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Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Are You Looking To Get The Top Attorney Today?

Hello, and welcome to the trusted podcast. I’m your host Blake Johnson. Today. We are going to be talking about custom suits and custom clothing. Um, one of the questions I get asked a lot other than about legal matters is Blake. Where do you get your suits from? And you know, how do you get those to look, It’s not coming? Uh, it’s not something I get off the rack. It’s something that, uh, is made custom for me. And so for that, I brought in, uh, Jessica and she is my suit lady. She’s the GoTo for that. So, Jessica, thank you for being on the call today with a great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Yeah. Thanks so much for having me excited as Well, why don’t you start off by giving us a little bit of background about yourself and then about the company that you work for sure. Um, well, um, I live here in Vegas, um, but I’m from Dallas and probably my first experience with fitting people and trying to get the right fit with clothing. I used to teach the choir. Um, so I taught high school choir for 11 years and so I had a parent, um, offer some help to me. And when he saw my boys on stage and he said, let me help you. He worked at a men’s clothing store, let me help you get a better fit on this jacket. Um, so I learned a lot that year and things have just evolved over time. Um, my interest, and my experience and expertise. So it’s been super fun working coming on with Tom James, and as for the company, uh, we’ve been around since 1966, so 54 years. So they’ve been around a little while. Um, and we just work to serve our clients in whatever capacity they need. Um, and many stores cater toward new current trends only, um, or just traditional conservative looks. And so something I’m very proud of at Tom James is that we can really serve from all areas. So from modern to transitional, and then there’s no other custom clothing company that is larger or more well established in the entire world. And so we’re fully vertically integrated and we even own the mills that make our fabrics and the tailoring shops that manufacture the garments here in the US with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas today.

Okay. Yeah, definitely it gives, uh, gives everybody a whole lot of options there. Um, so many people that I talk to or hang in general, just think that custom clothing is out of their reach. That it’s something that’s way too expensive or too intimidating. So what are the most common concerns you hear? Um, and you know, how do you answer those concerns that people have? Cause I’ll tell you my experience is it’s not out of, um, so that’s just my 2 cents.

Yeah. Um, so I have a few things to say about that. Um, so just first regarding pricing, uh, we really have pricing to meet and fit any lifestyle. Um, so anything that we are gonna gives to you is going to be nice. And so we can work with people that are wanting the luxury fabrics, people that just want a great fit and a great look to start out. Um, so nobody should be too alarmed by that. And then since we control our entire supply chain, we get to pour the price of our garments into the quality that you receive. So instead of paying for the middleman and brick and mortar stores and advertising, we spend that money on the production of our fabrics and the manufacturing of our garments. So you get more bang for your buck with us. And then the other thing is I think that a lot of people when they hear custom, they for sure think of suit wear.

Um, and although that is a huge, the main part of our business, we do more than that as most of the people that I work with, aren’t trying to be fancy. Um, a few people are, and I’m thankful for those people. Um, but most, most get started by just coming up short when they’re shopping for clothes or they can’t find the right pattern in their size. So whether it’s a guy with broad shoulders in a trim waist or someone with really muscular thighs, I hear that all the time that thighs are too tight and the waste. So then the waste has to be too big. So maybe they’re just looking for a certain color in their pants size and they can’t find it. And then what we do at Tom James ends up saving people money and time because it results in a great fit with clothes that you actually want to wear, um, without you having to go through the process of shopping or researching with our new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

And then the second thing that I hear lately is I don’t wear suits anymore. Um, but not only do we offer custom suits and sport coats and shirts, and, but we make sure it’s jeans and tee shirts, sweaters. Um, and then we partner with other companies to offer products that we don’t make, but that people want, so shoes, polos, jeans. And then because I keep up with your measurements, I can bring you the things that we know in advance are going to fit well. And then, however, I do find my clients who don’t wear seats and they always find places to wear them once they have one that is good quality and fits crema.

Yeah. So you’re really are more of a custom quoter than you are just a suit maker. And that’s one of the things that I like is because I hate going shopping one, nothing ever fits me. And so it was like, I find something I like, and it does, I can’t put it on. And it’s like, okay, well that was a waste of time. But to, you know, I don’t have to go spend the time doing that. Um, you know, you search for that stuff and then you come to my office and um, you know, take the measurements, make sure it fits, and whatnot. So it’s really very convenient from my perspective. And I think that’s, you know, for most people trying to get out,, they spend their weekend shopping. You know, that may not be their ideal thing may be for, you know, a woman that might be. But for most guys, I’d say it’s probably not. And so, um, that’s one of the aspects that really appealed to me when I was first started looking into that. Um, okay. What are the big mistakes that you see people make when they first are getting into custom clothing with our great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

Well, when you have a custom garment, you’re probably going to end up loving it. So the first mistake I’d say is not having enough in the rotation. Um, so wearing it out too quickly, cause you got this great suit that you love to wear. Um, so it compromises the longevity of the garment. If you aren’t rotating your clothing properly. And then another misconception with a custom suit is it’s gotta be skin tight. And I have a lot of clients who like a slim fitted book and um, that’s just not simple, it’s not the best look for everyone. Um, so one of the benefits of having a good clothing year is that I can advise you on those kinds of things. Um, and then the last thing I would say is I love to see people being more open to at least a subtle pattern. So we have tons of different fabrics to choose from, and everyone does need great solids in the rotation, but patterns can keep things interesting and they don’t have to be loud even though they can be

Okay. So what is the first key element of a men’s wardrobe? Um, you know, the must-have that they should have before they start getting into, you know, the creative really cool suit jacket and so on with a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas service.

Yeah. Um, so what suits your four core are going to be Navy charcoal, grays. He went, um, a Navy solid and a Navy striper pattern and then maybe just a lighter blue and then charcoal solid and a charcoal pattern is great. Some Navy charcoal, a blue, and then, um, so for mainly Navy and charcoal and a solid and then in a pattern. So those are great to start out with and then you can get into the blues and, um, things like that. Um, but I always like to say, you need to have a big deal suit on that you can wear if you get a speaking engagement or if you’re receiving an award or going to a wedding or a fancy fundraiser and then a solid blazer, ideally blue, that you can dress up with a tie and slacks or dress down with a great pair of dark or a sport short.

And then I think that every guy that’s stressing up frequently should have eight pairs of trousers to rotate with every shirt and sport coat in your closet. So 24, um, shirts, 24 dress or sport shirts, shirts are good to have, um, because you want to have a week’s worth of rotation that are all in the hanger and available to you to wear a week in the laundry hamper and then a week’s worth at the cleaners. Um, so then to the next thing would just be two pairs of nice dark washed jeans or dressy jeans that you can wear in the evenings and with your sport shirts or jackets. And then there are many others, but those are what I would start with.

Yeah. I’d say, um, yeah, for someone who’s just starting out, doesn’t have anything that’s custom. Obviously you don’t want to go out and buy, you know, all of that at once. Cause you’re going to break your bank. Um, but yeah, you start with one, you know, one package or one suit with a couple of shirts, wait a couple of months to make sure you like it, make sure you get your fit dialed in. I think that’s the biggest thing that people that go its custom, it’s going to fit perfectly the first time. No, there’s a tweaking process. And so you’ve got to find out what you like, what you don’t like you, and you want it tight. You want it looser in some areas, but then now if you get that figured out, you have those on record. So just, Hey, I need, you know, got some extra money. I want a few more shirts. I want a few more pants or whatever. And just keep building from there. I think, is that a true way of doing it or a good way of doing it with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas?

Yes. Some people are pickier than others. Usually, the tweaking comes in when it’s somebody that’s able to wear that tremor fit, which is great. But yeah, once it’s, once we’ve got the pattern in there, then we can roll with him to skip things and quick.

Yeah. And one of the things, um, you know, I appreciate about having, you know, somebody who is looking out for your fashion is like, so Jessica texted me the other day. Um, cause she knows, I went to LSU and was like, Hey, I’ve got these awesome LSU cufflinks, and here’s a jacket that would look really good with it. What do you think? And I was like, well, of course, I have to get it. Cause I’m a huge LSU fan. So, um, and I didn’t even have to gosh go out, shopping and look for it. And she already had it on records. Did you have to come, um, you know, measure me again or anything like that? It’s just like, Oh yeah, the sort of that and gets it going. So, um, you know, that’s another perk of, of having, you know, your own custom clothing. All right. Um, any other key elements of a wardrobe like ties or, um, you know, what about, what about dress shoes? What are the two main choices you should have? Is it just the Brown and black or, you know, do you get into other stuff, other colors,

The style is up to you. Um, I kinda left shoes alone, but I do think a good pair of Brown either here in Vegas. I have a lot of people that want all over. Um, so whatever your preferred stylist that uses our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, it’s good to have a good Brown pair and a black pair, but uh, some people only want to wear black shoes and that’s fine. So then you might just want a couple of pairs of those so that you’re not wearing them out too quickly.

That my, my, a little input here, don’t go cheap on your shoes. If you spend the money to make a custom suit and make it look really good, and then you go get a $50 pair of shoes, you know, from wherever,

Okay, It’s gonna diminish the time and effort you put into getting that custom suit. So you need to get shoes that fit that in, you know, those shoes will last forever and they fit your feet and you can get them resold. Um, you know, if they start wearing down and whatnot. So that’s my plug on shoes.

Yeah. And I suggest a good pair of like, um, some good brands that are long-lasting Allen, Edmonds, Johnson, Murphy, um, Ferragamo. They’re great. And they’re a little more, but they are. They’re great. Um, and then New York as well as some great options for your Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Okay. Um, what is, what are like some of the accessories you’re seeing right now, they’re the most popular and that is kind of on-trend?

Um, well, I have been asked a lot about pocket squares lately. Um, so you can do a lot of different things and I have a couple of clients and sure. They wouldn’t mind a shout out Bernie, um, Schofield, and Kyle Townsend. Um, they’re really into pocket squares. So we recently talked about, you know, all the different ways that you can, um, style them and, um, use them, fold them. And so those are really fun and they can add a lot to the outfit. Um, and then they’ll are a great way. So you want a good belt to match your shoes. And I posted the other day, just a side note and we want your belt to be using the third hole. So if you check that and it’s way off from there, you might want to get a new belt. Um, yeah, I’d say pocket squares and belts are kind of at the forefront of my mind and you can, there are a lot of really cool belts out there. You can get some with the, um, like the woven look on a shoe is really in this year and you can even get that same style in a belt and not the whole, but just little accidents and pocket squares that offer great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, what are the, your top three fashion no-nos for men?

Well, um, one of the first things that I notice, um, for a shirt is not using a color stay and that can be alleviated with a metal, sorry, a magnetic collar stay, um, or just a regular color state, but you don’t want it, especially on Z. You want your color to be looking at, here’s make sure it looks good and it looks great, but you want it to be lying flat. You don’t want to be wrinkling or Irving at all. So color stable or moving around the color will help with that, especially the Vegas wind. Um, so making sure that your color is looking good. Um, other things I see are sleeves maybe that is not the right length or too long, um, your shirt should be sticking out of that a little bit. Some people don’t like that look and that’s a preference, but you don’t want your sleeves, um, not to be passing you, the bone of your wrist here. Um, and then, and the only the coat link is something else that I see a lot, cause it’s tough for some people to find that right size in the right lane. And I experienced that. I’m sure. Um, so just depending on the place and if I’m shopping off the rack, it can be too long. Um, girls can get away with it guys. It’s much more noticing I’m thinking that’s for three. So yeah, that’s three.

What about socks? I’ve noticed? I think everyone knows that socks have become a lot more playful and crazy patterns. What’s kind of your advice on socks.

I say socks are kind of like the jacket lining, even though people see them. They’re a great way to show off your personality, not such personalities boring, if you like a traditional, just solid look, but they’re a great way just to add something to your outfit and you can do colors that don’t necessarily coordinate with your shirt. So you don’t have to stress about the socks and just have fun with them. Um, the only thing I would say is to don’t, don’t do like a really like white socks with your dark black suit. Um, maybe certain events aren’t the time for that, but, um, at the same time, yeah, I love a fun sock, even if it doesn’t match the shirt that has a great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas service.

All right. Any, anything else that we need to cover as far as the big no-nos or, you know, key, key elements that people need to be aware of?

No, I mean, I could go, I could get pretty deep into it, but I’m just making sure that your shoulders on the jacket, um, aren’t oversized or too small or too small, then you’re going to have a bunch of weird lines going on in there. So if you’re seeing a picture of yourself in a jacket and it’s got some waves going on, you might want to invest in, it could be that you need to go bigger or smaller, but just play around with that.

Okay. So the bottom line is to have somebody who knows what they’re doing, helps you out with it. I think that’ll be the biggest key for me. The biggest change was the first custom suit that I got it. I noticed the difference immediately in just how it looked, how it felt, and it gets the nice thing is it gets better as time goes on, cause it starts to form to your body and it becomes even more fitted at that point. So I highly, highly recommend, um, you know, people, the listeners check out, getting custom clothing, you’re going to spend a little bit more upfront. Yes. But in the long run, you’ll save money because you’re not going to be replacing it. And you’ll love that the item is a lot more. Okay. So how can someone find a trusted Clothier like yourself? Um, are there any red flags that they should have people that they should stay, stay away from? Obviously Tom James is nationwide, so they can kind of look there to find somebody. Um, but like, you know, for me, I found you through a referral. So, um, you know, what’s kind of your advice for finding somebody?

Um, well I stay service minded, so you want to look for somebody that is others-focused for sure. Um, I think it’s good to find somebody that’s experienced, but more importantly, somebody that’s going to be willing to stay up for current trends and reading about the latest and fabrics and different weaves. And then working with Tom James, I think I have ongoing training every week, so that’s not a plug for Tom games. Um, but as for red flags living in such a great place like Vegas, I’m sure that people have multiple options and I’ve met some of them help. A lot of great people doing custom floating here in Vegas. Um, well what makes a great close year in my opinion are communication. Um, so you want to know where your clothes are. Um, but the ability to listen to clients and interpret what they’re really wanting and meeting, and then that can be a problem we are very excited to help you do amazing things with our Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

If the Clothier isn’t a good listener and the ability to be realistic with expectations. So on a red flag note, if it sounds too good to be true, um, I’ve to watch out for that. So anything with regards to price, super low prices for super-luxury fabrics, um, I’ve really check on that or very oddly short turnaround time, I’d just be wary of over-promising and under-delivering. Um, but yeah, I would ask that’s the bet really the best way is asking people that, you know, that are looking great in their clothing, who they’re working with, what they’re doing. Um, but those are the things that I would look for. If you, if you meet with someone that’s going to be doing some coding-free.

Okay. Uh, well let’s how can our listeners get in contact with you? Do you have a website or an email they can reach out to?

Yes. So I’m email LinkedIn on LinkedIn. A lot of people like to message me there. Um, Instagram. So my email is just my name,, and then feel free to check out my Instagram. It’s just LV custom by Jessica. Pretty easy to remember. And then, um, also phone number. I have that Dallas number, cause that’s where I’m from, but I am here in Vegas and that feels free to call or text it’s (214) 208-1663.

Okay. I’ll make sure to put that in the show notes. So our listeners can, can snag that information. Um, you know, one more plug for Jessica. I worked with her and um, thinks she’s awesome. She’s great at follow up. And like I said, she even, you know, is looking through stuff and thinks, Oh, Hey, this would be perfect for Blake and sends me pictures and texts of that. So thank you again for being on the show. Really appreciate your sharing that, sharing your time with that information. Um, yeah. So, but to have you for our listeners as always, please like, and subscribe. So you get the latest content and downloads from us. And then also if you have any input on how we’re doing, send it, give us a review or send us a message so that we can know what kind of content you want here next time. So with that, we’ll sign it off and we’ll catch you next time with our new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.