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And so a lot of times instead of having those policies, they’ll just, you know, say they don’t, don’t want those type of policies or things like that. And so that’s where we see, um, you know, premiums just getting a little too, too much focus and, you know, we’ll see. Business owners said they just kind of want the bare bones of insurance policies versus what they should have in place when they use Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Right. It’s, you know, if they’re in a specific industry, they may have to have a policy to do business. So they’re just going to get the absolute minimum so they can get by and you know, yeah that’s good for your bottom line, but when you need the insurance it becomes a big deal because, yeah, it’s going to be coming out of your pocket or your businesses pocket, uh, if you, if you don’t have enough coverage there. So, um, I think that’s, that’s a great point to bring up. Um, any other mistakes that you see people make when they’re, they’re looking at insurance or maybe is it they don’t realize they should have insurance in certain areas? Cause I think a lot of people don’t realize that a business should have in insurance other than just a general liability without Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Yes.

And we do see that a lot too is um, for the most part, you know, a lot of companies are going to have a contract with, with their landlord if people are leasing, which happens a lot. And so most of the time there’ll be, you know, a written agreement is, has insurance requirements spelled out, like you’re kind of saying earlier. Um, and that’s kind of the general bare-bones thing that the landlord’s requiring. Um, when there isn’t that, you know, we see that a lot of times there’ll be companies that are just rolling along without insurance or just kind of, you know, it is a gamble. Um, with smaller companies. It’s, you know, from what I’ve seen since I’ve been in the insurance industry, the smaller the company, you know, I think there’s a less of a chance of claims happening or you know, an accident happening. It’s not to say it doesn’t happen cause it does, but you know, the bigger company, what I’ve learned, it’s not, you know, when a loss happens or a claim happens when you get solid Trust Attorney Las Vegas, it’s, you know, when it’s going to happen.

How about, um, you know, I think, uh, just give some examples of different type of policies that business owners can have just so that, uh, you know, our listeners can get an idea, cause you know, there is a general liability insurance. There’s malpractice insurance for doctors or other professionals. But outside of that, I don’t know, you know, that there’s, that people have a real idea of Sargent what kind of insurance they should have. So let’s take, um, you know, a contractor who’s, who’s building, uh, going around building buildings, what kind of insurance are they going to have that’s different from, you know, like a doctor,

right? Yeah, that’s a good question. Contractors, you know, there’s a lot in Vegas and you know, um, you know, Justin at the, at our agency does deals with a lot of contractors, but, um, as far as policies that they deal with. So inland Marine is a big one when you’re dealing with contractors. And so that’s, you have contractors that are going around with a bunch of their equipment and their vehicles on job sites, things like that. And so with those typical general liability policies, property policies that you’re talking about, um, you know, they’re not covered with that type of situation when they’re out on job sites and things like that. And so, um, inland Marine is kind of a, a big one when you’re talking about contractors. Um, as far as one policy that’s kind of popping up and becoming a lot more popular, um, cyber policies are becoming a lot more relevant for your Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

And the interesting thing with that, it’s been kind of eye opening for me is, you know, I always used to think it was just for, for big, big huge companies and you know, people that took credit cards and personal information like that. But from what we found with a lot of carriers that I’ve visited us, it’s, it’s really kind of any company’s a target for cyber where it’s not, you know, it’s not an individual, it’s just behind the computer picking companies to, to hack. It’s just kind of a computer set up where, you know, they’re just looking for weak links in, in a companies, um, you know, website or whatever it may be, where they can just crack the system and then they get personal information like that. And so the cyber policies kind of a, been a big one, um, that a lot, a lot more companies are starting to purchase and be protected that way with your Trust Attorney Las Vegas.

Um, the malpractice that you already kind of mentioned. So that’s the professional liability with, you know, people like yourself, attorneys, doctors, um, basically any professional insurance agent, any, anybody like that, that’s kind of given their professional opinion. Um, it’s gonna want to professional liability policy as well and that’s kind of their main exposure. Um, and then kind of the big one here in Vegas that’s been, that’s been bad the last couple of years is, is the commercial auto and personal auto for that, for that matter. Um, just because there’s more people on the road I think with, with phones and you know, the way people can be distracted, there’s been more accidents. And so with auto policies, both commercial and personal has been, you know, quite the, quite the hike and rates as far as premium goes or what people are paying for those policies to, um, yeah, Nevada’s always statistically one of the worst States in the country to get your Trust Attorney Las Vegas.