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Uh, that’s, that’s the average person that’s mentioned. They’re going to be in your home, in your bathroom closet, looking at everything. So you want to feel comfortable with them. Yeah, exactly. And they’re going to, they’re going to hopefully be honest with you too, about the condition of your home and how to present the home properly. You don’t want someone that’s going to be dishonest with you or hold back too, you want someone that’s going to be blunt and tell you here’s what you need to do to get your home show-ready. And so having a connection with someone is important. And so I understand why people go with friends or, or referrals from friends, which is good. Um, but I would also interview, uh, top agents in your area with top Trust Attorney Las Vegas. It takes, take the time to do the research and interview someone that has done business in your neighborhood or in your area so that, you can see what they have to offer you. Because chances are they’re going to blow your friend out of the water. They’re going to be excellent at what they do and, and you want to consider it.

Okay? So you brought up the point of, you know, telling people what they need to do to get their house ready. Where are the places? And we had this conversation just before we started the podcast. And then where are the places people should focus their effort on, on making sure it looks the best as far as parts of the house and then what things are really worth doing to fix up the house versus things they should, should lead to, you know, to the buyer to essentially fix-up everything with Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Yeah. So Las Vegas is a unique market. Um, and we’re, we’re starting to make this change. So we differ from areas like California where in California you have the margin, uh, the difference between a renovated home and a un-renovated home where if you, if you go to sell your home, you may want to actually invest money in renovations because you could get that dollar amount difference. We’re in Las Vegas beyond paint and maybe new carpet investing money in serious renovations, for the most part, won’t yield you a return on investment. So again, seek counsel, see what your real estate agent advises. Um, but major renovations are usually not necessary doing things like touch up paint or painting walls and making them look neutral with the best Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Um, especially if you have very personalized coloration in your home that could be necessary and useful and be a good return on investment. Maybe doing new flooring, if an area has high traffic, a carpet use or something like that.

But general things that are good investments, uh, in renovations over the longterm, our kitchens, master bathrooms, um, and flooring, those are, those are great investments that are you can do overtime and uh, it helps bring, bring the home up to, to market value. Um, I would say that just, just keeping your home declutter ISED or having your kitchen countertops clear your master bathroom clean and clear your bed made with us for te best Trust Attorney Las Vegas. That’s, that’s typically enough for the, for the average home. If you’re, if you’re up in price point and you’re, let’s say over 600, 750,000 here in Las Vegas, maybe staging becomes involved. You have to, you have to look at things a little bit better present the home for. It’s a, it’s more lecture qualities.

Okay. Um,

all right. So, um, right being in my profession with estate planning and probate, let’s talk about what happens from a real estate perspective. If the homeowner dies, what does that look like on your end?

You, everyone, when you buy a home, whether you’re single, married, have kids, whatever it is, get a will. That’s the first thing. Get, get a will. That’s like step number one, step number two if you can, is put the home in a trust, uh, and, and go through that next, next step. But you want to get a will at a minimum because you do not want to pass away unexpectedly and have the home go to probate because then your family is now hit.

So, so I got a corrected there. So it’s not even just a will they have to have a trust to avoid probate. All a will does is guarantee you’re going through probate, but you’re specifying who you want to get it.

Right with us and get the best Trust Attorney Las Vegas. And there’s, there’s also a, uh, it’s like a Passover pour-over will, uh, which like if you didn’t put the, the house in a trust, uh, then it, you didn’t specifically name it or something like that, then if it pours over, is that correct?

But you still have to get the court approval to do that. Right. So yeah, there’s just less of a process then it helps expedite a little bit. But Nevada as a process is already kind of expedited, so it doesn’t make a big difference. Now if you’re in a state like California, they have a provision that if you have the poor will and you intended that you don’t have to go through court, but Nevada doesn’t have that statute. And so it still is, is the work there with us when it comes to a Trust Attorney Las Vegas. So that’s where, um, you know, really having ownership and title, um, you know, maybe that’s another podcast idea we can, we can do titling of your home is, is a huge deal. So, you know, let’s say you have husband and wife that own the house, but it’s as tenants in common, you know, it’s no, they don’t know what they’re doing.

Unfortunately they, they say, Hey, you know, how do you want to tile? They say, Oh, I heard tenants was good. So we’ll do tenants in common. What that means is you each own your 50% and penalty and if you die, the other one keeps their 50% but the other one has to go through probate.