Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Want Advice From A Great Realtor?

Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Want Advice From A Great Realtor?

Hello and welcome to the trusted podcast. I am your host, Blake Johnson. And today we’ve got a special guest with us. We’ve got Zach Walker to leap and he’s a realtor. And we’re going to talk about a residential home buying and what you need to do to know there and also how you can find a trusted realtor near you. So Zach, welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. I’m excited. Yeah. Is that, why don’t you start off giving us a little bit of your background and um, you know, what kind of makes you an expert in your field with a Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

So I am born and raised in Las Vegas. I’m a fourth-generation local and all of the real estates is, is an understanding of the local market. You really need to have a, uh, a touch on, on what’s going on a day to day, month to month and, and know the streets, know how everything’s moving and groove and, and so, uh, having my, my personal history in the market, I understand the development that Las Vegas, uh, has gone through and the businesses that have come here to get the best Trust Attorney Las Vegas, how the community has grown, what schools look like. And that gives me a very firm understanding of, of what people are looking for or need to be looking out for too, um, I started in real estate right after college and really the end of 2011, but beginning 2012 and that was the bottom of the market in Las Vegas. We were the hardest hit real estate market in the nation.

Really. It was all foreclosures and short sales. And, uh, I started with Coldwell banker and I started doing investment real estate. So I was underwriting, you know, a hundred properties a day essentially for, uh, like the Blackstone’s and colony capitals in the big, uh, huge purchasers here in Las Vegas. So I got a really good understanding of value. And how to evaluate real estate. But I also went through some crazy real estate transactions where, uh, you know, if you’d gone through short sales and dealing with banks and distressed properties and a lot of the emotions that go with that too on the seller or buyer side, uh, people’s lives were changing dramatically at that time. And it was extremely sad situations or maybe great investment opportunities as a whole range of different experiences. So I stepped in it and probably the craziest time and real estate that Las Vegas has ever gone through. And so that allowed me to have this phenomenal foundation where I, I had a, a, a depth of knowledge and experiences and I’ve, I’ve just grown from, from that point you will need to contact us about Trust Attorney Las Vegas services. Awesome.

Um, I think that, uh, is a good background, um, for us. So let’s dive right in. Um, let’s start with the, the home buying process. So give us some of the biggest mistakes that you see home buyers make when they’re going to try and

purchase property. I think that a lot of technology has benefited the consumer greatly. So having, having the platforms like Zillow and Trulia, all that stuff, it allows the consumer to be well-informed. One of the downsides of that though is, is that they, they take some of the burden and responsibility that should be on the real estate agent shoulders and, and burden it falls on their own shoulders. I think that they should continue to, um, look for proper advice and guidance rather than looking at like the Zestimate as the appropriate offer price for our home because it’s an, it’s an algorithm spitting something out that’s a, you know, considering metadata rather than truly a personalized approach to, to how your home should be valued and what you should offer and what’s the seller going through. Can you negotiate a better price than, than maybe just what Zillow is telling you. You can, you have to look at the whole picture. And there’s also a ton of liability in real estate. And so unless you’re using a professional that can guide you properly. And I would say put, put all the onus on them, say, teach me, guide me, tell me what you, um, what you know and how to navigate this whole process because you should feel empowered by having the information available to you. But you should also, um, I still think, look to a real estate agent to guide you properly with the top Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Awesome. So just while you’re talking, I thought of an example I had on a probate side. We have a Zestimate on the property that’s going through probate and is astronomical compared to what the property is worth because Zillow can’t look at pictures and see how beat up the house is. Yep. And so for us, it was worth it to go get the appraisal done to really Cabot for a number to come back to the court. Cause they’ll accept this estimated number, which I always find interesting that they’ll accept that value when it comes to Trust Attorney Las Vegas. But we’re like, no, we want to do appraisal cause we want it to come in lower for an estate tax situation. And because we have to sell, um, uh, or because probate is based off of the value of the equity in the house. And so if we can get that down, we don’t have to do some of the procedures and so on. So that’s where I think, yeah, the technology is great, but it still is the one that, it doesn’t have eyes. It can’t look and see what the, you know, the, the look factor is, um, you know, as far as what, what real estate does.

Well, there’s this, there’s, this is crazy. So now there are appraisals that you can, you can waive an appraisal as a lender if it’s under a certain dollar amount. And the problem with that is, let’s say I’m home is built in 2007 in Las Vegas. And the builder had previously planned on putting an 1800 square foot home on that lot, but they change it. Um, they put a 1500 square foot home on that lot. So they sell it to you, you believe the entire time because the tax record says it’s an 1800 square foot home because you had an appraisal waived when you, the home that it’s, it’s 1800 square feet now you got to sell it and it’s reappraised by the buyer’s appraiser and it’s a 1500 square foot home that uses a Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Imagine that happening to you. So these automated systems where the value is not truly looking at the particulars of the home, including lenders doing this now, but you know, imagine how office estimates could be if lenders are making that mistake, you could be way off and overpay. So, you know, seek professional guidance because you don’t want to be in a $30,000 hole because you didn’t get the right information.