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So make sure you’re, you’re looking over the returns. A lot of people want to rush this part. Oh, I know. I had a CPA. Do it. Look it over. Make sure the general items are there to prepare, can only do his best work of what you’ve given them. So if there’s something that’s missed or changed, we really have to rely on you to get that to us. We’re gonna ask lots of questions, but make sure you’re doing the due diligence of looking at the return. It’s a, it’s a simple way of catching errors, um, and you don’t want those types of things to come back and bite later and discuss Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Yeah. I don’t think, you know, you don’t need to know the tax law in depth. Um, but one of the reasons I really like working with Trevor is the education part you need, the only person who can truly affect your tax status is you individually because you’re the one who can decide where to invest your money, where to spend it, where to take these deductions. And then the CPA just helps guide you and say, yes, if you do this, this is what’s going to happen with us and our Trust Attorney Las Vegas. And the result there, so you need to know broad concepts and really you need to take control and it’s like anything else. No one’s going to care about it as much as you do. You know, as much as we’d like to think, you know, people like Trevor would really care about your tax return and they do a good job. No one’s going to care as much about you know, your individual tax return as you do. So if you don’t put the effort and really review it, um, then you know, you’re putting it in someone else’s hands and you have no one to blame but yourself if there’s an error when it comes down to it.

And one more point on that same thing and he’s kept me more right on that. You are the one that’s responsible. And most CPA firms, or even if you’re using like a H and R block, they’re not going to take responsibility for your tax filing. They’re going to put it together and you’re going to sign on it, but if there’s any tax due or any changes, it all falls back on you. It is fully your responsibility and they aren’t there. It is yours. So it’s key that you’re aware of what’s going on for the better Trust Attorney Las Vegas. You have the best chance of effecting it to be positive with some simple review. Awesome. Last item in this personal section, um, I say using a poor service provider again and again after not receiving adequate support. Previously, I’ll have people come in for a free consult. I give it all the time.

Anybody that’s referred in, um, they can sit down and I’ll give them a half hour of time to go over tactic terms, strategies. I give all the information away for free. I won’t do a return for free, but I will educate all day long for free. I will sit down. Let’s say for example, I tell somebody, Hey, if you incorporate a business, you’re going to be able to have this extra deduction and it’s going to save them. Just for an example, say $5,000 we’ll sit down, we’ll map it out with the best Trust Attorney Las Vegas, I’ll give them the diagram. I’ll give him all the steps that they need to do and they leave. I don’t, they don’t have to commit to anything when they’re in my office, but I know when they leave they have a full roadmap to fix the tax problem that they have. I’ll see the same client two or three years later.

They haven’t changed anything at all. I’m looking over the tax returns and they literally been paying $5,000 or more every year in taxes. They shouldn’t have to be paying. It’s very frustrating. I’ll ask these people, did you trust me? We went through the stuff. I mean clearly you’re coming back now and you want the change. Why didn’t you change? And most of them will say, when it came around to tax season, they waited too late. So they got to it. They felt like there wasn’t enough time to change. They were rushed, they were hurried and so they just use the person they had before and it costs them a lot of money to use us as the top Trust Attorney Las Vegas. You have to take your tax preparation serious. You can’t be rushed with it because that’s where people make poor decisions and it will cost you at the end of the day, you need to have a trusted advisor. And if the person you’re working with is not advising you properly, don’t use them. If the person you the just completed your return, you have any reason that you don’t feel comfortable with it, don’t file the return. There’s no rush. There’s as extensions and even past the extension date, there’s plenty of ways to work around it and file a proper return. Don’t feel in any way that your pressure, the file a bad return.

Well and then also, you know, you can file up to three years to amend prior tax returns, correct? Yup. Yeah. So even if there was an error and there was a mistake, let’s go back and fix it. And especially if it’s going to get you cash back in your pocket, that’s more money. You can invest. You can go on vacation, you can, you know, start a business. Whatever the case may be is. Um, but I want to bring up the point of this is where it’s, it’s really great to have that team around you so you have your trusted CPA who then can help refer you to the attorney to help get the documents ready for the business setup to use the top Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Um, and then we work with the financial advisor to make sure that money’s there to, to go to the right place. Whatever the case may be is that’s, you know, you want advisors that are talking to each other and you actually have a team in place.