Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Business Insurance with Jacob White 1.6

So the other benefit to having an agent that you trust is, you know, one you’re hoping they go to every market and they show you their market list and then you know, you’re getting the best deal, best coverage and, and all of that. And so that’s, that would be my number one is just kind of the recommendation to somebody who is kind of finding that agent that they trust and, and then, you know, kind of letting the agent know what their needs are and what their expectations are and, you know, the agent should be able to, to, you know, comply with those for solid Trust Attorney Las Vegas options.

Okay. Um, you talked earlier about, um, you know, if you have existing clients that you’re reviewing their file, you know, 90 days out before the renewal happens, why is that and why do you want to meet with those business owners and be looking at those policies that, you know, if an appalls him is in place, do we want to change it? You know, what is, what is that about Trust Attorney Las Vegas that you need?

Yeah. So with that, the main thing I would say on that is, um, you know, year to year with a business, there’s typically going to change. Sometimes there, sometimes there’s not an, you know, sometimes there are minor changes which isn’t going to affect the policy, you know, that much. But kinda going back to contractors, and this is more with contractors for solid Trust Attorney Las Vegas needs, it’s a lot more contact throughout the year cause they’re adding vehicles, removing vehicles, things like that. So it’s, you’re in contact with them a little bit more. But the reason for the 90 days is just one, it gives us a lot of time to just market the account from the 90 days where we can kind of submit to all the carriers that we want to. And I guess before that, what I’d say is, you know, we’re wanting to meet with the client first and you know, there’s, there’s something to be said with kind of the loyalty as well with, with insurance.

And so if you’re with an insurance carrier that you know, gives you good rates, good coverage, then the longer you can stay with a certain insurance carrier, you know, there’s the familiarity and that goes a long way as well. And so there’s also that approach of talking the agent and the client talking to see, you know, if they want to market the account, if they want to kind of quote with everybody or if they just want to, you know, get the renewal quote and make sure it’s kind of in line with what they paid the year before you might always be searching for top Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Or if they can get the premium down even. Um, and then there’s not a reason to market the account, but, but when there is that 90 days, um, kind of answer your question is it’s just a lot of information that you need to get from the clients and you know, be able to get that to the underwriter. And then, you know, sometimes the underwriters just take a while to respond. And so that’s why that time frame is kind of necessary.

Yeah. So policy you, I think with, once again going back to the vehicle situation, cause that’s what most people are familiar with. They get the renewal. It’s pretty much automatic. It comes in the mail. They don’t have to do anything. So that’s what their experiences. But an insurance contract is for a period that you have coverage. And so what you’re saying is we want to make sure that that coverage is going to be one stain effect or two. We want to shop it around and make sure that, you know, whatever we’re paying is competitive and that it has all the coverage that we need because your business situation changes. So, um, you know, I think that’s some great advice there. So how would people get in contact with you if they want to talk to you about their business insurance needs that offer solid Trust Attorney Las Vegas?

Um, so with me, I mean there’d be bunch of avenues I guess just on our website we have our website, which is just and that has kind of all of our bio’s on there, um, explanation of the agency and all that type of stuff that you can look at, um, as well through you. If it’s people listening through the podcast, you know, sure. They know you, um, it’d be able to reach out to you. You’ve got my cell number, which would probably be easy and I just, you know, on LinkedIn and um, you know, different ways like that or just calling them. What’s the, what’s the office phone number? So the office phone number, is this up? I never call it, it is (702) 878-2820 is our office number. And then that way they can just, you know, ask for me and they’ll be able to reach me that way for great Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Perfect. Any other closing thoughts you have for us so that we didn’t cover today? I’m not happy. 20, 20. Um, think you covered it all. I appreciate you having me on the podcast. Well, thank you. Uh, once again, Jake white who’s with us today, um, I can vouch for him. I’ve used him for some malpractice insurance and, and other things. Um, you know, we don’t get anybody on this podcast who I haven’t personally vetted, so I highly recommend them. If you have any of those, uh, insurance questions, please reach out and I’ll make sure I put a link in the podcast, um, to their website so you, you can get in contact with him that way. Uh, but with that, we’ll close the podcast as always, please like, subscribe and share it with, uh, your friends on social media and you’ll leave us a review if you, and then give us any feedback of things you want us to cover in the future. So thank you for turning in today, Jake. Thanks again for coming and we’ll talk to you guys next time.