Hello, and thank you for looking at our website and looking at the state planning. If you have questions about that, state planning is a wide umbrella that covers a lot of different topics. The most typical estate planning document that you’ll see is a will, uh, sometimes referred to as your last will and Testament and a will as a way for you to designate what you want to have happened when you pass away. Uh, one of the problems with the will is that it has to be used in court. It’s not valid until the person dies. So it, um, isn’t the most, most effective way to transfer assets, but it is an important part of your estate plan. And everybody should have a law last will and Testament. The next document that you’ll probably see most often is sometimes referred to as a Trust Attorney Las Vegas today.

There are many different types of trusts, but the living trust or the revocable trust is the most common because you can change it any time you maintain full control. Okay. And that way, um, you know, you can make sure your estate planning is up to date with whatever you have going on in your specific situation. Then we have your power of attorney. Power of attorney is what gives people, the ability to act on your behalf, should you ever become, uh, incapacitated? And you could also make it so that somebody can do it, even if you’re not incapacitated. So like if you’re out of the country or something like that as well with your next Trust Attorney Las Vegas needs.

And then the last, uh, main document you’ll see is a healthcare directive or a healthcare power of attorney sometimes referred to as a living will, uh, they all meet and the same thing. It’s basically who gets to make your healthcare decisions for you. Should you ever become unable to make those decisions for yourself? If you have questions about any of those documents, um, you need them updated or you want to take a look at them or look into getting it started, please contact us at the number above on the website, and we’ll be sure to take care of you with your Trust Attorney Las Vegas. Thank you.

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