Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Realtor Interview 1.2

Um, they put a 1500 square foot home on that lot. So they sell it to you, you believe the entire time because the tax record says it’s an 1800 square foot home because you had an appraisal waived when you, the home that it’s, it’s 1800 square feet now you got to sell it and it’s reappraised by the buyer’s appraiser and it’s a 1500 square foot home. Imagine that happening to you. So these automated systems where the value is not truly looking at the particulars of the home, including lenders doing this now, but you know, imagine how office estimates could be if lenders are making that mistake, you could be way off and overpay. So, you know Trust Attorney Las Vegas is here for you, seek professional guidance because you don’t want to be in a $30,000 hole because you didn’t get the right information.

So, um, what other things as far as like when you’re, let’s say you’re under contract and buying a home and, um, you know, the appraisal something, you know, I would advise my clients to get the appraisal done. It’s worth the four or 500 bucks just to make sure the value that you’re getting is worth it. They’re, if they’re getting lending, most likely they’re going to require that. But are there other, um, tests or you know, the inspection type things that they should get done? Um, what’s the ones are, you know, kind of not as important versus the ones that they should get done, especially here in Nevada with great Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Well, so a general home inspection here in Nevada, we’ll cover most items of the home. So they’re going to look at the roof. They’re gonna look at the plumbing, they’re gonna look at the electrical, they’re going to look at everything in the general home inspection. They’re even going to look at the pool and spa. You can, in addition to a general home inspection, get a roof inspection, which would then certify the roof or a pool inspection, which would then certify the pool. But you would only want to do that really in a have that cost. And if you, if you felt that the general home inspection, uh, noted something that caused concern. And I think if you just do the general home inspection, do you look at that report that would cover most of your, your items in Las Vegas? If you’re out in some of the areas where you have septic tanks or uh, you know, some funky things like that, then, you have additional inspections that you want to look at. But for the most part, we’re pretty, pretty easy state. We’re dry for the most part, so we don’t have mold, we don’t have those things. And in mass, it’s very rare that you come across, uh, weird things and that can help Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Okay,

good. Um, let’s talk about stack tastes that back, people looking at homes, what’s it, what are mistakes people make when they’re there? How shopping they’re looking to get attached to a property or is it, um, you know, when they’re going to bid on a property, how, how do they determine, you know, what’s the best way to, uh, to approach, um, that process of, of making an offer. And then also, um, you know, from a standpoint of, uh, maybe you speak to buying what they can afford versus what the lender says they can,

that’s the first step and purchasing a home is to get preapproved with the lender. Because what that does is it tells you, okay, I can buy at this price with, this expected down payment and with this monthly cost, you do not want to find your dream home and then come to find out you can’t, you can’t afford it. That’s heartbreaking. And then you’re your, you may feel discouraged in the home purchasing process. So I would say for the benefit of yourself and your real estate agent who’s going to show you all the homes, go, go get preapproved. And most real estate agents can, can help you if you don’t have a lender in mind, they have a referral network. Um, there’s, there are credit unions, there are large banks, there’s a whole ton of different financing options too. So make sure you’re, you’re looking at all those. Um, one thing that, um, I would always do when buying a home is, is put down your, all of your criteria and you’re never gonna find the exact perfect home. You’re going to want to find something that is, uh, hits as many marks as possible and try to find something that you can, you can grow into Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

And, and I will testify that we, we just built a house. And even then when you’re custom building it, you don’t hit all the boxes. Just stumped. Some stuff isn’t feasible. Some stuff isn’t within your price range or whatever the case is. But yeah, you know, what checks the box and then, and then go through there. Um, and then I just recommend, you know, just because the bank says you can afford this house doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s comfortable for you to do or that you logistically can do it. You know, your situation. And I think what the problem that we had when people got into trouble in Oh seven Oh eight is they’re buying houses based off speculation that the property was going to go up in value. And so they could sell it in two years and make a ton of money and that they would just suffer for those two years, making those extra payments over what they could afford Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

And, um, you know, that’s not a situation you want to be. And I think you, you want to look at your finances and this is, you know, more of a financial, uh, discussion, but look at your finances, see what you’re comfortable with, and leave yourself some, some breathing room there because you know, stuff happens with Trust Attorney Las Vegas.