Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Are You Ready To Experience A Business Setup?

Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Are You Ready To Experience A Business Setup?

Hello to the trusted podcast. I’m Blake Johnson, your host. And today we’re going to be talking about something a little bit different than usual. We’re going to be talking about asphalt and what that looks like, uh, from, um, the perspective of, of install and also preservation. So I’ve got Bryce shell, um, from Holbrook asphalt on the call today. Bryce, thanks for joining us. Happy to be here. Give us a little bit of your background and also about Holbrook and what makes you guys the experts in the asphalt world? Well, sure. Um, I mean every day, everybody wakes up excited to learn about asphalt and that’s exactly what I did, you know? Um, no, I, I feel like, uh, I would just start off by saying what separates Holbrook from, uh, other asphalt preservation companies is, is just really the educational background. We focus so much on making sure that homeowners, property owners, people that own these asphalt assets, uh, to be able to save money, uh, and education is power and, uh, really allows people to be able to, uh, save those dollars. Uh, when looking at asphalt, uh, myself, uh, I’ve been in asphalt preservation, uh, from 2014 to present, uh, I’ve gone through and, uh, I’ve been part of a few different educational programs. One of them being with the international pavement management association. So I do have my credentials as far as I’m aware. I’m one of the only ones in the state of Nevada, uh, which allows us to build a credit credibly, give the education on, on asphalt preservation. So, uh, that’s about it when it comes tot he link Trusts Attorney Las Vegas and this.

Okay. So, um, what is the difference between asphalt preservation and just going out and repaving Millions of dollars? Um, yeah. Okay. So excellent question. So a lot of people are always confused on, you know, an overlay or remove and replace versus asphalt preservation. So everything that has to do with the preservation aspect is to be able to avoid the costly rehab, the reconstruction. Uh, so, uh, in layman’s terms, the way I explain it to our students, uh, you know, across the state, or is really it’s, it’s all about the preservation as in keeping that asphalt in good condition with Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. So you can avoid having to replace it, uh, for many, many years to come. Okay. So what does, why should the average person even care about preserving the asphalt? You know, that’s, that’s the city’s job to make sure we have roads to drive on, or, you know, my, my HOA or my apartment complex his job. Why, why should the average individual care about it?

Because most people are not aware of how expensive that truly is. Now let’s just give you a couple of examples. Uh, when I’m teaching classes always ask the question, you know, got a medium size homeowner’s association. Okay. So here in, in Nevada, locally, uh, the atrial weighs if responsible to maintain their own roads, have to do preservation work all the way to also having to replace it if it’s bad when you don’t use Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Well, when I ask how much it’ll cost to replace and I get to throw hands up and I’ll hear 30,000 or $40,000 to replace 200,000 square feet of asphalt, when in reality, you’re looking at three quarter million dollar asset to have to replace so pennies on the dollar to preserve it and keep it in good condition. Over 25, 30, 40 years is much less expensive to, to own when you’re not having to replace it as often.

So, uh, I would say that’s one of the number one reason why you should know, uh, you know, about asphalt preservation. Um, also, I mean, when, when looking at residential streets and public streets, you know, it’s also important to, to understand, you know, where your tax dollars are going. Uh, you know, also where, where they’re spending that money, is it, are they really doing a good job out there? Um, why is there a pothole on the street? I drive home every day? Uh, there’s just so much that goes into it. And I mean, face it Every single year, that same exact spot when referring to solid Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Exactly. And, uh, honestly there are legitimate reasons for it and it’s not always a good reason. It could be just because they’re not maintaining the streets properly. Um, so yeah, we all drive on these things and run on these things. So you might as well since you most likely use it every day should know a little bit more about it. That’s, that’s just my opinion.

Yeah. I think it’s going to translate back into dollars in your own pocket. Cause it’s, if you’re a part of an HOA or if you’re part of apartment complex and they have to replace that, guess what, they’re not going to pay for it themselves, they’re going to charge that back to you and higher fees going on, or, you know, from city or local governments, they’re going to raise their taxes to be able to pay for that stuff. So, um, that’s why I wanted you on the show is that I think it is, you know, the average person should know about this. Um, but they typically don’t.

Oh, sure. Give us a little bit idea of the, of how you typically, Um, you know, deal with, um, asset preservation. You know, the, I know you’ve, maybe you can talk about, you know, how you deal with H ways and that kind of stuff, but also what’s the process like of actually preserving it? Um, you know, what, what kind of treatments can you do to help keep it in good condition? Oh, sure. So let’s, uh, let’s talk a little bit about, and so many good options here. Um, let’s talk about the HOA side first. Okay. So first off, so let’s say you live in an HOA, which most of them do have to maintain the roads for a great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Okay. So you have your private roads. Now there’s a bunch of different tools in the toolbox to be able to maintain those roads. And depending on which tools you’re using will then dictate costs up front to do the maintenance as well as on the backend. So if we look at asphalt by itself, this is real fun. Um, 25 years is all it is truly in here between 22 to 25 years is as long as it is designed to last. So you get that asphalt, you put it on the road, you know, you make it into a road and you’re only expecting it to last 25 years at best here in Las Vegas.

Now that’s, if you don’t do anything now, the hos are required to do some sort of preservation or maintenance to those asphalt roadways. If you look at what they refer to as a reserve study, it will give them very, very minimal guidance on what to do. They’ll say asphalt preservation. Now we just said again, you’ve got many tools, many different approaches in different ways to be able to maintain that asset. So it’s really up to someone that has no idea what they’re doing when it comes to asphalt to then maintain a million-dollar asset with no instructions on how, and they’re kind of at the whim of how much effort they’re willing to put into it or the education that’s out there. All right. So stepping into looking at the different tools that are available to them, the most common term that we hear is slurry seal.

I’m sure you’ve heard of that word before. Right? So we’ve got the all encompassing word slurry seal, and we work hard to be able to help people understand what they commonly know as a slurry seal. Isn’t that black paint will say that you put on the top of the asphalt. Okay. So these tools, these tools in the tool bag, they actually have actual specifications. They have, uh, preparations, they have costs associated with them and they also have performance track histories. So we’ll go ahead and just start out. The very, very minimal most people, uh, will be familiar with, which is called a fog seal. Okay. A fog seal is essentially the most basic of the asphalt preservation, topical applications. Uh, it really only lasts like six to eight months here. Okay. Um, then you step up to what a lot of people are familiar with a seal coat or a premium seal coat, which is touted all the time and you’re getting a year and a half to two and a half years, uh, before that has to be redone.

Uh, you have a true slurry seal, uh, not to be confused with the terms Larry seal, that everybody uses for the all encompassing, but a true slurry seal, which is, uh, another emulsion type that goes over the top of your existing asphalt. And it carries a bunch of fine aggregate in it. Um, then you have, you can step into what’s called a high density mineral bond, uh, ha five is, is one of those, uh, products that meet the specification for high-density mineral bond. And you’re getting more like seven plus years of performance before you have to redo it. Um, so again, there’s all these different tools and most, all of them turn the asphalt, we’ll call it black, but all are very similar. So you can only imagine the frustration, uh, that boards go through, right. Uh, procuring proposals, uh, to do the maintenance on their roadways to get a better Trusts Attorney Las Vegas experience.

And really, I mean, it all looks so similar and anyways, it that’s again, that’s why I feel like Holbrook is so, is so unique is because we spend so much time educating people on all these different options that are available to them. So that way they can kind of go out and be armed, uh, when they’re looking at proposals and know the difference between them otherwise. I mean, it’s, it’s going to be a crap shoot. So, uh, those are kind of your, your basic preservation, uh, topical surface treatments. Uh, we can also talk about cracks Hill, you know, sealing those cracks, um, and, and concrete joint ceiling. But, uh, yeah. That’s, I mean, that’s it in a, in a nutshell?

Well, yeah, so there’s a lot there. And I think if you look at it and if you’re the average white person, they’re typically going to get bids and they’re going to go with the lowest cost because they don’t understand the value that’s there and they’re just going to go, yeah. Whatever cost it comes in is, and, and, you know, cause we want to save the homeowners money, but it’s, it’s not always that easy. Um, and I think, you know, it’s the same in Whitefield. Yeah. There’s people who go out there and they’ll do it for cheaper for, you know, what I do as a practicing attorney, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the value that I provide with, you know, the ongoing service and helping you along the way and so on. So, um, I think that’s a big part of this podcast in general is understanding, you know, what things are value when working with Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, what things you can do on your own and what things, you know, you need to pay a professional for and getting the right professional. That’s going to help you, not just, you know, the most expensive cause their most expensive, but the one that’s going to give you that, that value that goes along with it.

Absolutely. I’d say one of the apart from we’ll call that the low bid strategy, right. That you just mentioned, uh, people think they’re saving the money. Um, when it comes asphalt preservation, again, you just, you can’t do that. And the most overlooked, the overlooked thing that you, that that board members or property owners will, uh, not do. And I, I can’t encourage it enough is track record, go look at what they’re proposing. If someone says that a specific product does something, so let’s say they say a high density, mineral bought ha five last seven years without Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. Show me what it looks like after seven years, you know, one of these slides, uh, that I have on, uh, one of the CE classes that I teach for the state of Nevada, um, you know, I’ve got this funny example of, uh, this, this HOA couple that is they’re going out, shot car shopping.

They want a red Mustang, they want 400 horsepower and they want a black leather interior and a red exterior. So then the next slide that pops up that shows the two cars that fit their description, one’s a salvage, you know, all beat up and completely something we probably wouldn’t be looking for. And the other one is the Mustang that they’re looking for that has the same criteria, both of those match, right. You know, both of them are red vehicles, Baltimore 400 horsepower, black leather interiors. But if the couple would have just gone to look at the vehicle, they probably would have just, Oh yeah, we’re going with this one. You know, we’re not even looking at the price. Maybe there’s a $15,000 difference, but just by visibly seeing bill, they automatically know what they’re really looking for. And that’s exactly how does it asphalt. I mean, you, you go and you put something down, there’s a track record of it. And, uh, I think too many people get too excited about the before and after picture, you know, on asphalt then get sold on the marketing fluff that there is out there. Okay. That was a long way to explain that. Sorry.

Yeah. All right. What, who is the typical, um, group or person that you deal with? Um, I mean, is there, you know, do you have a typical homeowner or maybe has a driveway they need done or is it more of, you know, are you dealing only with hos what’s kind of your per you know, the people that you’re typically dealing with Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

Okay. So I’ll speak to Holbrook asphalt as, as a whole first, uh, so public agencies, uh, public agencies and private associations, homeowners associations is where we, um, 90% of the time are working, uh, and focusing our attention and here in Las Vegas we’ll, and this Nevada in general, uh, we typically do more work with the homeowners associations, uh, just because they’re required to maintain their roads. And that’s the people that are generally looking to save the most money over time.

Um, what are the biggest mistakes you see people make with how they, um, preserve their asphalt? I mean, is there, is there something like the individual can do? Is it just, you know, your stuff or is there anything the individual can, or the HOA can do on their own to help out with that preservation?

Absolutely. So first off, stop deferring the maintenance, right. Uh, so if you’re not an asphalt expert, don’t just assume that your asphalt is in good condition at the same time. Don’t assume it’s just going to fall apart tomorrow. Okay. Um, so that’s, that’s the first thing. Uh, so go out and look it up. I mean, you use Holbrick, uh, pavement, and there’s a lot of great, great resources that are out there that you’re able to, you know, become more familiar with what is pavement preservation. Um, but the average Joe, I’m going to just put into context for with Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, for time sake. Let’s say they live in an HOA, you know, go out, look at your roads and then look at the roads around you. If you’re just more aware of what’s going on, you’re going to find yourself in, in less of a pickle.

So again, the general rule is if you’re noticing there’s something off about your asphalt, you’re usually already past the point of having to do something. Uh, again, referencing some of the examples that I love to compare it to sunblock. Um, you don’t wait until you’re sunburned to put sunblock on, you know, uh, it doesn’t really help out that much, maybe a little bit, but you’ve already, already fried. So the same thing with the asphalt, uh, it starting to oxidize a lot sooner, uh, than when you think it’s needing. So for example, you know, we’re all familiar with seeing those cracks in the asphalt, uh, that’s caused in this region. Most of the time is going to be from your oxidation, from the sun and a little bit of moisture that we receive, uh, once you see those cracks, that means you’re past the point of being able to eliminate those cracks from showing up, right. You can’t just see erase cracks. So, um, you know, by keeping the road, when it’s in good condition and being proactive and keeping it in good condition, you’ll be able to have a much better looking street as well as, uh, it’s way less expensive to maintain overtime. Okay. Anything else That you think we need to cover, um, that the average person should know about, uh, asset, uh, asphalt preservation?

Yes. Um, so my, I w since I worked so much with homeowners, uh, and, and owners of the asphalt, uh, I would, I would just really, really encourage you to actually go out and see what’s out there. Um, most people like I I’m guilty of it in other process, I’m sure whether business or shopping, you know, I will often think that I’m doing a really good job at, uh, looking up and weighing out the pros and cons and educating myself, but really it’s just a snap decision on, on price or of what I think. Right. So don’t just get sold on the, on that, on that snake oil, uh, because it’s going to make your roads look amazing. Uh, definitely again, just do your research become educated, uh, on that decision before you, before you pull the trigger. Can I have Y it’s only Vegas that I’ve ever seen this where you walk on the street and your shoes are jet black and it’s oily and attracts everywhere in your house. I’ve never had that issue anywhere else in the country. Why is that a problem here with Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

Okay. So I’m going to answer that in two different ways. All right. So here we have some serious sun. We know we have a lot of thumb and it bakes the heck out of everything that’s in it, uh, asphalt included. So your asphalt itself, the whole reason that we’re putting this preservation material over the top of surface treatments okay. Is to actually protect it from the sun and moisture. So that way it doesn’t oxidize all that black material that’s transferring onto your shoe is that material either the asphalt itself or the surface treatment on top of it oxidizing off. Okay. So that’s why you see it with Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. So often another reason why you’ll see it more commonly here than in other parts of the country, it’s actually anywhere you have asphalt, it will track anywhere you have an asphalt preservation treatment performed. It’s going to, if anybody tells you anything, any different, they’re just, it’s a, it’s a really great sales approach because they might know as the South point in other parts of the country, they get a lot more moisture, essentially.

It’s a free car wash or a free road wash. So a lot of that little bit of material that you’re getting, uh, from the oxidation here, it just sits on the asphalt where other places it’s actually being removed quite more often. Uh, yeah. So that’s, that’s an easy way to answer it. There are a few other environmental factors that you have to put into play also, uh, types of asphalt, uh, that there are out there, but for the most part, they all are very similar, uh, as far as tracking the black material, just regionally different. Gotcha. Okay. Well, um, clearly I, I you’re, you’re very knowledgeable on this. Let’s say someone is part of an HOA or has a property. You know, they have a parking lot. They need to get redone. How can, uh, the, our listeners get ahold of you?

So I would first suggest visiting, uh, our website. It has a lot of educational information there for, for the regular homeowner. Uh, that’s just curious about asphalt preservation, uh, all the way up to public entities, public agencies as well. Um, I would definitely encourage you if you were looking into asphalt preservation at all, to definitely visit Holbrook That’s H O L B R O O K a S P H L Um, if you’d like to reach out directly, uh, to me, you could definitely reach me at, uh, either my, my office phone, which is (702) 623-1503, uh, or my email Bryce, B R Y C E Holbrook, And I’d be always, I’m always willing to help, uh, to be able to help educate, uh, or answer any questions that you may have.

Okay. Yeah. And I’ll make sure to put that in the show notes so that our listeners can find that easily. Uh, Bryce big, thank you for being on the show, sharing your expertise with us. Uh, I know it’s not the something that our average everyday person, um, you know, get to be involved with. But I think, you know, the point of this podcast is to help others understand those things where they’re not going to have a run in with asphalt every day or even once a year. Uh, hopefully. So that’s why we bring experts like you on the show. So to our listeners, please like, and subscribe. So that way you get the latest content, leave us a review, let us know how we’re doing. And if you have ideas about the show, what things we should cover next, um, please feel free to reach out. So Bryce, thank you again for joining us today. Yeah, you’re welcome. We’ll talk to you later. Okay. And with that, we’ll talk to you guys next time with our great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.