Well, if you’re on this web page if you want to first offer my condolences, cause I probably mean that somebody close to you has passed away. Um, usually you don’t worry about probates or probate doesn’t happen until somebody passes. And so I want to offer my condolences to your situation. Um, now probate is what happens if you don’t have an estate plan in place, uh, at least not a trustor, or anything like that. So, yeah. Um, what to do, that’s the next big question is what do I do? How do I make sure that you know, mom and dad’s house get to the right people that I can sell it, that I can take this step it’s necessary, um, to carry out their wishes and probate court is the way to do that. If you haven’t already set up a trust or other estate planning documents now, um, pro is just a fancy word for the court proceedings to make that happen with our great Trust Attorney Las Vegas services.

And a lot of it’s going to depend on the value of the estate. Now, each state is different as far as how they approach things. Uh, if you’re in Nevada, for instance, if it’s under a hundred thousand, uh, but more than 25,000, we have to do, what’s called a set-aside. And so one hears makes things pretty simple and it’s the most efficient way to get things through the probate court. If you’re under $25,000, you don’t have to go through probate court. You can do it as an affidavit of entitlement. The exception to that is if it’s real property, meaning a house or land or building that’s, you know, has a net value of 25,000 or less. It still has to go through probate court. For instance, Utah is different. There’s is a hundred thousand. So I guess in each state’s different, you got to look at what’s going on there with us because we have the best Trust Attorney Las Vegas for your family.

Um, and then it goes up from there. So if you have, uh, between 103 hundred in Nevada, then you have a summary administration. If you have over 300,000, then you have, um, you know, a full general administration, and each of those have different prices. Uh, each of those has different processes that have to go on. And so, um, you know, finding the nets, the value of the estate is very important. Now, sometimes you can’t determine that until you get somebody appointed as the administrator or the executor of the estate. And so, um, you know, sometimes we just have to open it up as a general, then we figure out what the estate value is and then we can come back and adjust it thereafter. So if you have questions about probate for your next Trust Attorney Las Vegas, I know it’s a trying time. Um, you know, you’re stressed out with everything else that’s going on. Please call us. We want to help you guide you through this process and take that load off of you. You can read it, reach out to either of our offices, um, Utah or Nevada. We do both probates in both States and we’ll help you with anything that you need, uh, regarding the, um, the plan for your, your deceased family member. So thank you. And, um, please give us a call.

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