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Make sure they have current reviews and make sure that they’re positive, especially if you can find one maybe that relates to your industry or relates to your circumstance. Uh, that’s a really good cue. The other thing is CPAs are regulated by the state board of accountancy and you can always look them up on the state board of accountancy if there’s been any negative or type of oversea seeing that was done because of something wrong that they did, it’ll be published there and you can look it up when searching for Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

I think along with that, you know, if you have other, other advisors you work with, whether it’s, you know, your attorney, your financial advisor, I’m a bookkeeper or um, you know, anybody else, they probably know some good ones because they’re in the industry where they’re meeting with a lot of those people. Hopefully, you know it. If they’re a good one, they are having those interactions. So ask them who they like to work with and who they found to be a trusted person. All right. Anything else on, um, you know, what things they need to look for.

Those are my critical rules of thumb. If you’re applying those and there a lot, but I would apply all of them. If you’re going through that, you’ll get a good CPA.

Yeah. And you brought up cost. Um, I think that this is one of those things where you gotta look at, okay, maybe this attorney only, or this the CPA only charges $300 to do this return, but the other one charges me 1200 but the 1,201 saves you $50,000 in taxes. Which one do you go to when it comes to Trust Attorney Las Vegas? The one who’s going to save you a net of $49,000 or the one that’s, you know, it’s maybe a different of $700 on the prepare, you know, the preparing fee. You got to look at the whole picture. Yes, there were the, they charge more, but they are worth every penny for what they’re saving you. If they’re not saving you over and over again, you know, then it’s probably not the person you want to be.

And the same combination of these same items that we’re looking at. Let’s say this guy charges more. He has to be able to tell you what he’s doing to save you more. He can’t just say, Oh, I’m going to save you some money to work. He needs to tell you what tax stuff he’s using. How does that apply to you? How does it benefit you? He doesn’t have to give you crazy tax rates, but he needs to explain it in a simple way that you can understand for the general why a trusted CPA will be able to justify their feet and there’ll be worth it, but they’ll be able to tell you why.

Well, and I think there’ll be able to show you the numbers saying, all right, if we do this, you know, maybe it’d be rough numbers at the beginning, but say based off of the general information you give me, here’s this, this and this. This is the tax dollar savings we can get with solid Trust Attorney Las Vegas options. If we do implement this plan, then it should be pretty straight forward. Oh yeah. My other guy didn’t even tell me about that. You know, those are the kinds of things you look for. All right. Any, any final closing thoughts before we wrap up here with amazing Trust Attorney?

Uh, man, they, the only thing that I even have noted that I wanted to bring back around just as a closing point is how important it is to have a team of professionals that are trusted that you work with. Um, from the attorney’s standpoint, from the CPA. Uh, you may have a banker that you’d like to work with. Uh, maybe some of them provide insurance. You need to have a team that’s trusted and they need to work together. I think that’s one of the critical ways of finding some really good longterm financial success, whether in tax savings or otherwise. You’re going to do it with that team. Um, I’ve worked with Blake for a long time. I haven’t worked with a lot of my clients, just running items that we have in common. I’ve had and do trust the state will corporate setup. Um, he’s been a great resource to my clients. Everyone I’ve referred to has always spoken back very highly of them. So I highly recommend, uh, Blake Johnson and his team. He is a trusted attorney that I would recommend to any of my clients that use Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Thanks for that Trevor. And the same thing goes back to you. I, you know, Trevor’s uh, you know, highly, trusted CPA. Um, and so, you know, obviously we wouldn’t have you on the show if we didn’t feel that way. Um, so how can people get in contact with you if they want to have that free review to see if it makes sense for you to have to work with them?

Contact is our mainline. It’s seven Oh two six two nine one eight, eight, six. Um, when you call in, we only take referrals, but you can say that Blake Johnson referred you or that you heard of us on this podcast and that’ll be enough to get you in for a free consult. A front desk will take care of it if you have questions with great Trust Attorney Las Vegas. My email is Trevor Tre DOR at the hall,

H a L L C P an Perfect. It’s all CPAs. So, and then if for some reason you didn’t get that information, you’re having trouble reach out to our office or, or reply on the podcast and we’ll get you in trouble, uh, in touch with Trevor. Um, so I want to thank you for listening today. A lot of great information on there. Hopefully, this is something you can go back and review and take the notes that you’ve had back to your current CPA and see if it helps you in that situation. Um, as always, please like and subscribe to the podcast. Um, so we can get that information out there. You get up to date, um, notices when we put publish new, uh, new podcasts. And then also if you could leave us a review and let us know what you want to hear from in the future, we’d appreciate that as well. So thank you again, Trevor, for being with us and, uh, we’ll talk to you guys next time you get great Trust Attorney Las Vegas.