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They’re on and have a little rating. Um, so that kinda helps point you in the right direction. But speak with lenders. If you have a lender that you, you already know or speak with your attorney, if you have an attorney that you know or CPAs, see who your professional network recommends. And if they recommend, if maybe you get a couple of them that recommend the same person, that would be a good indicator that maybe that person’s the right person to go to. Um, but go through your professional network and your personal network. So ask your, your business community and your friends and family who they would recommend and, and go from there and your interview process with great Trust Attorney Las Vegas sevices.

Yeah. And it might take some time, but I think the return that you would get on that is far greater yet if you’re purchasing a house, somebody can, you know that it’s a part-time or they can show you all the houses, you know, fine, whatever, that’s the case. But if you’re selling, I think it’s even more important to get that person who knows your market knows how to market it. I mean, would you say it’s true that there’s more work going into selling than there is to helping a buyer far more so I think that’s where you know, you’re really gonna your trends. Where you make your money is on the sell side of it. So you know, the amount of time you spend finding that right person is going to yield, are you a return on the backend because they can know how to present it the right way to get it sold fast. You get the money in your pocket and you may get a higher price.

Right? So, you know, putting, putting actual percentages in terms. So there are things like the average agent now is doing a discount commission for great Trust Attorney Las Vegas, which is a thing that the real estate industry is combating. There’s now I buyers out there like open door and Cylo and things like that. And so we’re, we’re battling percentages. And so they’re like, well, you only take a three to 10% hit on your home. Well, if you’re in a $300,000 home, 1% $3,000 so let’s say an average agent will cut their commission by one or 2%, that’s three $6,000 on you, on your average home here. Well, 1% is made up easily in negotiations. It’s made up of the marketing of your home, how quickly you bring someone in. It’s made up of inspections. It’s made up of how well you present your home’s value to an appraiser. It’s made up so many different ways along with the transaction that if you have an average agent, that $3,000 is blown out of the water.

When it’s a great agent representing you, they can make you $10,000 more than the average agent net. And so consider, consider that there’s, there’s a bigger picture. Um, at the end of the day, you want to look at your eventual net and cash in pocket, not how much you could potentially save on the upfront dollars. Um, with open door and some of these eye buyers, they’re hitting you on the back end, which is an unknown thing to the buyer pool. And so we’re trying to educate the public that a cash buyer may come in and offer you a very good figure, but there’s, there’s closing costs. They usually ask for six to 10% in closing costs that you pay for. So again, do the math on that 10% on a $300,000 home, $30,000 and then you get into contract and now they have a inspection and they hit you with another $10,000 that they’re requesting because your AC is old and this needs to be replaced and that and it needs to be painted when it comes to Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

And so now at the end of the day, $40,000 out the door, uh, $300,000 house when you could have used an agent and could have gotten you a lot more. So, um, just do your research, be informed, uh, seek resources and you will, you’ll be okay. Awesome. Any final thoughts for anything as far as you want the podcast listeners to know about real estate that we haven’t covered? Reach out to me anytime. I am happy to answer any, any personalized questions that you may have. I’ll um, go in-depth on anything that may have sparked your interest or that you’ve been wondering for a while. Um, or if you have questions about the Vegas market and where we’re heading, um, you could reach me at seven zero two seven four three nine, nine, nine, eight. That’s my cell Um, I am very positive Las Vegas in the longterm, I think the Las Vegas as a, as a city over the next 10 years will be booming with Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

We’re going to be in a housing shortage situation. Um, so if you have the opportunity to buy now, I don’t know what the next two, three or four years might look like and housing, but if you’re willing and able to hold for a 10-year run, our city is going to look great. Um, you know, we, we, we’re probably gonna have a, a little California effect here and we’re already seeing a shortage which drives up prices and as more regulation comes in, that’s also a thing to be concerned about. But our, our wages are growing. Excellent. Um, the industry is growing still, and the prognosis from most major resources are saying that Las Vegas is one of the best cities to be in for real estate for, for many years to come. So, um, go with top Trust Attorney Las Vegas

go Vegas. Yeah. And I’ll put a link to Zach’s contact information in the show notes, um, on the podcast. So thanks Zach for being with us. Um, as always, listeners, if you could like and subscribe to the podcast, we appreciate it and then, uh, give us a review. Let us know what else you’d like to hear from, us in the future so we make sure that we keep things relevant for you. So, uh, thanks Zach and we’ll talk to you next time with us the best Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Thank you.