Trust Attorney Las Vegas | Business Insurance with Jacob White 1.2

I will say I was probably the only person who moved to Nevada and actually was happy to see my rates, but that’s because they came from Louisiana, which is always the worst state for rates goes because everybody’s uninsured there. So my rights actually dropped when I moved here. But that’s the exception. One of the only, yeah, one of the few and only coming from UCI it was, it was the opposite. It was the double jump double in premium. So it was like what? Yeah, you have a, a collective of some of the worst drivers in the world all in one place. Cause you have all the vacationers and in everything else, that’s why there’s so many personal injury attorneys out there that have their, their billboards. They’re exactly. All right. So let’s talk about when should a potential client contact you. So let’s say it’s a new business venture. They, um, they’re, they’re just setting up the business. At what point do you want to talk to them to at least get things started from the insurance standpoint that offers Trust Attorney Las Vegas?

Yeah. So with that, I mean, I would recommend as soon as you know you’re going to need insurance, right? Cause it’s, and obviously it depends on the size of your, your business that you’re going to be doing. But, um, you know, what we typically do for, for example, for clients that we already have, it’s a 90 to 120 days out prior to the renewal, you know, that we’re already working on the account. So you know, somebody that’s setting up a new venture, we get it. Sometimes it’s just, well a lot of times it’s not spur of the moment setting up a new business, but you should know, you know, quite a bit in advance, you’re going to be needing insurance. And so as soon as you know that this kind of the best time to contact an agent and just start talking so you can have that conversation and start the process, it makes it a lot easier as far as, you know, it gives us time to be talking with the underwriters, getting information. It’s kind of a, you know, quite the process just to get all that information to the underwriters so they can, you know, offer a quote for your Trust Attorney Las Vegas. And so yeah, as far as that goes, the earlier the better to contact somebody. She brought up an interesting point and got to talking to the underwriters that explained to us,

you know, kind of the difference, you know, we think of car insurance, it’s probably most people’s real interaction with an insurance agent is, you know, they go online, they get a quote, they decide where they want to do it, they click submit and they have pretty much other information on there. So it takes 20, 30 minutes at most and they have a policy, but it’s not that way with other types of insurance because there’s a lot more that goes into it. So what kind of timeline should people expect and what are some some things that they need to have ready, uh, before they even come in contact with you?

Yeah, and that’s, that’s a good point. And we, like I said with the personal insurance that we do, it is, it’s kind of, it’s that quick shop, right? You give the information, your date of birth, how many cars you have, whatever, and it’s, you get that quote quick. And that one is just, you know, a lot of price game with the commercial insurance. Um, as far as what the underwriter needs and, and again, it just depends on the size of the business. So if it’s a kind of a small startup, the timeframe is going to be shorter just because, you know, as, uh, the information that’s needed is a lot less than a company that’s, you know, a lot bigger and more, more information will be needed for that. But, um, for sure what will be needed. Uh, we, we have a general questionnaire, a general application that we usually send out to a new client or you know, somebody that’s starting a new venture and that just gets the, the basic information as far as the entity name, DBHs location address, kinda all that type of stuff that offers Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, that’s definitely needed to get a quote, um, timeframe. Uh, like I said for, for like a smaller type venture business that starting out, you know, you can, we can usually get a quote for those pretty quickly, you know, around a week, something like that, two weeks. Um, like I said, it’s the more time the better, uh, if it’s a bigger, bigger business, obviously I’d say you want at least three to four weeks just to do a lot of the back and forth with the underwriters because our main goal is to just paint the picture to the underwriters of, of your business. You know, why it’s a good account. Um, any risk management that you had going to have in place, get them all the information they need and, and kind of be advocating for the client to, you know, get those premiums down and, and get the right coverage in place. So I brought it up when using our Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

I think that’s a good point of why, um, you know, somebody should use an agent instead of just trying to do it all online themselves. Um, cause you said you advocate and present the best picture. So what, um, what are some other things that, that you do that the client might not be aware of that really help them with getting their policy about Trust Attorney Las Vegas?

Yeah. And that’s, that’s a good point. Cause what you know, most of the time the clients, they contact you, they say, Hey, we need this quote. They’ll see the application sent out and then, you know, they don’t know a whole bunch of the behind the scenes like what’s going on. And so there is a lot that goes into it and that’s why it’s really important to get an agent that you know, that you trust just because kind of what we’re doing in the background.