys next time.