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Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Ready To Get The Lawyers That You Can Trust?

Hello, and welcome to the trusted podcast. I’m your host, Blake Johnson. And today I’ve got a very, very special guest, probably my favorite guests that have had and will have, and this is my wife, Carly, and, uh, she is going to be joining us today to talk about direct sales and, um, what it’s all about, how to get into it and whether that’s right for you. So, Carly, thank you for joining today. This is our first time doing the video with somebody in the office because of COVID. So we’re glad to be doing this again. So Carly we’re in the same household, so it’s okay. Yeah. Why don’t you start off by giving us a little bit of background about yourself and how you felt about direct sales and multilevel marketing and, um, about your company that you’re with now with us here at the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Okay. So I think what you’re asking me to say is that I used to hate direct sales. So, um, I was definitely an MLM basher, a direct sales basher. I, um, I had had too many experiences with, um, people in the industry being aggressive and, um, it just makes me feel like I was just another sale to them. And I just always thought, you know, that’s never going to be the path for me. I could never get into one of those companies. There are so slimy. Um, I know a lot of people have bad experiences with network marketers. Um, and then I actually ended up in the company and having a really great experience. And I’m still here. I’ve been with my company for three years and it’s definitely changed our lives.

Yes, it has. Um, I talk about just getting started, what it looked like, um, you know, getting me on board for one, cause I think that’s a big thing for people who joined direct sales, what is it like to get a spouse on board?

Okay. So, so many thoughts going through my mind on these questions. Um, let’s talk about the spouse first because I feel like you can’t even worry about how you’re going to work your business until you have the support of your loved one or quite frankly, the determination to do it without their support, which may have been, it’s like halfway, what, what was our situation? So, um, I was in MLM kind of naysayer and then Blake was that times 10. So, um, for him to be supportive of me joining on with my company, it was, was not really something that was going to just happen for me to be able to say yes, so yeah, Wait, let me pause there. I wasn’t that times 10 naysayer. It was, I knew that you were a naysayer. And so I said, why are you joining an MLM? It was more of what it was as a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Okay. That’s fair. And anyway, so I, I ended up Blake, wasn’t going to be an easy, like, yeah, let’s do this. Let’s, let’s spend the money to join your company. And really for me was only $200 for my company, but we were financially strapped. We had just, you know, kept one house as a rental bought of your house. And we were leveraged, you know, we were young building our lives and we didn’t have $200 extra to spend. So, and that Blake’s always been frugal in the, in the best way. And so getting him on board to spend $200 with no promise of a return was huge. Um, and we don’t really spend, especially in this time when we money wasn’t, um, an extra thing we had, we didn’t spend without checking in with each other. So I did have to get somewhat of a, like half of that agreement from him. Um, but I basically just went to you and said, I’ve trusted in you when you wanted to invest. I’ve supported you, you know, through law school, through years of debt, years of just not making money, spending a ton to go to school. And I just,

I said, please just invest in me. And at that point it was like, okay, you can’t say no to that. So, um, I guess that’s my message to anybody that feels like they have a company that they want to join. If they can’t get the support of their partner, um, whether it’s a spouse or a boyfriend or parents or whoever that you feel you need the validation from to say yes. Um, sometimes you need to just say, you know what, it’s time for you to support me. And most of the time, if it’s women in your stay at home, mom, you have supported your spouse and their career over and over. Whether they make career changes or decide to go to school and you do that without batting an eye, you need to call on your partner to do that for you. Um, and if your partner is not willing to do that, then that’s a whole nother conversation with us as the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, so then once your partner is on board and it’s time to start your, your business. Um, and this is my, my voice of caution here is a lot of people may present network marketing to you is kind of the gig, get a rich quick type of a thing. And I will just tell you right now, you absolutely can make incredible income in network marketing and a multilevel marketing company, but it usually does not happen quickly. And, um, in the beginning, you’re going to be very much front-loading your business with your time and your effort. And you’re going to be putting in more time and effort than you’re seeing, um, returned to you monetarily. And, um, and honestly, I think that was probably like the biggest hurdle for us in our marriage. And with me taking on this, this company as a Trusts Attorney Las Vegas provider, we have two little boys and, um, our youngest was two, two at the time he had just turned, um, he was about to turn two.

He was about to turn two, so like one and a half. And then our oldest was four and that’s a very busy stage of life. And, um, Blake was building his practice and it, there was just already a lot on our plates. Um, so for me to be spending so much time getting my business off the ground without getting that money coming back, I think that’s when Blake was like, we can’t keep doing this. You know, it was hard. And it did create a little bit of conflict at times, but I knew the big picture. I knew that I could get there. I knew that eventually, it would all be worth it. And Blake, is it worth it as we are the top Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

It’s worth it now. And then the, I mean, it’s just like any business that you start. Um, you’re not going to open a brick and mortar business and see a huge, you know, um, profit margins and growth immediately. And Blake was actually the one that kind of helped me be patient with my business. When I got to a point where I was getting really discouraged, I felt I had been in it long enough that I should be seeing these big returns and it wasn’t happening yet. And he just kept saying the magic happens in the third year. And I got so sick of him saying that, but it really proved to be true that for me, the upswing and, um, the big, you know, return financially came in that third year of me being consistent and dedicated to my bed.

Yeah. I’d say that’s true with most businesses that are year three is an early, early stage of really seeing the success. That’s what it was with my practice. That’s when the phone started ringing on its own. It wasn’t, the financial rewards really started coming, but I didn’t have to go and chase every single sale down. And that’s when the momentum starts hitting. But you do have to put in the effort over and over again. Yeah. All right. Um, how should somebody go about looking for a direct sales or multilevel marketing company and maybe specify what’s the difference between those two?

I’m so glad you asked. Okay. So, um, I will say that I think technically the difference between direct selling is where you are Morgan affiliate. You would, um, sell a product and earn a percentage of the commission on that sale. And that’s it that’s direct sales. Um, multilevel marketing is direct sales, but you also can build a team and earn income off of their sales. So a lot of times you might have a company that will like, Oh, we’re direct sales. We’re not an MLM, but if they have a structure where you earn money off the people that you bring into the company, a spade, a spade, and, um, a lot of companies, because there can be such a negative stigma behind the term MLM, um, and not unwarranted. There are a lot of terrible companies. Um, a lot of people will be like, we’re not an LLM, but they are.

So if you hear social selling or network selling or, um, direct sales, any type of thing where it’s like, we’ll share it with your friends and then you get a kickback, that’s an MLM like a duck is a duck. And there’s really not a huge difference. What was your other question? How to pick a company. Okay. So if you are thinking that maybe, maybe you could get into network marketing, um, for whatever reason, maybe you want some passive income, maybe you want residual income down the road with a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas service. Like we have built now, maybe you, um, really love a product, that to be part of an MLM and you think, okay, maybe I could share that and earn some money to whatever your reason, um, you want to do your homework first. So there are some red flags for me. This is I’m picking an MLM according to Carla Johnson of things you want to steer away from.

So first of all, you want to pick a company that you can stand by and put your name on. So you don’t, for me, I could not choose a company that, um, forced people into auto-shipments. I didn’t like the idea of signing someone up for $150 of whatever month. It definitely, and it’s, you know, they have to do somersaults and cartwheels to get it canceled. And, um, I didn’t like companies that honestly charge a ton in shipping where maybe you just need a $30 product and they’re going to charge you $10 to ship it, or you spend a hundred dollars and they don’t have any offering of free shipping. I don’t like that. Um, I don’t like the companies where you have to build a team in order to earn money. I think you need to find a company where there are two avenues to earn your money, whether it’s in your personal sales, you can earn a percentage of what you sell personally.

And then if you do build a team, you can earn more money that way. But I don’t like companies that are exclusive. Um, I do think you should be rewarded for her own sales and for the effort you put into your team and what are the relative red flags are there? I think, um, just do some work and get some feedback from people that have been in the business. Um, it makes sure that company culture is something that you can spore read their mission statement. Um, just really spend some time on the website, getting a feel for who the company is because you’re going to become a part of that. And you want to just do your homework.

What about how important is it to look at who you’re signing up under? Okay. So this is important. I will say that there are a lot of people who have jumped into network marketing without a mentor they’ve signed up to the corporate team or whatever of their company, um, that can always happen. But that is generally the exception more than the rule. So if you are looking at a network marketing company, you want to find someone that has, um, built their business in a way that you would like to follow. So your mentor is really going to, um, hopefully, this is how it should be. They should hold your hand and they should be your sponsor. They should take you in and nurture you and teach you exactly how to do what they have already done. So you want to find someone that is at least far enough along in the company, that they have proved one, that they are committed to the company too, that they can do their own sales, that they can sell the product themselves with a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas today.

And three that they have, um, started developing leadership skills. I’m not saying pick the highest-ranked highest paid person, and in a company. Cause quite frankly, if you pick someone that has, you know, 10,000 people on their team already, you’re just a drop in the bucket. Um, maybe they would be a good fit and maybe they’d be great for you. But I personally saw a mentor that was newer, that showed a ton of potential that was already becoming a strong leader, even though she didn’t have like those titles yet. And she was able to invest in me in a way that I wouldn’t have got from someone that already had a massive team with our new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas services. So, and then I think the other thing that is important is, um, every person in your that you could be, um, a mentor or sponsor with that you can sign up under if pipelines to other leaders. So you could sign up with somebody who has really strong, strong, strong leaders above them. And that will also carry you though because that is a legacy of leadership that has been proven in that company and in the industry that people with that training from those leaders can duplicate their businesses.

Okay. Um, what are the biggest mistakes people make that you’ve seen when joining a network marketing company? Okay. So I think, first of all, the biggest mistake people do when they join a network marketing company is maybe start blasting it on their social media and they start sharing every stock photo, every promotion, any like canned content and they can get from their company and they just start posting it all the time over and over and over again. So your followers, your friends, your family are going to need time to really see you as somebody that is truly in this business. And not just another person that signed up for another direct sales company that we won’t see them all their product ever again in three months. So I would say start sharing it, um, definitely share your product, um, but make sure there’s a good balance between all of your other life and, um, your, your business content. So in our company, we usually try and stick to like an 80 20 rule, like share at least 80% of your real life with a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas experience.

And then at 20% of the time that you can share about your product and your business, you definitely want to keep that balance. Um, and you, you just, you don’t want to push it down people’s throats. You want to share with them and just know that it will take time for people to trust you in your company. It took a lot of time for, um, even my family members and my best friends to want to order makeup from me. Um, because it was, it was new and I hadn’t, I hadn’t sold makeup before, so who was I to be like, Oh, this is the Holy grail of makeup. You should try it. And they wanted to see me. They needed to see me using the product myself over and over and over and staying loyal today with you and the top Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. And really, um, seeing that I was converted to it before they trusted me to go and purchase it as well, instead of just thinking, Oh, she just wants another sale. She just wants to earn money, whatever.

Okay. Any other big mistakes? What about, um, believing in the compensation plan to be so much trying to sign up people in the wrong places or anything like that? Um, I think as far as compensation, compensation plans go, I think that’s another place like do your homework. Um, you know, when you’re choosing a company and an after you are in your company, learn your compensation plan. There have been times where I’m in my business where, you know, if if there could be one girl in my, um, structure that is $50 away from hitting a number that would keep me from extra thousands of dollars in a bonus. And if you’re not taking the time to learn your business and know your compensation plan, you could be losing money. Your girls will be losing money. Um, I, I take the time to do the homework for my team every month and let them know where they’re at and how much further they need to go for their bonuses. And, um, I think just, just really diving in and understanding your company will help you see the potential down the road so much bigger, and that will keep you moving forward when it’s hard in the beginning. And we’re not having that big return in the beginning. And it will just let you really visualize how much success you can have with a great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas service.

Um, okay. We covered a lot here, um, going through our list. All right. How do people find you and tell them about what you actually sell? You mentioned makeup, but I think that’s I, I am with mascara beauty, and honestly, I think it’s the greatest of all network marketing companies. So you’ll have to check it out. Kara, not mascara. Yes. And may S KC an R a beauty. And, um, I’ve been in my company for three years. I think I said that, but I in February actually ranked to like the top tier of our leadership and in a company of, uh, like 11,000 artists, only 30 of us have ever done that, which is insane. Um, but we sell makeup, I sell makeup and it is the funniest. That’s a word today, the most exciting thing. And it’s been so good for me. Um, if you want to find my website or reach out to me personally, to ask me questions, um, I’m happy to answer any and all questions you might have that you can find my website to, K a R L I J And my email is Carly dot So Ka R L I dot M E S K C an R And I’ll share the, um, her, uh, a website on the show notes so that you guys can find that, um, anything else we missed about direct sales, multilevel marketing or anything like that, that you feel is pertinent for somebody who’s, um, looking into it or may have not looked into it before?

Um, I think my last message that I want to share is that multilevel marketing, it can actually offer so much more than income. And, um, I think for me personally, my business has brought me more joy and the friendships and having something that is mine, that isn’t just wiping butts and chasing little boys and having headaches from all the noise and worrying about a house and cooking and, and just being the wife and the mom mascara is me. And it’s become a, my identity when I felt I had lost my identity because of motherhood. And I love my kids, but I am more capable of loving them when I love myself. And, um, so it network marketing can be so much more, you don’t need to just pursue it for money if you need those connections and those friendships and purpose and just something that’s yours. And that is a great reason to get started too. And I have the best friends because of this company, the best friends that, that I wouldn’t have had. And I’m so grateful for that with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

And I haven’t met, I was doing cause they don’t live in that. Basically they’re all over the country, But yeah, it’s, and that’s totally fine. She’s got her, her projects and I’ve got mine and I think that’s what helps us out so much. Um, I would just say, yeah, there’s, uh, there are many different avenues people can take out there. And you know, the point of this show is to show you, uh, trusted individuals in different markets and industries. And so, um, I feel like, you know, with COVID-19 where people are staying home, they thought this was a pertinent thing. People are looking into these more and more looking for that second stream of income. That’s a little bit more secure because you are in charge of it instead of depending on the employer, that could let you go at any time. So, um, definitely look into it. The stigma is there because there has been bad, you know, companies are bad, but individuals, it’s the same thing, you know, with the attorneys, I get it all the time.

You know, attorneys are crooks attorneys, don’t call you back attorneys, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Um, that’s why there are so many good attorney jokes out there. They all are all based on truth. And I love attorney jokes, so I can admit that. Uh, but you know, it’s, there are bad apples in everything. So, you know, don’t make that deter you from, from anything until you’ve done your own research and have an open mind with it. So with that, uh, we’ll close. Thank you for joining us as always, please like, and subscribe to the podcast, see the latest content, um, you know, reach out to the car. If you have questions on multilevel marketing and leave us a review, let us know how we’re doing. Uh, let us know what content you want next. And we’ll talk to you next time. Thank you.