Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Are You In Need Of An Attorney?

Trusts Attorney Las Vegas | Are You In Need Of An Attorney?

Hello, and welcome to the trusted podcast. I’m your host, Blake Johnson. And today I’ve got another great guest on the line today. I’ve got Josh Purcell, I’m with an active life, health, and wellness. He is a chiropractor by trade and, um, we’re gonna be talking about all things, you know, associate with the body, how to take care of yourself. So Josh, thanks for joining us today. Thank you. Appreciate it from us here as the top Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Okay. Why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit about your background, uh, and your practice, and what makes you an expert in your field? Sure. So, yeah, I’d be glad to talk about that a little bit. So yeah, I’m the manager and runner. I run an active life, health, and wellness. We have a big wellness clinic here over in Las Vegas, uh, over by, uh Alianza and two 15, I’ve been in practice for almost 20 years now and kind of, uh, evolved in practice. Uh, like Blake mentioned on the chiropractor by trade and, uh, that’s what my degree is in, but I’ve also studied a lot of different, uh, ways of natural healing. Our focus is on how do we help the body heal naturally and avoid drugs and surgeries when possible. And, uh, started out with chiropractic. We do a different type of chiropractic where it’s called corrective care. So versus somebody just coming in for an adjustment because they have a headache or they have back pain, sciatica, whatever the case may be.

We do a thorough evaluation with some x-rays to find out what is the spine doing? What does the posture? We know that our posture dictates our overall health. And so if I have a problem with my, if I have a symptom of backaches, my first thought with our patients and as we’re doing our investigated exam and consultation, what’s causing that. I understand they have a pain, but I want to say, Hey, if it’s because there is a nerve that’s pinched, there’s a bone out of alignment. If we can free that alignment Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, get it back into the proper alignment and open up that, that, that spacing. Then we know that we can not only get a feeling better, but they’ll have the best chance to function optimally. So we’re not the third location. Uh, there are other doctors that work here. And like I said, I just kinda manage it and oversee and make sure, you know, quality control and that we’re really doing the best job we can for patients. But right now we have four different services that we offer. We do obviously spinal decompression and chiropractic. Um, my focus right now is with natural neuropathy on how to treat your neuropathy, uh, without drugs and surgeries. And that’s been a big part of our practice. We also do a natural knee program for people that have knee problems, and then we offer weight loss and, and, uh, we have a special cable machine here. It’s called the contour light that helps people lose inches as well and detox as well.

Awesome. Um, there’s a lot to cover there. Um, so I’m going to start with, um, what do you see as the biggest reasons people don’t like going to a chiropractor or somebody who works on natural healing as opposed to going to their primary physician or, you know, to the, um, urgent care, that kind of stuff.

Good, good question. I’m sure you’ve heard it as well as those listening that you hear. Once you go to a chiropractor, you have to always go, right. I’ve heard that my entire career and here’s the, here’s the thought process is this well, no, you don’t have to, you don’t have to go, right? Just like you don’t have to take a drug or have to get a surgery. Well, sometimes you may have to have surgery, but the biggest reason is one. They don’t understand what, what we’re really trying to do by creating an optimal system, optical nerve system so that your body can express itself to the fullest. Potential God-given potential is what we call it. And we know for that to happen, your brain and spinal cord have to be able to send the messages down the cord, out the nerves to every single tissue cell and organ of the body.

If one of my organs, you know, the nerve from my middle back, the weight from my stomach, it gets not functioning at a hundred percent. Then over time, there may be years and my stomach’s not getting all the information it needs. What’s happening to my stomach or my liver, gallbladder heart, an organ you can think of. Right? So our whole premise is if we’re going to be healthy as the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, then we got to make sure the nurses are free and clear. So a lot of people, they don’t understand. I’ve heard this. This is another thing I hear all the time. Well, chiropractic is for car accidents. All right. Well, yes, of course, if you’re in a car accident or a sports injury or something like that, we can definitely help. But I want to say that chiropractic is for every single person that has a spine, little too old, we ha we adjust a little tiny babies all the way up to my oldest.

Patient’s 98 years old. My youngest patient was a couple of days old when the mother brought her kids in. So, I mean, I have different stories about everything. The really the biggest thing I think people don’t go is they don’t understand fully what it is, is the flip side of that. There’s also a certain percentage of people that like to take medications or their insurance covers it, or they have a copay and they can go to the pharmacy and they can get a, you know, a little bottle of pills. But the problem with that is it’s just masking the symptom. It may help them feel better temporarily, but it’s not going to remove a bone, you know, off of a nerve. It’s not going to change the function. In fact, there’s a lot of side effects that you’d have to be worried about too. So we’re very natural. All those different services that we offer is without drugs and surgeries. And we try to help people to want to, a lot of patients don’t want to be taking that many medications. So by putting them through a course of treatment, we try to help them with that as well.

Yeah. I think the stigma is something off, you know, Nat, when you hear natural healing, you thinking about the hippie that, you know, out in the woods, eating plants or whatever, but that’s not the case. I mean, you can be natural and still be in civilization, be a functioning member of society and all those things, it’s just, Hey, what, what is your body naturally doing? You know, let’s, let’s try to maximize that and take care of that. So that leads to my next question of, um, you know, what are the biggest mistakes you see people make from their own, in their own health over and over again, from your point of view, um, being a chiropractor,

That’s a great question. And there’s, there’s a lot of different answers, but I would probably say one of the biggest things is, is, are the gods of misinformation about nutrition and health and what healthy eating is, what exercise, um, you wouldn’t believe, especially if I’m talking to patients about the wants to lose weight and they want to detox their body and get higher energy levels up and besides look better, feel better energy-wise since we are the top Trusts Attorney Las Vegas. And when I go through their food lists and I started talking to them, you know what to have for breakfast lunch, some of the things that they tell me, they’re like, yeah, it’s really healthy because the box in the source of healthy, so things that are on a shelf, right, that will last there for years and years and years, isn’t really what our body needs. The stuff we need to be eating and consuming is the stuff that can’t sit around in our, in our pantry for years, right?

If it still looks the same year later, it’s just so full of non-healthy things and preserved is that it’s not going to benefit us. So there’s a huge misconception on what healthy eating is. And I’m not going to talk about a specific diet. There’s a lot of opinions and there’s a lot of different ways out there. But I do think as a whole, as a population, we really should be talking more about what we’re putting into our body, because our body is going to take whatever we give it. If we give it junk, then we’re going to have a short term with our new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas service, you know, uh, of health we’ll run into all kinds of problems. Look at diabetes right now it’s a type two diabetes. It’s out of control is probably one of the biggest diseases, but it’s also the one that you do have some say you have a better chance of overcoming that with healthy lifestyle changes.

So my biggest thing is we’re, we’re just kind of stuck on the medical model that if you don’t feel bad, you’re healthy. Well, that’s not true because if you’re based on that model, that means we don’t think about health until what until we have a condition. And sometimes that condition can be a diagnosis that we don’t want to get cancer, heart disease. And I see it every day. Now I have, you know, relatively speaking, my 20 years is very, very minimal compared to no history of people. But in my 20 years, I have seen the last several way sicker people. And I think it has a lot to do while we’re eating a lot of our, you know, what we’re seeing on Facebook or social media about what health is. There’s just a lot of misconceptions when it’s very simple. It goes back to the, a healthy functioning nervous system is the best defense against any kind of condition. The best event that gives cancer is making sure your body is working at its peak. It close to a hundred percent as possible. Is that a guarantee you won’t get cancer? Of course not, but whatever we can do to give ourselves optimal levels of functioning directly goes back into our, our overall level of health.

Okay. What about what’s next outside of what we’re eating? What were things people can do at home, um, that can help their spine stay in alignment, help them, um, you know, make sure that their body’s optimal outside of the food.

Yeah. The next thing I would say is exercise. Now, not everybody likes to go to a gym. I personally love that. That’s, that’s a big part of my life. I liked that, but you don’t have to do that. There’s plenty of ways to exercise, uh, where you don’t have to go to a public. Do you have, if you don’t want to, or I’ve had patients say, well, I don’t, I feel uncomfortable where other people can look great? There are videotapes. You can buy it. There are all kinds of stuff on YouTube for free that you could watch different tiles of stretching, yoga, and walking, swimming. Those are some basic things that if we do on a regular basis, it doesn’t have to go in and hit a bunch of weights. That’s not part, I mean, that’s one type of exercise, but everybody style and every person, a little bit different, but too many people are so sedentary with our new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas services.

They’re living on phones and computers. And, and we just sit in front of the desk or on, at a desk all day in front of a computer where we’re not moving. We’re not getting a chance to get our blood flow. So if anything at home, if you had spent at least 20 minutes a day, now it’s hot out Las Vegas. Guess what? If you go early in the morning or you wait until the sun goes down, walk around your neighborhood for 20 minutes. If you have a swimming pool or access to a swimming pool, swim for 20 minutes, or if you don’t even want to swim, you can walk and water. The resistance of the water is very good. All these little things will help move blood. Remember circulations, what we need. We have to keep the movement. When we quit moving, it affects our brain function.

They’ve done studies. They found that Alzheimer’s diseases, uh, are based on a lack of spinal movements in the office. We have a therapy called wobble, wobble therapy, and it’s a special little chair that you sit on and it takes you through these different emotions. As you’re moving your, your bottom in like this, it moves your spine and it pumps cerebral spinal fluid, which is there are all kinds of studies shows. It helps you with your, with your memory. It helps you with focus. You know, sometimes as we get older with our new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, you know, grandpa can’t remember their little grandson’s name, you can’t, you know, have a hard time remembering that’s when we quit movies. So movement is life. So if anything, the basic exercise would be the answer to that.

All right. I like that a lot. I know that’s one of the main ways we initially connected was being in the gym together and working out. So definitely gosh, being in the gym every single day. Um, I know he didn’t just get back up and you were so excited to be back

Today, bro. We’ve been back and, uh, yeah, it’s interesting. You know, they’ve been closed for whatever since the middle of March and they just barely opened this week. And so I’ve had to, so this is a great point right here. I’ve had to adapt. I haven’t had a gym to go to. None of us has led for the most part. None of us have because of the whole, a pandemic going on. So we’ve put a few things in our garage, but my workout change and it was actually good. We did away more walking and running. We would go to all the parks, he’d get up early, take the dog out. My son was with us and my wife. We did biking. We did walking. So there’s a lot of things. One thing I learned about Las Vegas is there some beautiful trail systems. We didn’t know, there are tons of them. I would have known I’ve lived here for 20 years. I would never have known how great a trail system we have all over. Just start doing a few of them, but there are some amazing ones. And so we spent a lot more time outdoors. So yes, exercise can be very different things to very different people, but we do need to move. You got to get off the couch, we’ve got to put the phones and electronic stuff down and go move. It stimulates our brain through blood flow and oxygen with a great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas.

Yeah. I think there’s a lot of studies out there that have talked about stress as in positive stress, being a good thing for us. So, you know, we had that on the physical side, you know, you stress yourself and push yourself and that helps. Um, and I think also you’re going to, you want to have put yourself in a situation where you’re having to maybe mentally have to work a little bit harder, whether that’s in work or, you know, you mentally have to get through a workout, whatever that is. Um, those are all things that, that help you progress and keep, stay active, stay on top of what you’re doing.

And in addition to that, the foods we’re eating before and after play a big role in our recovery, right? If I eat a bunch of junk and I try to go do an intense endurance cardio thing, it’s going to go in 10 minutes, I’m going to be out. I’ll spend all the energy and it’s gone. So you want to be very careful again, we’re getting a little advanced. I know this is just resumes talking, but yeah. Okay. What we eat plays a big role in our overall health. Absolutely.

So here’s the big question. When should somebody see you? I know you kind of addressed this, um, a little bit, but when, when should somebody really start looking at seeing a chiropractor? What are kind of signs that they really need some help?

Well, I recommend, um, you know, we’re, we’re a family practice as well. So we see moms, dads, kids, we put entire families on programs. One thing you can do at home, mom and dad are you can check your children and I’ll tell you what to just have your children, you know, but like a kind of a tighter shirt on something it’s not really baggy and some shorts and have them stand up. And I want you to step back and I want you to look at their posture while you’re looking at it as their shoulders. If there’s, if they’re uneven at all one side fire, or if it’s rotated in the head going forward, look at it from the side of their head. If their ear hole is in front of their main shoulder, that’s called forward head posture. That is a massive problem. The last 15 years because of phones and gamepads.

And you know, my little boy, I have a 12-year-old. If we would let him, he would live on his gamepad thing, but they would just live on that. So look at your kids’ posture. Now you’re going to, some people say, well, my kid, they don’t need chiropractic care. We’ll remember what we’re checking. It’s a lot easier to fix a spine when they’re young. And they haven’t had as much life experience and stress and, and you know, problems we’ve had as you get older. So I’m a huge advocate of getting your entire family checked, but go home and check your kids. Look at yourself, go in the room, go in a private area and the bathroom, take your clothes off and just stand there in front of a mirror. It could be kind of a scary thing. Right? I get that be like, I don’t want to see that Trusts Attorney Las Vegas we are looking to help you win fast.

Right. Well, you know, what do I do it privately when no one else is there to look at your shoulders is one higher than the other. There’s one come in on my hips rotated. Do I see that? There’s an angle like this. I see people like this all the time. They don’t realize it. Right. We’re trained that way. I’ve got years and years and years of trading to look at posture. In fact, when I take my wife out on a date, she doesn’t lie. I don’t do it too much anymore, but my first couple of years out of school, wherever we were at I’ve yet looked at that person, look at their shoulder, look at her hip. And she would be like, why don’t you quit looking at other people? Look at me. Right? So you’ll see it as all around, right? But look at your own family, start with yours, you know, each other husband, wife, and then check your children.

And if there’s any kind of misalignment or you think there might be, then you make an appointment to come in and have your x-rays taken. So we can literally draw it out. We have a system in the office called posture rate that was developed by NASA scientists, where we take the photograph, the x-ray process of your posture rate. And it will show us to a millimeter of if it’s off or on the kind of a really cool thing that we can really analyze x-rays and then based on your x-rays or your children’s x-rays, then we can decide what type of therapy you need. There’s a lot of different, you know, therapy and rehab, uh, pieces of a therapy that we can do based on your specific needs. So everybody should get checked. And here’s the other thing, bring your kids in for a check. If they don’t have any problems then awesome, then you wouldn’t have to keep going because we are ready to help you today.

Right. But find out sooner you catch it the better it’s going to be. Unfortunately, we’re kind of programmed in society to base our health on how we feel. So if we don’t have pain, then we say we’re healthy. What does cancer feel like when it leads up to cancer? How many people get diagnosed with cancer? They didn’t feel anything until the end stages. So our whole premise is let’s be proactive. Wellness. I get adjusted weekly. Not because I have a problem or a pain, because I want to make sure that my nervous system can deal the best it can with my surroundings.

Yup. Yeah. I think that’s it. The proactive approach. Um, I think that’s great in all aspects of life, but definitely in our health. Um, that’s something we should be doing. And um, you know, I’ve got me, my kids, I’ve got eight-year-old, four years old and I’ve taken them in. I think the younger one, I think we took in as young as, you know, one and a half or so just to, to make certain, because I was feeling on his back, it felt out and, you know, he was being Henri, went and got adjusted that he, he, all of a sudden became his normal happy self again. So, you know, there are little things that kind of give you that heads up of what’s going on.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, if you think about what is your greatest asset, is it your money? Is it your career? Is it your car? To me, it’s your health? I looked at the bill, uh, um, not bill Gates, Steve jobs, right? He was in, I think mid is when he had that pancreatic cancer. He was a billionaire. He had a, more than a billion dollars, all of his money couldn’t buy his health back. So really I’m a big advocate of your health is your greatest asset. And you want to do whatever you can to take care of your health because I don’t care how much money you have. You can’t buy health, right? You can’t buy it back. If you’ve got a sickness or disease, you know, it is what it is and diseases sicknesses and prejudice. It doesn’t care about your background, your education, where you grew up, what school you went to, what color you are. It doesn’t care about any of those things, right? Diseases, disease. So again, your health could be your greatest asset.

So let’s say somebody realizes, Hey, I want to come to get a checkup in, how do they go about finding a trusted chiropractor, um, that can really help them. It’s going to be on the same page and then any red flags they should avoid when they’re doing that search?

Well, what I would do is, um, I would, I would look at some reviews. You know, you can go there, go to their website, go to reviews, look at their websites. Um, I’m an advocate of finding a corrective care chiropractor, and there’s a couple of websites you can go to and you put your zip code in and it will tell you, different chiropractors, in your area, wherever you are throughout the United States, one’s called CVP, which is chiropractic biophysics. Uh, actually the webpage is called and there’s a spot you click for patients and you can put your information and it will show you a list of chiropractors that are in that area. Um, but I would look at reviews. I would call a lot of them. Uh, you can tell right away on how they answer their phones. When you come in the office, are you greeted, you know, just some common sense things, uh, or you can even post on Facebook.

Hey, here’s, you know, anybody has a great chiropractor that they like, and they can go find some, you know, some, some reviews or some referrals as well. But I would look, I would look for like ideal and I would just find out, Hey, when you call them, interview them, talk to him for a minute. Hey, what kind of chiropractic do you, do? You just, you adjust children, you just families, because there are some chiropractors out there that only do like personal injury work or they have a very specific field, which is fine. But for family care, I would find a corrective chiropractic office.

Um, what about for credentialing? What I mean, they have to have obviously their, their license. Um, is there a place to check to make sure they’re current on their license with the state?

Uh, well, yeah. Yeah. In order to practice in any state you have, besides having a degree from an actual med school chiropractic college, you have to have a degree. And then once we get our degrees, then you have to go take your state board exam. And every state is a little bit different, but you have in the United States, you have to be licensed in every state with your state in order to PRI provide chiropractic services. So yeah, you can check that. Um, I would imagine again, you never know, though as the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas around. I would imagine if they’re advertising or, or refer to something like that, they have their stuff in my office and the front desk, you can see, you know, the certificates and we have to take X amount of hours every year to stay current with the, with the licensing agreement. So yeah, they need to be licensed in the state you’re at for sure. And you could always look up the board, but most times you can find that online.

Gotcha. Okay. Um, well, how can people get ahold of you if they’re hearing loss, say if they want to get in touch with your practice, where w who do they call and or what, what’s your website?

Yeah. So you could, uh, you could use just our, our direct phone number to the office is (702) 636-2843. And you can add any of the girls up there. I have, uh, I have quite a few staff up here and any of them to be happy, you can just say, Hey, I heard, heard it on Blake’s podcast and that they can, you know, they can get you a schedule to come on in for a consultation and we can see how it can help you with whatever service you need. Our web page is called active life health. You can go there as well, or chiropractor,, either one of those would pull you to our web page. And on our webpage, you’ll see many different services. You’ll see different testimonials of patients. You kind of see some pictures of our office so that that’d be a good start as well. And then there are the phone numbers with our great Trusts Attorney Las Vegas services. If you’re looking for chiropractic, or if you’re looking for neuropathy, knee program, or, you know, weight loss and body contouring as well, those are all different little sections that you can pull up on the web page, but it’s chiropractor And, uh, it will take you to, you know, to all the different pages up there.

Perfect. And I’ll make sure I put that in the show notes. So it’s linked to the podcast. So our listeners can find that, um, a lot of great information today. Um, any other things that we missed that absolutely vital that we should have covered today, as far as chiropractic care,

I think we did a good job in coverage, and those are great questions. And I think it flowed, I hope this was informative for you. It’s I mean, if there are any other specific questions that we don’t cover, and I don’t know if they can contact you or whatever, I’d be happy to try to answer those for you. I think the biggest thing is we’re just, we’re on a mission really to try to create as many healthy people as possible. We know there’s a ton of stress out there, especially now, right? There’s more stress in the world now than maybe never existed. I don’t know, at least for us living on earth right now, right? So we’re dealing with stress. There’s anxiety, there’s fear, there’s unknown. The best form of health is for your body to function as close to the way that God created the function.

And all I know for that is we have is all stark. There are other avenues of health that we didn’t get into that I get that, but it all starts with you, with your, with your spinal cord and your immune system. So the closer you are too flowing the way that it’s supposed to flow, where all your tissue cells and organs received information, send it back. The brain controls that, you know, your body is the smartest doctor out there. I tell patients all the time when they come to us and say, you know what, thank you, doc. I’m so grateful you did this. I said, don’t thank me. Thank God. We’re just, we’re just messengers. We’re just moving bones to get it back. We’re using science and we’re putting things back where they need to be. And your body is the smartest doctor in the room with a good Trusts Attorney Las Vegas today.

It knows more than any doctor on this planet. It doesn’t need external things. It just needs to be able to function the way that it’s supposed to. And when we can create that in an individual and you can help debt to your family, I’m a big advocate of getting your kids checked. Sometimes if I have parents here, I said, listen, you know, I saw you have a couple of children or whatever, up in the waiting room, let’s get him checked. And the biggest thing I learned is people said, Oh, I didn’t know you could adjust children. I didn’t know I get it because we’re not trained that way. I understand I’m not blaming them. It’s just the way were raised. When I was a kid. I’ll be honest. I’ll share real quick. I was 20 years old. And what really got me into chiropractic was I was working construction here in town.

I worked for a company called ms. Concrete. And, uh, I got hurt on the job. How does the sake? Yes. And something. I heard a little pop and my arm went numb and I couldn’t move my neck. Well, they sent me to a medical doctor who really said, I don’t know what to do for you. Here’s a bunch of pills gave me some drugs and said, go to physical therapy. I went to physical therapy and after the third time, I came home just in more pain than I was ever before. And I didn’t really know what they were doing. They reduced the stretching and different things when it comes to your new Trusts Attorney Las Vegas, but it wasn’t working gentlemen from my church. He was friends with, with, you know, with our family, from the church. He called my house one night and asked to talk to me. And he said, have you been to a chiropractor?

I’m going, to be honest. I had never even heard of one. I grew up in a medical office. I didn’t even know what a chiropractor was. And this is the truth, man. This is 20 years ago. And I said, no. And I just, I didn’t want to sound stupid. So I’m like, Oh no, man. And he’s like, well, he referred me to a guy that he knows the chiropractor. He said you should go. You should call him and go see him. I got off the phone and I asked my mother, I said, mom, what’s up the chiropractor. And her answer was not sure. I think they worked on car accidents. So people will come in with this idea. I get it. Okay. I have the same thing. Right? I grew up in a pharmacy. My grandfather was a pharmacist. So my mom is dumping stuff on a spoon, take this, take this pill to get the best Trusts Attorney Las Vegas by far.

She’d opened the cupboard above the fridge. And all we had was just every little pill and poster you can think of. Well, as time went on and I learned this stuff, we don’t take any drugs in our family. Very, very rare, very little. We really believe in our bodies. So long story short, that’s what got me better. Um, that’s what changed my mindset, you know, to get better. And then my sister was suffering from migraine headaches. She was a senior in high school and I remember she never had, she didn’t go out with her friends. She was always in her room. She hardly ever came down for dinner and she just never felt good. And my mother was always taking her to some car, some doctor and she’d come home with new pills. And when I met this chiropractor, I told him about it. He said, bring her in.

So I told my mom and she was like, well, nothing else is working long story short. She started getting, you know, he did this assessment started adjusting her and guess what? They didn’t go away a hundred percent, but they improved dramatically. She did suffer from migraines on a daily basis. And that was what clicked for me. That’s awesome. And that’s really where I decided I was going to go to medical school. That’s my original thought. But I switched over to chiropractic school. And I’m really happy that I did. It’s been a really, really cool ride. We’ve been able to see thousands of cases of people improve. At this point in my practice right now, I’ve been doing this for a long time. The part that brings me the most happiness is hearing the successes. When patients tell us doc, here’s where I was after a few months, few weeks, here’s where I am.

Now I can do this. Now I can do this. Now I’m so much happier. I feel better. My energy levels are up. That’s what makes me happy. And that’s, that’s the thing is if you’re suffering, you don’t have to suffer. Just get checked. If they can’t help you, they can’t help you. But you’ll never know if you don’t go to get checked. And so I recommend for everybody, you know, that suffering or not even suffering, just go get it, just, just call for an appointment and, and get checked and see what, see what can be done. Cause a lot of times there are things that can be done that can dramatically improve your life with the best around for your attorney needs.

Okay. Well, I love your passion. I think it’s very clear for those who are watching the video that, you know, you get excited by this stuff. You have lots of energy. Um, so, you know, thank you for being on, thank you for sharing, you know, your, your little bits of wisdom with us and for our listeners, please like subscribe, let us know how we’re doing. Reach out. If you have different topics you want us to cover and we’ll see if we can’t get them on the show as well. So hopefully you guys got something out of this and thank you again, Josh, for being with us today.

Hey, thank you. It’s awesome.

Back. We’ll talk to you guys next time.