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Not everybody who’s kind of in their own silo doing their own thing because a lot of times they’re going to be recommending things that don’t necessarily coincide with what the other one’s saying. And then you start getting conflict and then you don’t know what to do. Um, and that can be even more of a mess. So, you know, really make sure you have, you know, somebody you trust, um, you know, whether it’s your state planning attorney or your CPA and have that that one person be kind of your quarterback, but make sure they are actually talking to all the other advisors on your team. Um, to make sure that those things are actually going the way that you want. Cause once again, it comes back down to your responsibility with your Trust Attorney Las Vegas. You know, you gotta make sure that those things are happening and you direct how you want that to happen.

I have to say there’s a really good point there where you saying the team that you’re using [inaudible] base, even when you’re doing taxes, you’re trying to save money. You want to put more money in your pocket. There’s some longterm financial game that you’re working with. You have some plan that you’re trying to reach and there’s going to be a lot of people that are involved in it. You need a trusted attorney that’s going to help you maybe set up your business documents and incorporate and make sure that that’s done properly. You’re gonna need a trusted CPA to, to do the tax returns. There’s a lot of people you need in that team. My clients that have the most financial success have a team of people that work together well for Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

That can be independently where you as the client of the taxpayer is the person that’s supposed to be the in between on all of this knowledge, let your professionals work back and forth with each other. They give you the advice, you make the decisions, but they make it happen between themselves. Your team really should be able to work together seamlessly. That I find is the best method for success with Trust Attorney Las Vegas. So I’m gonna throw another question out here. For personal stuff, or even for business, when ideally should people be doing their tax planning?

Man, the answer is always, but the typical times of year when people are doing tax planning is either right after they just finished. So April 15th being a big deadline, there’s a big crunch through that time. You get into the summertime and everything kind of slows down June, July, those types of months. It’s easy to come in and do some tax planning. Then because most people have the time to do it and they’re not rushed around a tax deadline. The other time that I see people use is right before the end of the year, November, December, they’ll come in and we’ll put together some tax numbers and depending on the type of structures and things that people have, sometimes it’s really critical. Sometimes it’s not. Some tax planning is as simple as somebody sending me an email, I’m doing a 32nd calculation and I’m sending out an answer back and we know 100% where they’re at for taxes and others to use Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

They need a couple of hours of time to put something together, but it’s not very time intensive and a lot of estimates can be used and that’s where my experience for making it easy can be used. A tax planning is critical. If you want to save the most money, you really should be doing some level of planning or at least asking your trusted CPA, should I be doing planning? Do I have the type of return where I need to be doing something? Granted, if all you are is a w two, but it might be that you have none, but maybe your withholding’s off or maybe the withholding tables the IRS has said aren’t correct and maybe there is, you might owe some potential tax with your scenario and you don’t know about it. You should go to your trusted advisor and ask, Hey, should I be wanting to do in tax planning? If you know that answer then you’re fine. But if you haven’t asked you should get the most amazing Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

I really like what you said, you know, really ideally, always cause are you making money just at the end of the year? No, you’re making money all throughout the year. And so there should be something that you’re doing to minimize those taxes you’re going on cause it’s getting taken out of your paycheck along the way. So what things can you do now to avoid that? Can you, you know, maybe make an S Corp election lower the amount that’s taken out of your W2 stuff and then um, you know, then you, then you take out more as, um, you know, the bonus at the end of the year or whatever you want to do with that. But that can help give you more flexibility and more control over things instead of just having it automatically taken out. If my personal opinion is if you’re getting a tax refund, you gave the government alone and you didn’t make any money on that to get Trust Attorney Las Vegas. I’d much rather have that money in my pocket, making a return for me and then owe money at the end of the year and then pay them and say, okay, yeah, I had my money for the time now I’ll pay you when it’s due. So, um, you know, is that, that’s my personal pension. I never want to do the government in your favor. They don’t need any free loans. They don’t need my money. Anyone to have tea.