Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Business Insurance with Jacob White 1.5

So, for the most part, there’s one key contact for the insurance and then kind of have those backup contacts. Gotcha. Okay. So I think, uh, I’m just going to jump in here from, you know, the estate planning side of things of, you know, you made the point of having, having a lot of that systematized within the business. So if you don’t have a succession plan within your business, you don’t know who’s going to be the next person to step up and take that role. That’s really where you need to get that in place. That’s, you know that Trust Attorney Las Vegas is your best option with us, the ideal is you, you already know who’s going to take over. If something happens to you, you have the system in place to do it. They’re already in contact with the insurance agent and your other trusted advisors so that, um, you know, that transition is as seamless as possible because that’s causes more, um, closing of businesses is when, you know, the key person dies and they don’t have, you know, in the life insurance policy on them for cash to come in and cover that period where they’re learning things.

And then worse is they don’t have any systems in place. So it just goes away cause nobody knows what to do. There’s no, there are no rules. There are no people that are there that can take over and step in. So, um, I think that’s a great point that you brought up there. All right. So we talked about a little bit about, um, you know, things that you do to make, uh, that you advocate on behalf of the client. Be sure to call us now if you desire Trust Attorney Las Vegas to get top quality attorney solutions.

How can people find a trusted commercial insurance agent and provider and what are some key things they need to be looking for? So I think just to kind to give you a start with the, you know, we probably don’t want a captive agent, so if you want to explain the difference between, you know, a captive or you know, somebody who can search around and um, and then kind of go from there. Okay, you should see about what Trust Attorney Las Vegas we have to offer you and get the most amazing solutions today.

Yeah. And that’s, so the difference kind of between the captive and independent agencies that are around here. So captive just means, you know, you just, you’re with that one insurance carrier and so that’s kind of what you’re with. If you do go that route. I’m with an independent agency. Uh, what’s nice is, you know, we’re, and this is kind of the main thing about all this would be, you know, kind of what you’re bringing up right now is, and you know, it’s a great name for the podcast, the trusted podcast, right? Cause the relationship with an agent and a client is kind of the biggest thing. Like if you guys can have trust, um, it goes a long way. And so with the independent agent, um, kind of like what you’re saying, what we’re able to do is we have, you know, at least at our agency, we have access to many, many, you know, insurance carriers, different insurance carriers and you know, each of them kind of have an appetite for differ different industries that provide top Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, you know, whether it’s real estate contractors, restaurants, you know, you name it, there’s, there are certain carriers that kind of have an appetite for, for different industries. And so that’s the benefit number one for, for dealing with an independent agent is you’re going to have somebody that can kind of scour the market, look for a carrier that you know, has a good rating, which just means it’ll pay out on claims and all that type of stuff. Um, and as you know, competitive on their premiums, what you’re going to pay. Um, and then the other side of it just kinda what I’d want to kind of make a point of is, like I said with that relationship with the agent and the client, once you have that trust, like kind of what I’ve done since I’ve been in the industry is, you know, just putting myself in the client’s shoes, um, thinking of it from their, their point of view for solid Trust Attorney Las Vegas solutions today.

And as an agent, what I’m wanting to do is just be as transparent as possible to them, you know, let them know everything that we’re doing throughout the process. Like I said, with the markets, when you’re meeting, meeting up with them to kind of show your proposal and what you’ve kind of come up with, um, you know, you’re able to show all the markets you approached, you know, the Hartford travelers, whatever it may be, whether they declined at what their, what their quote was or you know, whatever it is, you’re able to show them all the markets that you approach with great Trust Attorney Las Vegas today. And then the other part of it is just kinda like you were saying as well, is, you know, with the client, it, it helps us a lot as an agent. The more information we know. And so, you know, when it’s an, an initial, um, like, you know, if we are meeting a new client that’s kind of shopping their insurance, sometimes they do, you know, try and hide information, premiums or whatever, whatever it may be.

Um, but like I was saying, kind of the more information that we have, it’s, it makes it easier to negotiate with the underwriters. So that’s a big thing. And then the other thing too is, um, kind of what we see is sometimes, you know, business owners will, we’ll kinda, you know, when they’re shopping their insurance, they’ll get a whole bunch of agents to quote different brokers and that just kind of makes it a free for all. And it kinda messes with the market and not to get into it too much. But when, you know, when a market’s already approached or quoted by an agent, it just blocks that market to any other, to any other agents.