Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Business Insurance with Jacob White 1.0

Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Business Insurance with Jacob White 1.0

Hello and welcome to the trusted podcast. I am your host, Blake Johnson. We’ve got a great program today. We’ve got Jake white with us and he’s going to be talking about, uh, commercial and business insurance and what that looks like. Um, and what kind of things we need to look out for and avoid. So, Jake, thanks for being on the show. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it. Happy 2020. Yeah, happy 2020. We’re recording this just after new year’s. All right, Jake, uh, let’s start with, just give me a little bit of your background. Um, you know, how you got into what you do and then what makes you and your company, you’re kind of the experts in your field with your Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Yes. A little,

a bit about my background. Um, real quick. So I grew up small town Treemont and you’d saw, um, basically my whole life. And then from ages 22 to 28, I was in, uh, Orem, Utah, went to school at UVU, uh, graduated in exercise science, which helped me a lot in the insurance,

the history that science. Um, no, but, uh, that’s what I did at UVU. And then

I met my wife there in Oram. Uh, she’s from here, from Vegas. And so she brought us back to the Homeland. Um, and we’ve been here about just a little over six years. And, uh, I’m one of the, while I was in Utah, I met up with, uh, Mark Swartz, who is the one of the owners of Swartz Manning and associates. Um, and so that’s where I work. It’s a, it’s a full service independent insurance agency. Um, which just means, you know, we kind of offer everything from, you know, personal insurance with the home and auto and life and health insurance. And then kind of what I focus on, I’m a producer for the commercial department, which is, you know, all the property casualty and basically anything that a business is gonna run into. And so that’s, that’s my background. Uh, you know, been there six years and the agency itself, just a small background on that, the owners, uh, Mark Swartz and Justin Manning, and they started about 23 years ago, um, both local guys from here, from Vegas. And, and you know, it’s a great company to work with. They have, uh, an office here in Vegas office in California, in the office to get Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

And you thought, awesome. Well, let’s jump right in. Um, let’s, uh, let’s talk about biggest mistakes you people you see people make when they buy, uh, insurance for their business or their commercial needs.

So on that one, the kind of, the big thing that pops out to me is, um, probably people focusing a little too much on premium, which is understandable. And what I mean by that is just typically, um, you know, we’ll get a lot of people where the only thing they want to look at is, you know, just what the bottom line is, what the premium is, which,

what’s good price. For those of you who don’t understand what premium is, which is the price, which is a very important aspect when it comes to Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Obviously when you’re a business owner, you want to, you know, make sure you’re getting a good price on the insurance you’re buying. Um, but when I say that kind of the pitfall is, uh, we see a lot of business owners where they’ll kind of focus too much on it and kind of find ways to, you know, reduce the price that they’re paying and it’s, you know, at the same time they’re going to be sacrificing that coverage. And so, um, that would be probably the biggest thing that sticks out to me is just a little too much focus on the price, uh, versus, um, you know, what we think is a lot of the focus should just be on what type of industry you’re in and then the coverage policies and all that type of stuff that, that you need. Cause with buying the insurance, you’re obviously, you know, protecting your asset, collecting your business. And so if you are purchasing it, you want it to, you know, cover cover you in an accident or anything, you know, it does happen and it needs to give you the best Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Right? So I think, um, you know, obviously the producing, uh, the amount of coverage, the total dollar amount that the insurance company will pay out is, that’s reduces premium. Am I right? Yeah. So there’s those kinds of things. But what, so from a personal side, you know, let’s, let’s take an auto example. You’ve got your uninsured motorist coverage. That’s one that’s not state mandated, but highly, highly recommend that people have. Um, because if you get in a wreck and they don’t, or somebody else hits you and they don’t have an insurance, if you don’t have an insured motorist, you’re not covered. Is there something like that on the business side that people tend to take out cause it’ll reduce the premium. Um, but it really is kind of like a big thing that they should definitely consider having Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, well as far as that goes, um, cause most business owners that we, you know, run into that and I think we’ll get into this a little bit more, but as far as the policies are concerned, you’re always going to have, you know, a general liability policy. Um, kind of the main broad policies that you want. Um, kind of what I’ve seen for people trying to reduce premiums is, you know, one that kind of comes up a lot is crime policies or, um, employment practices, liability insurance policies, things like that. But it’s a little more, a lot of times the policy will include supplements, um, which isn’t what the supplement, it’s usually going to be around, you know, 15,000, $20,000 of limit, which isn’t really substantial if you did have a claim in that department for Trust Attorney Las Vegas.