Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Name Changes Are Happening

Hello everyone. Uh, I’m Blake Johnson Trust Attorney Las Vegas. I’m one of the owners of the law offices of Kurt Johnson and I have got some exciting news for everyone. So, uh, we’re actually gonna be changing the name from the law offices of curt Johnson, two trusted estate planning attorneys. Um, now, uh, that’s just in the Vegas office. And uh, I wanna first of all is sure all of our clients who have done work with us in the past that, um, you know, you’re, you’re okay, you don’t have to change anything. It doesn’t change anything with your, with your trust, with your will, with your business documents. Um, you don’t have to go and do anything. Uh, as far as getting that changed, we don’t have to update and make any amendments to your trust, uh, make any changes to your operating agreement. You don’t have to change, uh, your registered agent or anything like that.

That is all gonna be taken care of. It, it’s part of, um, your ongoing service and you may even still at C’s being stay as offices of Kurt Johnson, um, for the next few months while we get that changed over. But you do not have to worry about anything. You are covering. Your documents are still valid. You don’t have to make any changes. I also want to assure all of our clients that we are going to still provide the same great service, uh, that we had before that you know, us 4:00 AM. And so, you know, we hope that, uh, you know, you like the change. Um, there’s a couple reasons why we did that and I wanna I want to give you a little bit of backstory with that, but before I do first want to show you what the new logo looks like. So that’s it right there Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

A trusted estate planning attorneys and um, for I can tell you why we made the name change, you need some history on the firm. So my dad, Kurt Johnson, started the firm, uh, in the late nineties. And he did that because he was looking, um, to make a change to first, you know, be on his own, but also he wanted to be able to be in control of the client experience, making sure that he had a personal relationship with the clients that he met with that, um, you know, they were taken care of properly, that they were, um,


really they had a quick turnaround with the documents and that, um, you know, making sure everything was done the way that he knew it should be for the clients. And, uh, one of the biggest complaints that, uh, the state bar hears about attorneys over and over again is that attorneys don’t return phone calls or emails and they’re hard to getting a hold of. And when you do get ahold of them, guess what? You get billed for it, right? Not really the ideal situation. That’s why there’s a lot of complaints for that. And so, um, Kurt has always had a policy of, uh, returning phone calls as soon as possible. Typically if we can within 24 business hours and, um, he has passed that on to me. And that’s part of our culture is we want to be in contact with the client and we do everything we can by flat fee basis so that those calls are not being tracked and monitored and billed to you.

Um, because we want the client to be in touch with us, we want to make sure that we can have an open line of communication to help service them in the best way possible. And so by doing things by a flat fee, um, that allows us to have those extra phone calls with your financial advisor, with your CPA, to make sure that the plan that we have in place is going to work for your business, for your personal stuff. Um, and that there’s not any conflicts going on. And so one of the main reasons, um, that, uh, we changed the firm name is we wanted to, um, one B, uh, convey that it’s something more than just my dad. He’s built this legacy, we’re going to build off of that and um, and show it’s something that, that really kind of resonates with people Trust Attorney Las Vegas. And so all the things that my dad did, they still still ring true today.

Um, we still want the client to have a personal experience. We still want to make sure it’s something that, you know, is perfectly crafted for them. Um, it’s personal. We want to, um, you know, make sure that it’s an experience that, um, they get done quickly. Trust Attorney Las Vegas So it’s not something that’s pushed off five or six months just because the attorney’s backed up or busy or it’s not important to him. And so we chose trusted for two main reasons. First one being, you know, it’s a play on words. As estate planning attorneys, we draft a lot of trusts. And so that was the first part of it. The second reason is we want to be, uh, we wanted to convey that, you know, and commit openly that we, you can trust us, that we are gonna do our part to make sure that you have a great experience and that we’re someone, one of your advisors that you can come to and you can trust with anything that you can trust us, um, that we will call you back in a reasonable time.

Uh, we will email you back in reasonable time. You can trust us that, um, the price that we quote you is exactly that. The price you’re going to pay, you know, if there is happens to be something that comes up that’s gonna change that price, we’re going to let you know ahead of time. Trust Attorney Las Vegas And typically the only time that happens is if a deed comes in that, um, the fee from the county, uh, raises that price. So it’s not even us raising the price for you. It’s the county, um, who you can trust us that we will get things done at a reasonable time. Typically our turnaround is two weeks and we’re do everything we can to keep it at that two weeks or under. Um, and you know, if we set a signed date with you, we’re going to be there and we’re gonna have everything ready.

You can trust us that we’re going to create a plan, whether it’s your personal estate plan, your business plan, um, you know, setting up the new entity that’s gonna work for you, for your family and for your other loved ones, and it’s going to be personally tailored to meet your needs. And, um, you know, you can trust us to take care of those other family members and loved ones the same way that we take care of our own family and loved ones. And so that’s the main reason why we’ve made the change to trust an estate planning attorneys. Um, once again, our services and remains the same. Our existing clients don’t have to change any of their documents. Their value documents are still valid and we’re going to update everything on with the state on that level. So, uh, we appreciate you as clients. We appreciate, um, you know, the relationships that we built over the years and hope that we can continue those relationships as we continue to grow, um, and, and make this a law firm something bigger than what my dad originally started with. We’re grateful for his legacy and excited to build on that. So thank you for, uh, everything that you guys do for us and we look forward to serving you in the future. Trust Attorney Las Vegas